Carroll jumps on Allardyce bandwagon

allardyceandcarrollAndy Carroll has given his view of West Ham’s run of form since Christmas and reckons: “We’ve “just been unlucky in the way games have been going!”

Carroll – who has been on the injury sidelines since being injured at St Mary’s against Southampton in February – appears in The Mirror bigging up Sam under a headline declaring: “We (pink heart) Big Sam.

Commenting the £15 million signing said: “Everyone loves him, everyone loves the training and the routine we are in. I am sure all the lads want him to stay next season.

“The manager is strong enough to deal with that (run) and I think so are all the players. It is just unlucky the way the games have been going.”

However, despite being told by Allardyce not to be so frenetic on the pitch as it could lead to injuries Carroll may have cocked a def ‘un declaring: “It is just the way I play – aggressive. In training I am not like that.

“I take my foot off the gas a little bit with our players but as soon as I am on the pitch, I don’t think anyone can stop me running about like I do throwing myself into challenges.”

COMMENT: Yesterday The Mirror rolled out Southend boss Phil Brown in support of the manager and a few days ago Cheik Kouyate appeared on their website explaining how much he loved the 60 year old.

No problem with anyone having a view and possible agenda – like most of us – but two days on the trot in a national newspaper which has 91 other teams to cover!  Hmmm



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52 comments on “Carroll jumps on Allardyce bandwagon

  1. I know Hugh, he’s pathetic… What can one expect from the favourite Sam’s muppet? Nothing more than subservient attitude.

    Thanks Carroll.

    • Well what a surprise BFS prize show pony decides to support his inadequate regressive manager. A man who has happily taken £80,000 per week+to sit on his backside,build a throne,mirror his ceiling and buy two dogs for his non descript untalented Mrs. I guess all Mr Curtis and BFS clients will be trotted out to tell us how we can’t survive without him, I’ve been saying on the so called other site to remove him develop a philosophy utilise our younger players not simply sell them, to think our illustrious so called manager turned down Bony for Mr Carroll says it all , get this outdated idiot out of the club and build for the future

  2. Haha,it makes me laugh when players come out in support of the current incumbent.If Sam leaves these same players in a few months time will be saying what a breathe of fresh air the new manager is,how he is a top guy & they love his new training techniques,blah,blah,lol,same happens everytime.But at least this gives some gulliable Pro-Sam supporters some keyboard time to explain how all the players seem to love Sam,haha:D

  3. I got told yesterday that Sam is getting offered two years. The only chance of him not staying is if he personally has had enough. I doubt Sam’s ego would allow him to walk away.
    The club can’t look past the fear of relegation and see Sam as the right man to avoid that. So to me it is no surprise to see reports like this as well as the Downing one.
    Get the players to back the manager and the fans will follow. Not a good game plan imho.
    Very very bad darts from the owners, but explains the timing of the OS tickets news and the £75 deposit though. Always thought there was something fishy about that.
    They know that 80% or higher want Sam gone. But I guess what we want does not matter. AGAIN!

    1 more game with Sam in charge is 1 to many let alone 2 more years of him. So depressing.

  4. I just ignore all this manager butt kissing,it is just them looking after themselves in front or the current manager,saying the things they think he wants to hear.Its pathetic.I am p*ssed off of reading that if Sam stays he is a means to an end.The only end i can see is another two yeard of doom & gloom.Idiots who say if he is given a dexent transfer kitty he will take us forward.No he wont,he will just buy decent players & then try to mould them into his pathetic brand of pre-historic football.The guy could take Messi & turn him into a clone of Nolan within 3 months.Any decent attacking midfield or attacking player should stay a million miles away from us under BFS because he will just stifle & kill their game,just ask Amalifitano,Nene,Valencia & Zarate,he is a flair killer.Im sick of him,absolutely sick of him.I paid for my season ticket for the final year at UP,i couldnt miss that.But if Allardyce is still manager for any period at the OS they can stick the season ticket up their butts.I aint paying hundreds of quid to watch his crap brand of football.I would rather spend the money on a decent holiday than see him sat on the bench chewing his gum & looking totally disinterested.

  5. It’s not the Carroll stuff that irritates me but the constant pro Sam drone from the national papers cos he gives em the quotes to fill their pages. Poor

  6. @boleyn: the whole validity for all that depends on was telling you mate

  7. Dont get me wrong Hugh,i like Carroll,his a decent player on his day,just cant be a*sed with all this sychophantic crap that comes out from players.They wont give a damn in 6 months if Sam goes & a new manager comes in.Then they will move on to cosying up to him 😉

  8. Does it really matter?
    You have made it clear that Sam is being replaced in the summer. So what’s the problem?

  9. Guess it matters about as much as your dopey comment;)

    • Why dopey?
      The players are going to come out out and support Sam. We shouldn’t be surprised by that and I’m sure the majority do have alot of time for him but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. He’s on his last legs. Hugh has been banging on for an age now that the club are working behind the scenes to find a replacement. Bit like last season!

  10. Hugh, It has come from an ex player, but one who still has a lot of connections with the club. I cant say who, I’m sure you understand that. I just hope he is right when he says that Sam himself might want to walk away.

