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Callieri’s wage package

calleri.jpg_2127846270Jonathon Callieri has been offered and accepted a deal of around £40k a week to become an Iron.

The South American has been living in the shadow of high profile moves for the likes of Alexandre Lacazette, Michy Batshuayi and Carlos Bacca this summer.

And the more cynical fans have dismissed hsi arrival as typical of David Sullivan’s liking of deals for South Amerian players.

However, Callieri has been very much on the manager’s radar for some time and he is delighted to have landed another player who brings genuine flair and creativity to the team.

An insider told ClaretandHugh: “He’s on around £40k a week plus the usual club bonuses for position and the like. Barcelona were interested but the board moved heaven and earth again to back the manager’s choice.

“With Callieri, Ayew, Payet and Lanzini on the team we can look forward to a lot of football being played.”




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Callieri’s wage package

  1. Option to buy ????

    • They have kept that quiet for the moment ? He is owned by a consortium , if no deal is in place to buy we could end up paying more than could have been negotiated now, loads more if he blows everyone away ? Lol.

      Maybe Hugh can ask the question ?

  2. I thought we entered into a loan deal while the contract ownership issue is being sorted out. If ownership was straight forward, we would have bought and not loaned.

  3. I suspect an option to buy (assuming it isn’t in the agreement) would have been exceptionally expensive (considering his ownership equation) and as the player is an unknown quality at this level the club were reluctant to agree. Equally his owners may also have been reluctant as this is all about them putting him in the shop window so that they can make a killing later rather than a decent amount in the short term. As for the club he was (until recently), a side issue to the established striker arriving, then I guess that seemed like an acceptable compromise. Now obviously it is less so but really, until and unless they can get that ‘big’ striker they so clearly seek, be it now, or increasingly likely new Year or next Summer, only the next 6 months or so, will decide what role he can play at the club longer term if any.

    • Exactly spy ! We are a shop window promoting a player we will want to buy if all goes well ?
      For loads of dosh ? It is what it is , let’s hope he is fantastic for us , personally I don’t give a toss how much it would cost us , if he fits then he could become that marquee bloke ? Then the Dave’s have to dig deep and give up some free money’s ?
      Let’s all enjoy and leave the contracts to Arthur and del boy , ?? And the bird they brought in from st trinians ? Haha , Joke , no brown nosers remarks !
      The lad looks fearless for his age and is very confident as far as we can see !
      Can’t wait ! COYI !!!!

  4. I know you can make anyone look good on youtube, maybe even Miaga…. 😉
    this guy looks like a poacher, any mistake & he is there. A wait & see where he fits in, there will be so many games if we get to the group EL stage & a cup run that the whole squad will be needed. Have to get used to it if we are to progress to the next level though.
    wait for the 1st target of 40 points to be mentioned any day now.

  5. Its already been mentioned I believe lol

  6. £40k a week,i bet that will p1ss Sakho off,haha.He will probably refuse to continue his fitness regime & go straight on to the Big Mac & Mars Bar diet 😀

    • He’ll be jumping in his lambourghini straight to KFC drive through for a family bucket and be found on a park bench in the Olympic village at about 7pm covered in gravy and chicken skin.

  7. Kfc and Mars bars….. Mmmmmm

  8. Lol … £ 40 k a week ? He is a player barely making ends meet, he’ll have to do double duty… Jonathan, hold on… 😀

  9. Jonathan Calleri, lads. Let’s get the name right.

  10. Didn’t you know West Ham Sites were only set up for fans to moan on.Stop being humourous or happy.If not you will be sent to Moaners Paradise for 1 months hard labour lol

  11. Barca wants to buy him ,he is that good.Enough for me…

  12. not yet learned to write the name of the guy. Calleri, not Callieri

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