CANDH EXCLUSIVE: Hammers OS rent revealed!


West Ham’s will pay £2.5 million in rent for the use of the Olympic Stadium  on just 25 match days a year.

And should they need it on more occasions they will have to fork out another £100,000 PER DAY!

The terms of the deal between West Ham and the LLDC/Newham Council for the use of the Olympic Stadium has finally been revealed in an official press release.

It confirms the £2.5m per year in rent is to be the anchor concessionaire from 2016 on top of the club’s £15 million investment.

The Irons appears to be paying more than a fair rent given the spin-offs which will be received from the stadium operator as a result of their tenancy.

An insider at the LLDC told ClaretandHugh exclusively: “West Ham get 25 days for their £2.5 million rent with extra days – and they can have as many as they want – at £100k a time.

“It’s also fair to say that having West Ham in the stadium there dramatically increases the naming rights value of the stadium.

“The operators get between 85 per cent to 90 per cent from the profit of catering rights at their games which is huge to be honest.”

The rent is index linked over 99 years with a rent reduction should West Ham be relegated from the Premier League

The real value of the West Ham deal to the tax payer will be the auctioning from the naming rights of the stadium after the Rugby World Cup.

Sponsors will want to be involved with the world brands of the Premier League and West Ham United and this will help push up the price to give London taxpayers a good deal over time to repay the £700m plus investment.




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  1. Bilic feels that any progress this season is partly down to Allardyce for creating a solid foundation for him to work around.

    “I would like to thank the ex-manager Sam. He left me a really good team and good atmosphere and he didn’t leave me a mess. It is solid and it is a great, great base for me to try and improve,”

    Good job he didn’t post that on here………he’d be called an idiot. Lol

    • ‘A real solid defence & great attacking football, fantastic to watch’ after that you can turn the telly over & watch West Ham play…. lol
      chill fobyac…… sacastic comment 🙂

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      • Yet another childish insult lol

        I can’t work out why people think it’s ok to abuse someone from the safety of their keyboard for simply having a different opinion to theirs, one that apparently is shared by the current manager.

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          • I post my opinion
            Whether you decide to read it or reply to it is up to you.

            i only posted that quote because it pretty much said what I posted yesterday.

          • Yes thankyou,great comment.Cheers for sharing it,it tied in with the article nicely.

        • Seriously fobyac, why do you come on here every single day & try to turn everything onto the last manager? If it’s just to cause a reaction thats pretty sad. I think by now everybody on here knows your views on the subject. I’m not going start name calling but change the record mate. That was then, this is now.. lets move on

          • Fair enough.

            But to be fair yesterday’s post was about the previous manager, I put my opinion on it and got the usual childish stuff back…..then today I noticed that Slav said pretty much the same as me….

            I promise that’s my last word on Super Sam and his achievements ….anyone else care to make the same promise? Lol

          • What do you expect Slaven to do,rip Allardyce to pieces you fool.He is playing the game.If Allardyce left us in such a good place why did we win 3 in 20+ games.Wake up,he is just towing the line.He doesnt need to get into a war of words with an ex manager for god sake.Dont be so bloody naive.Not everyone wants to say things just to get a reaction.

          • I can’t even bring myself to say his name anymore, so that is 100% fine with me.

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          • So if I disagree with a point made on here I am just supposed to shut up and not give my opinion?

            I get jumped on every time I post a view that isn’t the view of the “inner circle” fair enough, if that’s the sort of forum you like then fine, but I will not stop posting my views on the team I have supported home and away for over 40 years just because a few people disagree.

            My opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s on here, I never resort to childish insults and I never swear at anyone and I definitely never threaten anyone.
            If you don’t want to debate….then don’t reply….it’s very simple.

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          • Slim, I posted that quote after posting something similar yesterday (under a thread about Sam). A few people disagreed and I was simply just showing that I’m not alone with those thoughts.
            Fair enough, I should have posted it under a different headline but to be honest I didn’t think all posts are only on the headline subject.

            The interesting point is no one has commented on the actual quote….just a load of childish personal insults and ( unbelievably) a threat lol

          • Nobody threatened you fob, you said we might not be safe to come out from behind the safety of out keyboards… Sounds like you threatened us to me. I’m just telling you that I would happily tell u anything to your face that I would tell you on here – I’m not hiding behind anything from anyone

          • Forget it Dainon.He really isnt worth it.He talks just as much rubbish on WHTID.He doesnt save his inane comments for here alone.

    • Oh ok,great post.Didnt realize you were doing it without motive to cause an arguement.My mistake.How could i have thought you would do something to be arguementative.Its not your style is it.I feel so bad now!!

  2. “The operators get between 85 per cent to 90 per cent from the profit of catering rights at their games
    does this mean west ham gets 85% of the catering profits?
    It would be nice to know how much of the naming rights money we get, as it is earned by us playing premiere football.

  3. I don’t know about this being a C&H exclusive – these are exactly the amounts reported a year ago when the deal was struck; £100k per game.

