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Carroll decision shows enough is enough Slav

bilic-slaven-west-ham_3313638There’s one question above all others from yesterday’s game which is being asked on every CandH forum and needs an answer – not that we expect to get one.

How when you start a game with Chicharito as your main striker do you decide to bring on an entirely different type of striker when injury strikes given you have one on the bench that would suit your chosen system for the game far better.

That’s what happened yesterday when Michail Antonio went down injured and instead of calling up Andre Ayew or Diafra Sakho,the West Ham manager  – seemingly unable to control himself – decided Andy Carroll was his best option.


This is not a criticism of AC but of the manager who seemingly is so locked into this Carroll thing he can’t see beyond it.

Here’s how one CandH follower saw it and it’s difficult not to agree: ” Ayew would’ve been an option but I’d have gone with  Sakho.

Instead Bilic, trying to keep the SAME system, put on an immobile centre forward, who drops deep and thinks he can play as a number 10, and switched another player to a position he isn’t interested in.

That’s not Hernandez’s fault but he doesn’t have much interest in tracking back and helping Zabaletta like Antonio occasionally does  so it was definitely  not a like for like replacement).

Indeed basically, it’s NOT the same system at all.”

Given that for the period before Antonio’s injury the chosen system had worked just fine, is it any wonder that questions are being hurled in Bilic’s direction again.

Frankly, there are many others but this is not the place to be discussing them right now.

However, it was on that one substitution that my own opinion started to shift significantly.

The obsession with Carroll, the various poor signings, the regular playing of key players out of position and the inability to find a position for Chicharito – WHOM HE CLAIMS TO HAVE COVETED FOR TWO YEARS – has me believing that maybe the time has come to say goodbye to a hugely likeable man who in the end couldn’t hack it.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

34 comments on “Carroll decision shows enough is enough Slav

  1. This all stems back to his first year. He got lucky. Payet and all that. Do you all remember when payet got injured for 10 or so matches and we only won one game I think. We drew a lot but he didn’t have a plan. This has happened also these past so years. He only knows one plan of attack with no plan b or c. I like the guy but honestly think it can not go on any longer. Before we know we would have played 10-15 games and probably have 10-12 points. Has anyone seen our last 10 fixtures? We need to get to 40 points by the end of March and at this rate that doesn’t look possible with Bilic as boss.

  2. It’s amazing how many people now think the last season at the Boleyn was “lucky”. Anyway, we have showed signs of improvement of late. He made an attacking substitution which didn’t work. There are enough positive coming out of Saturday to suggest week finish in the to half. All this doom and gloom is getting quite tiresome.

  3. Wow what a horrible piece by a self absorbed ex journalist. Would be well suited for the Sunday Sport. Did it take you all weekend to come to the conclusion that Slav needs to go or was that just when you got the call from your master?

    • Bet you feel better now dont you.Give you a stiffy writing that did it?

      • I’ll criticise the Poppodom then 😆**** sideways pass and can’t be arsed to jump for a header for 100k a week useless sack of ****e.

    • Silly man.Im sure he feels mighty proud of himself now.More Tw4t than Matt methinks.

    • You seemm to be an expert on self absorption!!!!!

      • 1.you have right to have your own opinion on Slaven’s work
        2.as editor of C&H,your main concern should be our club wellbeing,and i don’t see how this article is helping anyone…it’s easy to be general after the battle.
        3.Maybe i’m wrong,but i’m expecting more constructive contribution from you..

        • 1/True
          2/I know my responsibilities as editor of a site you appear not to understand. We are news site which offers opinions on issues which arise as has been done here. You are entitled to your opinion on whether it is constructive or otherwise. Either way it’s how I see it.
          3/ If you mean constructive by writing what would be a lie, sorry I can’t accommodate you

          • I get it,if you on the ‘Slav out’agenda,there can be only one truth for you..the fact that we do not have enough quality on the team,the fact that our club is poorly managed,has nothing to do with it..

