Can West Ham Ever Win the Premier League?

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The English Premier League is arguably the toughest football competition to win in the world. This is especially true in the past two decades, as the league started attracting the best football players. Big clubs are almost always dominating the Premier League.

But, in season 2015/16, Leicester City surprised everyone when it won the league against all odds. This remarkable achievement inspired every club, besides the top 6, to dream of winning the Premier League. One of them is West Ham United and in this article, we’ll talk about its chances of lifting the priceless trophy.

West Ham’s Chances of Winning the Premier League

Winning the Premier League is the dream of every English club. Of course, one of them is West Ham United, a club that is still searching for its first league title.

In the past couple of years, West Ham had some very good and some pretty bad seasons. Probably its best season in recent times was the season 2020/21. This was the year when the team finished 6th in the league, two points short of the Champions League spot.

The team was also just 4 points behind Liverpool in the 3rd position. But, in the past two seasons, West Ham United wasn’t at its best, struggling to come close to a European spot.

This season, the club was 10th on the list to win the Premier League with odds 250/1. These bookmakers’ predictions weren’t far off, as West Ham will finish the season in the 9th spot.

But, the bookmakers weren’t the only ones sceptical about the club’s chances of winning. Fans are also aware of the team’s poor performances, which made them forget about winning the league pretty early.

Bettors are also avoiding betting on West Ham as they are familiar with their form and capabilities. They won’t even use the extra funds from bonuses such as the Fitzdares welcome offer to place such bets.

However, we must point out that miracles do happen in football. Just look at Leicester City’s incredible achievement. This team had 5,000/1 odds of winning the 2015/16 Premier League season and it surprised everyone when it made it happen.

So, why don’t some other English club, besides the top 6, win the Premier League? With the right players, management, and form consistency any team can reach this milestone.

What Must West Ham Do to Win the Premier League?

West Ham United is a top English club that always features a decent squad. However, it usually relies on players who fail to show their potential at the bigger clubs. Acquiring such players is always a gamble as no one knows whether they can truly improve or flop at yet another club.

Then we have the younger players that are highly motivated, but lack experience. Combining the two types of players is often causing West Ham to lack squad depth and quality.

A winning team must have top players who can perform at the highest level in almost every match. Also, the team must have adequate reserves to step in whenever the club needs them.

West Ham must make smart investments with the help of a great sports director and good scouting. These departments must also work closely with the club’s manager to see what types of players the team actually needs.

The Hammers have a history of purchasing players that don’t fit the squad’s needs. Among the most recent flops that are worth mentioning are Gianluca Scamacca and Kalvin Phillips.

Every team that wants to win the Premier must also have a top manager. A coach who plays modern attacking football is preferred. Coaches that defend and attack on counters can hardly get you a title nowadays.

West Ham is still far away from this style of play as the club’s philosophy is outdated. Its past 5 managers were old-generation coaches that don’t apply the modern style of football.

The owners of the club as well as the directors must acquire a top manager who plays attacking football. There are some speculations about West Ham signing Julen Lopetegui.

If this turns out to be true, then the club has some good chances of building a winning team. He is a good and experienced manager who can help the team grow. But, he will need a lot of support and several new players with specific characteristics.

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