    The fascination of the media with our rent baffles me – with fourteen months to go until we set foot in the place, we’re drawing fire from all sides. Unfair this, ‘gifted’ that, Newham is paying for a commercial club, etc. It’s all tosh. We’re paying a fair rent for a fixed asset. It ain’t our fault that a) it was designed and built on a false premise that thousands of people would want to watch imaginary athletics events every week; b) it has no decent toilets or catering, because these were in cabins outside the stadium during the Games, so they could serve the other Park venues; c) the LLDC promised to take off the roof, remove the top tier of seats and then replace the roof, which was found to be faulty.

    If anyone wants to unveil a real financial scandal over the use of the Olympic Park, how about trying to find out how much Bruce Springsteen got paid to play there – and how much – if any – tax he paid?

  4. New stadium naming rights sold annoucement “STATE AIDED PLC”

  5. British Athletics get the stadium for between 32 and 38 days per year.
    How much do they have to pay for that? Did they have to contribute to the conversion costs? They should contribute most of it, considering the mess was created to give them a venue which would be unsuitable for anyone else.

  6. It was revealed yesterday that UK Athletics don’t pay anything, so there you go…
    It’s good to know we can have the OS for more days if needed, even at 100K a pop that is cheap as more than 25 dates means we have come far in a Cup run or the Europa League, so matchday income will still bring a reasonable profit even if you deduct the 100K additional rent per game.

    Hopefully these news will finally turn the tide of the media reporting in terms of state aid and West Ham given a free ride.

    • What happens if we need it for a replay at short notice though?

      Are all possible replay dates left vacant just in case?

      • We are the anchor concessionaire. So yes, I would strongly assume that our needs take priority, even at short notice. That’s why West Ham as anchor concessionaire pay more than any other party staging events there.
        We obviously have to pay an additional 100K per game if we have exceeded our 25 game limit a season.

      • Premier League rules say West Ham must have priority for the Stadium and I understand that is written into the contract,.

        • Sean, will the pitch be protected during all these other events?
          We’ve seen before the mess that was left after different events at Wembley for instance.

          • Fobyac, this a a temporary pitch for these events only which will ripped up next year and a proper Desso grass master pitch will be created in time for the Summer of next year

  7. I’m sure the pitch is going to be covered when not in football mode.

    • I get that bit Essex but my concern is when the grass will be used, rugby, athletics, cricket and whoever else stumps up the cash will all be played on OUR pitch, I would imagine it will be cut up a bit rough by April/May. Let alone all the different markings.

      • The grass surface will be a Desso Grassmaster surface (the same as used at Upton Park). It’s a mix of grass and plastic fibres that is very hardwearing and doesn’t suffer much when used for events outside football. It’s used a lot for NFL pitches in the US, as well as at Everton and Villa. Wembley’s view is available at http://www.dessosports.com/sports/football/football-projects/wembley-stadium-uk

        The UP pitch was used for the testing of the new surface with javelin, discus and hammer tests at the end of a season before the Olympics surface was laid. Apparently it stood up well to a right bashing and was deemed to be highly suitable for multi-use.

        I’m not sure it would stand up to speedway or the like, but I don’t think we need worry. I assume that for really damaging events it would be covered, just like Wembley or the Millennium Stadium are.

        • Thanks Demon

          That’s put that fear to bed then 🙂

          • The Desso pitch when it is laid is hard wearing as it is part plastic. Wembley also have the Desso system. At the recent Ed Sheran concerts the pitch is protected with a raised plastic platform which protects the Desso pitch.

  8. I thought we had sole use of the stadium during the season

    • That would make more sense, I can’t say I’m fully up with all the details but I assumed other users would also use the stadium between August and May?

    • No other tenants can hire it during the season

      • Thanks Sean
        So effectively we have it for more than just 25 days per year, we have sole use for 91/2 months a year and only pay for the times we actually use it.
        That is a heck of a good deal 🙂

  9. Why is it since i have been back for the last few days since my sabbatical of 6 weeks that there are arguements on here & everytime there is one common thread.One same person at the centre of them.The first comment on here has absolutely no relevance to this story,so why is it posted if not to cause trouble.What a joke!!

    • There’s a simple solution mate.
      Try having a friendly debate on the substance of the post rather than just resorting to cheap personal abuse and threats.
      If people could do that then there would be some healthy debates and an airing of different views…..we all have them….just not on here apparently.

  10. Sorry,got no time for people who intentionally try to cause arguementsThey make my skin crawl.If it is what you get off on good luck to you.Have a fun time!

  11. Wow,you are a real bore fobyac.Just never belt up.I rarely comment on here but you are one obnoxious fella.Talk about self important & full of hot air.

  12. Not an insult.Stating a fact!!

  13. What does your name stand for.FOBYAC-F*ck Off B*stard Youre A C*nt!!!.Really does prove your mentality doesnt it to chose something like that as a name on a forum.Very intelligent.

  14. Yes Vic,the irony of having a name like that for a forum & then crying about insults being thrown.Incomprehensible.

  15. Oh for crying out loud.
    It’s a song that has been sung by West Ham fans for many years aimed at Spurs.
    seriously if that offends you then I suggest you don’t go anywhere near a match

  16. Im quite aware of the song.It still doesnt change the fact its a very appropriate name for you.But it was refreshing to see you talk just as much rubbish on WHTID.Nice you are not selective where you spew your junk or make antagonistic comments.

  17. Ffs,is this bullsh*t still going on.Ten hours ago it started,lol 😀

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