          • Sorry to disagree JJ we have plenty of quality on the squad, its full of internationals, the fact is they are gradually losing skill under Slav’s training and tactical formations, we do not play any system without the ball other than stand off hope for a misplaced pass and intercept where possible, against Spurs we press a bit and make a few tackles because they know the fans want it, in reality we should be making those tackles and pressing against most teams, there is a refusal to play players in their natural positions and we hear time and again players saying that Slav tells them good players can play in any position, which may well be true but those players are not as good as players playing in their natural positions, the fact that we cannot play a top six side without conceding a minimum of three goals and often more is an enditement on our manager, he is a great bloke but Zabaletta has it right we need to change the mentality of the players within the club, that requires direction from the manager and the captain we don’t have that and could do with something changing to my mind the manager and the captain should both take a break, I can’t see it happening this season but am hopeful we will get someone new for next season. Hugh is entitled to his view, he has been supportive of Slav but eventually the weight of evidence tips the scale, speaking personally I have been talking about the flaws in Slav’s approach pretty much since a few games into his management and haven’t seen anything change, he was bailed out in the first season numerous times by Payet and we should have finished that season top four at an absolute minimum we failed miserable down to his poor tactics, last season was another pathetic one and this one is set to be worse, we should get shot of him even an average manager with that squad of players would avoid relegation.

  4. Whoscored.com shows we have created more errors that led to opposition goals than and other team since August 2015!


  5. For those calling for Bilic to be sacked/resign, 1 question, who do you think (realistically) should be appointed?

    • Great question..im sure the would be managers will give you an extensive list..
      Last time round Moyes Bielsa and De Boer were the would be managers leading candidates..all who have been great successes since we didnt get them!!

      • You don’t have to be a ‘would be’ manager to know that Bilic isn’t a good manager. You can be almost clueless like me about football and tactics but you can still form the same verdict about Bilic based on evidence & his continual mistakes.

        I don’t drive a car but I can spot a bad driver by the amount of accidents he is causing.

        • smart response. in that scenario if someone asked you ‘who else do you want to give you a lift?’ the smart answer is ‘anyone who won’t smash into a bus and run over 2 people’ – you don’t need to know the best drivers, just the basic requirements will do.

          similarly, someone who trains the players well, gets them fit, coaches them with specific tactics and game plans, plays to a defined recognisable style & system and has backup options in how we play depending on the game scenario, buys players to fit that system & style, doesn’t dump it completely after a couple a games and/or minutes, knows how to make substitutions to positively affect a game, doesn’t just start or send on ‘his mates’, plays players in their correct positions, concedes less than 2 goals a game on average, knows how to make us even remotely threatening looking in the final 3rd, spots that passing sideways for 90 minutes isn’t hurting anyone, doesn’t regularly **** off players, … and well, i can’t be bothered to keep continuing listing what i consider the basics.

          don’t tell me that person doesn’t exist. the new guy will inevitably have his own laws. that’s human nature. but the current incumbent has one too many sadly.

          still, ‘nice guy’

          • And through all that junk you still didnt manage to come up with a name.Only a load of spiel about nothing.
            So who would you would be managers want because last time round the picks from fans have proved too be useless.
            Its easy for you would be managers to pick fault but you cant name a manager who will be a success.

      • I would still take Bielsa in a heartbeat, he has a pretty poor side in Lille who are drawing too many games it is definitely a test of his coaching abilities to get them playing the way he wants them too. I don’t remember that many mentioning Moyes and can’t think of any who have said DeBoer since his performance at Inter.

  6. Any chance the chairmen maybe in his ear about playing AC with him being, until Chicharito, the highest club earner? Just a thought.

  7. The league table doesn’t lie and it’s not as if all of our games have been against the top six. We are in trouble. No pace, one dimensional and seemingly just one game plan which the manager cannot alter even when the personnel change. Maybe Lanzini will give us the opportunity to change as kick and chase just isnt good enough. So I agree it is now time for change. But who is going to be available and prepared to take us on?

  8. Whoa, far too much ‘panic button; knee-jerking going on.?
    Goals change games, and the first goal on Saturday proved telling.
    Harry Kanes ability to become invisible when in an offside position coupled with a fine header was pivotal.
    OK Alice had a bit of a shocker, but the game was hardly a drubbing at the hands of a team that clearly outspends West Ham but has finished in the top 3 the last 2 seasons…..

  9. Agree with what you say there, Blimey. What worries me though was that we were the better team until they took the lead, and didn’t re-appear again until we were 0-3 down?? No plan B, no leadership , call it what you want, but it was surprising how the passion seemed to evaporate?? Sorry to bring this up again, but that stadium doesn’t help; truly awful place.

