C and H Exclusive – Striker turned down a move away

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Speaking exclusively to Claret and Hugh’s Associate Editor Sean Whetstone, a top club insider has revealed this morning that the club’s plan for the sale of one of our highest- earning strikers was thwarted by the player himself who wanted to stay and fight for his place rather than leave the club.

The highly placed, impeccable source at London Stadium told Sean that contrary to stories this weekend linking him with a £6 million exit to Southampton, Danny Ings refused the move to St Marys despite West Ham offering to sweeten the deal even further.

Ings, reportedly on £125,000 a week, has been linked this weekend in print stories with a transfer away from East London, but decided some three weeks ago to stay and try to impress new boss Lopetegui.

West Ham  even reportedly offered to subsidise his wages to make the move a reality and make space for a new recruit, but importantly it was the player himself and NOT Southampton who rejected the move.

Seen as part of the bigger picture it is clear that plans are afoot behind the scenes to upgrade and improve our squad across the forward line, as well as the bolstering of our defence with Max Kilman: Despite several outlets today claiming Southampton are well on the way to signing Ings (along with Adam Lallana), Claret and Hugh can shed more light on the reality that an exit for Ings any time soon might be much more problematic.

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Like everyone else, lifelong WHU fan and season ticket holder in old BMU stand at Upton Park from 2003. Billy Bonds these days with my adult son and impatiently waiting for my Grandson to be old enough to initiate him before his mum grabs him for Man U. All opinions are my own very biased ones.


  • David Sutton says:

    Would like to see a striker signed sooner rather than later. Think that this will be our toughest test.

  • D says:

    We do seem to have been backed into a corner with some of these players on sky high salaries. And generally last minute desperation purchases. At least they have got a few in early this time.

  • Hugh Jassoll says:

    just sitting and collecting his check like zouma. to bad we can’t down tools on paying them

  • D says:

    When you consider what Ben Johnson was on a minimal wage, and whilst may not have set the world alight he did perform better than Ings and Zouma who was always picked when ft 9if you can call it that).

  • Pete says:

    Same with Zouma, when you are getting paid a fortune and the next club wants to cut your salary at sign on, you sit on the bench and wait for another payday on a Bodman!

    • Phil says:

      The only place Ings will be fighting for is on the bench !! This will pxxs aot of supporters off !!

  • Graham says:

    Are we surprised, footballers who’s are incentivised by money rather than playing time.

  • Matt says:

    What a “gift” to Moyes Ings has proved to West Ham from Sullivan 🤦‍♂️ £125k per week and never suited the way we set up.

    This is why reports of signing Kelechi Iheanacho worry me. No transfer fee, but will want an upgrade on his reported £80k p/w!

    Can’t blame Ings or Zouma for seeing out their’ contracts. Just hope we don’t end up with Keiechi being another £100k p/w player we can’t shift in the future.

    Having Tim in charge of transfers is probably the best investment we’ve made!

  • Jh says:

    Never given a chance by moyes , got mom against sheff utd then never saw him again for ages .

    • Hugh Jars says:

      Ings, what a superb signing he was. Sits on a bench and collects £125,000 a week. He must look in the mirror and think, won the lottery here. F..K football, sitting on my arse ripping the nuts out of it, Wayne Kerr.

  • Jason Dunlop says:

    Id do the same in his position! West Ham were naive enough to pay him ridiculous wages in the first place, so let’s hope they learn from this! We are stuck with Ings & Zouma now!

  • Jeeps says:

    If we’re going to get stuck with one or the other let be Ings.
    At least with him there may be some hope where as Zoom(a) is a no hoper.
    Apparently Southampton are offering £6m a considerable loss as usual.
    If they took on his wages it would be a bonus but don’t think that is likely.
    Ings is looking a bit like Phillips with chance of being written off.
    With right players around him and new management may look to revitalise his career.
    Keeping him doesn’t mean we don’t need to sign a new main striker.
    L/bk, left winger and additional c/bk all needed.

  • Kevlar says:

    I want west ham to sign available players that are top draw! And they don’t come much better than yourself fofana from nice he’s available for £20m now!!! Steinden just go and sign him please what a bargain young energetic and a powerhouse French international midfielder.

    • Jeeps says:

      Steidten loves Youssouf Fofana and was pushing to bring him in last year but there was a wrangle with Moyes.
      Consequently it ended up as a no go.

  • Mike J says:

    Since when do players get a choice if they want to go or not? It’s a business…

  • Dicky says:

    Ings was a proven goal scorer then joined the list of other top strikers who were ruined under the hapless Moyes. Give the guy a chance under a proper coach.

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