CandH EXCLUSIVE: Reid’s six year contract offer

winston-reid-west-ham-united_3009997ClaretandHugh has today discovered that Winston Reid has been offered a SIX YEAR DEAL with the club in advance of £60k a week.

Yet despite the phenomenal deal, the New Zealander is continuing to keep the club waiting for an answer as he awaits to see what options arise in January.

The extraordinary stand-off between Reid and the club has of course been going on for several months but until now the terms of the Hammers offer have been never made entirely clear.

By our reckoning were Reid to put pen to paper  the six year deal worth around £3 million a year plus bonuses which could net the player in advance of £20 million over the contract’s duration which would take him to beyond his 32nd birthday,

It has also become clear that the club are ready to leave the deal on the table rather than present the player with a deadline to sign as was thought to be the case.

We were told: “We have no control. It seems Winston wants to see what options he is presented with in January and there’s no guarantee the situation couldn’t go on into the summer.

“The club has no real control over the situation. It’s the players decision. He has been offered a fantastic six year contract and it’s all in his hands.”


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9 comments on “CandH EXCLUSIVE: Reid’s six year contract offer

  1. ANOTHER Winston Reid article!?…..Jesus Christ!

  2. My mate is a Gooner and he reckons Ars have no interest in Reid. He could be right to be fair. Stat at West Ham Winnie.

  3. Will he or won’t he? Many have gone beyond caring. It’s obviously not about the money. If someone offered me 20 mill I don’t think I’d have a second thought. Sign the contract Winston or bugger off. We can buy a lot of defender elsewhere for that kind of money.

  4. In the last week or so, I have seen Manure and the Arse reported in the press to be interested in six different centre backs….and none of them was Reid. It doesn’t seem likely that Chelski or City are likely to be in the market for him, so that leaves two other top six sides, Southampton and err…..us.

    The club should give him a deadline before the window opens and make it clear that from that date the £60k is off the table. They have absolutely nothing to lose by this but Reid would have. If he doesn’t accept the offer he would be gambling that he is going to get something better than £60k at the risk of West Ham offering him £50k for five years if he comes back with his tail between his legs, as he may well do. How many clubs out there are going to offer him more than £50k and regular first team football? Time for the club to get tough, they really are in a no-lose situation now because Reid has played them.

  5. Simple- Sell Vez Te, Maiga- free up some wages- buy a new central defender and then let Tonks and Ginge play first choice- then the new guy, and leave Reid to rot- we all agree he is good but if not committed how much damage does he cause to all the others- Sitting on the bench come Feb may change his mind-
    If the crows started singing Sign of **** Off- he may get the message

  6. Agree Expat, he seems to have got off quite lightly hasn’t he? I also agree with Sparrow none of the big clubs have shown any interest in him either. He is playing a dangerous game, a career ending injury with a few months left on his contract would bugger up his plans.

    I think us fans struggle to relate to a bloke that won’t sign a deal worth £250k per month.

  7. I’m with expathammer… Let him rot in the reserves. He OBVIOUSLY doesn’t want to play for us next season so why try to keep him now. “Weighing up his options in Jan” that reads “See if anyone better comes in for me”…
    Frank Lampard always gets slagged off for leaving even though his Uncle was kicked out and his loyal Dad went too, but let’s love an a$$$hole who is waiting for ‘something better’. Don’t get me wrong I’d like him to stay, but he’s not as fantastic as he thinks he is. Get money for him in Jan or let him rot in the reserves..

  8. I agree with Wazza……. **** this thread is boring, we all agree with one another!

    Where’s Rugby when we need him?

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