  10. Its no surprise blimeylimey.We go three games unbeaten and the sites are dead.Lose again and the same girls appear to do what they enjoy most..knee jerk and whinge.

  11. And others come on to suggest that articles putting a point intended to get a discussion going are in the pocket of David Sullivan. Or that the site is being taken over by ‘moaners’ without actually dealing with the points made. Depressing.

  12. Truth is whether you think Slav is our long term future or no I seriously doubt that the board will renew his contract the relationship is to strained. So they might just do like Big Sam hopefully they won’t do same as w Grant bc they can be indecisive but u would think w £100m plus on the line they won’t be as much.
    So for me if we can get a Tuchel which I doubt or Sarri be great but not leaving Serie A breaking Top tople w Juve breaking History. Inzaghi seem just No Moyes. Jokanovic I like his style his tactics he wouldn’t stand for slackness and knows English. Mancini could be good could need huge budget.
    But keep Slav in for now but if we could get a Tuchel or Inzaghi or Jokanovic over Intl break or come a month still in and bring in their backroom too bc they needs changing as well we should.
    But come December and if we are still around in Drop zone we shouldn’t wait 2 months to change if option available we should. We shouldn’t wait until its to late to crawl out bc Slav wouldn’t be kept in Championship and we don’t want to go there.

    As for Squad we have a good sqaud major issues is Age being our starting 11 was AVG age 29 against spurs. 34-27. We got 32 30 29 27 in window but Slaven wanted PL proven players and Gabe Marko 5 year deal and Reid at 29 5 too love Reid but shouldn’t it be bumper.
    We lack pace and Creativity without Antonio and Lanzini.
    But on paper can’t say we don’t have a top 10 sqaud and w 2-3 players and or right manager top 6.

  13. Good shout JRS. Bit of a risk though…Lack of PL experience is not that big an issue, but what sort of experience did he have before Fulham? That is a genuine question not a dig- I had never heard of him until a few months ago!

    But at least he is a realistic option. Some of the names being thrown around on here would not join us in our present state.

  14. He took Watford to PL in 2015 but wasnt kept on then he did well with Fulham. But know of Watford are w Managers Flores took over for him & did well But they didn’t give him a chance. He has other mgmy jobs can’t think of name but played for a # clubs to Chelsea being 1 in PL. He will stand up to board and make it known when not happy aw he did w Fulham over summer for lack of transfers bc they have Sporting director he gives list of poaitons and names so he would love to be able to veto and have more say. He is tactical astute likes playing good attacking football but always has # of plans.
    He is Serbian played DM around 47 I think yes he would say played the best looking football in Championship last season. Don’t have to be a huge name sometimes works out better Wagner I have been very impressed with he with won’t leave tho. Never seen a mgt get 15 players to gel so well and from has 2 in every position Sabiri £1m bundesliga 2 20yo fantastic. Depoitre £3m Mounie £12m Mooy £8m then have Schindler £1m prem fronloan Zanka £3m great CB pair. I like the Hannover 96 mgr too can think of name but was hired when went down brought them back up 1st season and had them in #1 on table now top 4.
    I would even say look at Chris Wilder he has been amazing past few years w Northampton promotion then Sheffield UTd back up to Championship and is doing very well with them.
    So for me their are options and biggest name isn’t always the best. But good to have a list bc goj going down w our squad isn’t an option.
    Palace and Southampton were keen on Jokanovic too Palace even made offer was one of their 1st choices but he turned them down. But things could be diff now might feel he deserves shot in PL and with Boro & Wolves spending Hughes money this won’t be easy Championship year. I don’t wanna go back right now esp not w LS

    • So started his Career in 2007 in Madrid on Technical staff w someone then went back to Sevia and took over Miroslav and Won Title and cup then 2nd season was first full season won double again. Went to Thai won some Team their 3rd title went on to Bulgaria didn’t win anything then Hercules and then Watford.

  15. When we we’re two nil down against Arsenal a few seasons back Carol came on and put on a show and we won 3-2 everyone had a hard on for Carol then now a narrow loss to spurs and he’s a donkey ! Bilic had to choose between Ayew ( a poacher every goal a Tap in ) and everyone’s flavour of the month Sakho if we’d got the same result with that substitution everyone would be screaming why Carol was sitting on the bench!!! We are west ham and we will lose games and we will go on a winning streak it’s the lack of effort that is more frustrating than anything else

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