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Caro To Join The Irons

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As with all new managerial appointments, there tends to be a spring clean of backroom staff.

West Ham United‘s incoming manager, Julen Lopetegui,will be no different. While official announcements haven’t been made yet, there are reports suggest Lopetegui will bring in familiar faces to his backroom staff.

One name that keeps popping up is that of the 38 year old fitness coach Oscar Caro, who has  worked successfully with Lopetegui at previous clubs like Sevilla and Real Madrid. This potential move is a very positive thing as it signals Lopetegui’s focus on creating a culture of excellence at West Ham, with a strong emphasis on peak physical condition for the players.

The Premier League‘s relentless pace demands optimal fitness levels from every player. Caro’s potential appointment as fitness coach, if confirmed, could be a significant factor in West Ham’s upcoming season.

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  • deathblow says:

    hahahahaha I bet you’d never heard of him and only glorying him up cos you chose a photo of him in a Real Madrid shirt. He didn’t wear that for long, did he!
    I love it when gossip-mongers become ‘experts’ at slug Sullivan’s next ego-buys. Did Salthouse give you all this twaddle to peddle?
    Shame that cretin is still in the picture.

  • Steveo says:

    One thing for sure is our ageing defence has been vastly exposed for pace many times during the last third of the season. If that is because of fitness levels or fatigue who knows so if Lopetegui does take over with his emphasis on fitness levels that can only be good for us next season

    • Anthony Kilgannon says:

      Yes an aged defence definitely. Only defender with pace aguerd who makes some howlers from time to time. Feel sorry for emerson he has to work twice as hard as he gets left exposed due to lack of support in front of him. We will regret moyes going I’m afraid.just my opinion.

      • Kevlar says:

        Moyes is history get used to it and stop copying all the critics quotes is boring!!! Let’s get behind Lopetegui and give him all of our support

  • mark wiggins says:

    Look as as fan , I will get behind Lopetegui But it’s a results game . Let’s see , will give him the doubt ⚒

  • Robyn Goodban says:

    I was thinking westham was a friend and family club not selling people who helped people to win a cup and lots more in there time from the top to the bottom and we have not been at the bottom for about 4 years the manager gave 11or 12 hours a day will your new one give that much time thank you to all the people who worked hard and all the fans who when to games

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