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Cancel PL call could lead to void season

It’s hard not to agree with Newcastle boss Steve Bruce who today has declared that the League should be cancelled!

Commenting this morning Steve said: “We’ve prepared for the (next) game and people talk about it being behind closed doors but if we play football it’s for one thing – the supporters.

“For me, suspend it, shut it down and rearrange it for another date when the situation is clearer.”

It’s becoming impossible to keep up with the number of cases cropping up in the game but they’re are problems at Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Leicester, Everton and as a result, the players of the teams they have met recently could well be affected.

Thus this now goes beyond whether games are played behind closed doors and more about whether the games can be played at all given the current rate the disease is spreading at. Will enough players be available?

Looking further into Steve’s suggestion that the League should be cancelled and played later, one big question arises:  HOW AND WHEN CAN IT BE COMPLETED?

On the basis that the epidemic peaked in China after four months, and who knows how long it will take to disappear , one wonders whether a time table can be worked out for the rest of this season’s League to be completed AT ALL.

Indeed, looking further ahead one wonders whether next season’s can be started on time and what about the transfer window – do clubs sign players from Italy and badly hit countries?

So many questions – no answers.

This is not scaremongering but the realities as we understand them and the suggestion of voiding the league for the first time since 1939 seems to become a reality.

It is a realistic prospect with no champions or clubs promoted and none relegated.

Should that happen it will be a dreadful outcome although from a West Ham point of view fans will be pretty happy.

We are into crazy times – nothing is impossible!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

22 comments on “Cancel PL call could lead to void season

  1. Or they may take a 2 month break and resume after it’s peaked. I think we’ll be fine even then.

  2. Lett’s cancel this entire season ans start afresh in late August.

    • Share all the prize money from top to bottom equally as well, let those with the broadest shoulders burden the load.

    • Wondering why many saying it’s an airborne virus when told by the people who are medically brainy it’s not airborne, but person to person ?

  3. need to get the games played when there can, we know why you lot would like to end the season now ha ha, but not going to happen, at the end of the day you lot are going DOWN

    • Please go away . ., Jim .
      So now this Virus is getting to be very serious stuff . If PL and other games are stopped it seems to me to be a good reaction and not before too soon . Teams / Squads & management are catching the bug ,, so the only fair thing to do is stop activities for everyone
      Big crowds and gatherings are proven to be dangerous . Nobody knows who they sat behind of or beside of in recent weeks . Many people seem to think they are immune but the horrible truth is that non of us is emmune to a air-born virus .
      Cancel the season ? , well maybe , but let’s hope the games can be played going forward.
      It’s most definitely not a laughing matter . People are dying !!? Anyone that makes light of this Pandemic are a long way and beyond out of order .
      Yours ; very concerned, Kevin .

        • Point taken , Hugh .
          But it is very concerning when you read about Coughing & sneezing . Seems like it can be transmitted by various routes .

          • As u may know I have asthma and copd. I stay indoors, wash my hands very regularly and use have alcohol rubs, go for walks, stay away from public transport and well away from people. If I get it I could be in more trouble than most Kev like others with my condition. Most people are getting a very mild dose and so far it’s hardly a serious worry for most. Look at figres quoted at that AspidEd geezer above and you will understand it more clearly I hope

      • Firstly Jim were not in bottom three and won’t go down so don’t worry about that worry about this disease. Imo the season now is not important just let’s get rid of this covid. Will take till probably end of summer so decide if we forget this season completely or send bottom three down with the champions declared as Liverpool who were the best team this season and I still hate them , or probably fairer would be to not declare any teams as winners or losers this season. Personally would maybe just let Liverpool champions bottom club only relegated and top championship club promoted at the point of declaring season over if it pushes on from April dates given for suspension . Stay safe everyone and COYI

    • You total berk. People dying and more likely to and all you are concerned with is being a prat who thinks football is more important. Clear off or be deleted permanently

  4. If,as is being reported, the only two PL clubs that wanted the season cancelled are Spurs and West Ham, I’m utterly ashamed of the cowardly ******* who asked for that, bearing in mind our precarious position! They have no shame,imo.

      It would absolutely benefit West Ham to continue playing given our current good form and
      Optimism for the games coming up . But given this Big Health Risk to all it would surely be better to forget this season if that’s how it eventually pans out .. Hopefully we can continue .
      I would prefer to play & fight rather than have a Re-Set .

    • You believe every bit of **** that is anti West Ham ownership. It is so wrong it’s from another world. Your remakrs are cowardly becos you believe itonly because it suits your prejudice. Proof doesn’t matter. Please don’t sit on a jury

  5. George why do you believe the garbage
    Circulating on the net

  6. Hugh ~ I said if.It’s from Ewan MacKenna of the Independent.I have never put anything up here that is not substanciated.I would think many would feel the same,IF, it is found to be true anf IF it is not ,I fully expect said Journo to be sued.

  7. “SEEING RED Sorry Liverpool but the Premier League has to be declared null and void if players can’t play again”.
    Might be the case, but does it have to be written in the *** by our Vice Chairman?

  8. Wondering why many saying it’s an airborne virus when told by the people who are medically brainy it’s not airborne, but person to person ?

  9. This is going to shock people to the core. It’s going to get really bad and probably change people’s perceptions forever. I have researched the virus and man, tuff times ahead. I don’t think we’re going to be ready for the new season let alone finish this one. Countries like ours with an aging population may well see a higher percentage of deaths. Be prepared to be stunned over the coming months. Football is irrelevant at this moment in time. God bless you all

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