The next one is being held at a restaurant that Ginge owns so we can’t judge him on that. He doesn’t want to cook! It is crucial to have that good friendship off the pitch.”

In an exclusive interview with The Mirror he says: “It is changing here at West Ham and I can honestly say it has been great this season. Everyone here is together and we all speak together.

“The new lads who arrived in January – Snods and Fonte – have settled straight into the squad and got straight into the banter which is great.

 “We have got some big personalities here who keep everyone together and involved in everything. There are jokers and others who take it a bit more serious and get wound up. Everyone is together.”

And he has told how Winston Reid became a bit lost when Carlton Cole left the club and that he has filled the gap left behind for the central defender.

He said: “Reidy is a good lad. I don’t know how it came about. I think he was a bit of a lost soul when Carlton Cole left the club and somehow he found me!

“It used to be myself, Reidy and Joey O’Brien. We go out for meals all the time and all the girls get on well.

“Reidy is very quiet but he has a dry sense of humour and is a great lad. I am close with him but I speak to a lot of the lads outside training like Ginge, Nobes, Cressy and Snods.”