    Surely West Ham should now be setting their sights higher than just staying up. We have a good squad and with a decent transfer kitty and a more forward thinking manager we have real potential to move on each year. Long way to go to challenge the top 4, but no reason why we cant become a regular top 8 side, playing good football and giving the cups a real good go.

    Sam Allardyce will not give us any of that and I personally don’t by into this crap that he wont get us relegated. 3 wins from 20 games this season and 6 wins from 27 games last season imho prove otherwise.

    Keep Sam and us as fans have nothing to look forward to at all, get rid and get someone better in and West Ham fans have loads to look forward to and once again we can all be UNITED.

  11. Ok,which formum or which poor delusional sod is going to be the first to say that this proves all the players love Sam & that is why we should keep him.Some mug somewhere is bound to use it as an arguement,lol 😉

  12. Or even forum 😉

  13. I would guess it would be the forum that likes to think it is the only forum that matters, the forum which acts as if it is the voice of all West Ham fans everywhere. (they most certainly are not) The forum that heavily censors anything they think is anti their agenda. The forum that is so far up it’s own backside it’s unreal. The one that is the most Pro Allardyce of them all.

    You know the one, named after a song.

  14. I bet i could guess who that could be.There is a total melt on wetpantstillidie who whatever anyone says against Sam he has to come back with a counter arguement defending him.He must surely be related to Samuel,either that or he just likes arguing 😉

  15. I’m not sure how an ex player would know Boleyn. I speak to many of them and they haven’t a clue mate

    • Maybe he does or maybe he is just guessing as well. What I do know Hugh is he wants Sam out like the rest of us. He Believes Sam’s management style and tactics belong in a bygone era and It is time we have a more forward thinking guy in charge.

  16. Haha,sorry Boleyn,didnt see your post,i was composing at the same time.Yep that would be the one im guessing that chicken is on about.The West Ham Fans Illuminati as they are known 😉

  17. Sting the one I am thinking about is K not U nlike M ost B oards.

    Actually Hugh seeing as I am new here, Are we allowed to mention other forums by there actual names, or is that frowned upon? I don’t want to get in trouble here so quickly.

    If yes, then I apologize and please delete whatever necessary.

  18. Haha,you mean KUMB then,not Wetpantswhenidie.Ok,got ya 😉

  19. Chickenrunner, I thought the latter one you mentioned was quite Anti Sam? Not been on there for along time though. Take it things have changed. Mind you I do recall before that there was a few clear trolls on there.

    I remember one fan defending Sam to the hilt on there, yet admitting he has never actually seen West Ham play live and only watched a handful of our TV games a season. He had the cheek to tell ST holders to go and follow someone else if they did not Like Sam. FFS!!

    • Yeah there are many anti-sam on it Boleyn,many good guys who have opposing opinions,,but there are a few who will argue black is blue to tell you Sam is doing a fantastic job.Just a handful who think they have swallowed a thesaurus & dictionary & spend most of their time in mutual back slapping or trying to out do each other in the ‘knowledge of west ham’ stakes,lol.If you go on & say anything too bad about Sam you get a few asking for you to be blocked,its laughable.Oh & the said gurus have an intense dislike of this site because we are apparently anti-sam on a personal level.Has nothing to do with the rubbish he has served up for 4 years ofc 😉

  20. So next week is the week NOLAN comes out of the toilet he has been hiding in,
    I thought the captain speaks for the players we are told he controls the changing room
    Like a god farther it was him that tried to get Rav to change his agent and bend to BFS rules,yet in the last 2 months nothing has his dad made him keep his head down ?
    Or is he unhappy having to play where dad wants him and making him look like a plank ?
    So next week it’s Nolan and O,Brien ?
    If the board do the dirty on the fans this time I think it will be their last time they are trusted and the anger that will be released will destroy this great club

  21. Gold&sullivan when speaking with allardyce today he said the following ” west ham fans know nothing about football I’m surprised they even know what day of the week it is”

    David Gold: would u say the season has be successful?

    SA: ofc it hasn’t Kevin Nolan has not scored 100 goals yet complete let down, i will have to let him play untill he does

    David Sullivan: most fans want you gone at the end of the season what is ur opinion on that?

    SA: **** them **** the lot of them i made west ham united without me they be nothing i am the best manager in the premier league.

    David Gold: in the past you have said somethings that might make the relationship with the fans worse how have u changed this?

    SA: i told them to all suck my fat hairy pie cock and deal with my greatness

  22. Ok,so who is going to be the next player The Mirror & Sams Curtis spin factory send out to make all the right noises? Im going for O’Brien,havnt heard from him yet i dont think.Got to be his time before the QPR match surely,it might get him 20mins at the end of the match as a thankyou 😉

  23. ahahha… The other Sam’s son Nolan will be the next one… then O’Brien, then… mmm… mmm… Ravel! He should call Sam doing fart noises… and after him Zarate, Amalfitano, Nene, Poyet, Oxford, Valencia (he often plays out of position), Sakho (he often plays like Carroll)… 🙂


  24. Oh dear,i have read it all now,that idiot on wetpants that comes here spouting sh*t,the one with a dictionary up his jacksie & a thesaurus wedge in his mouth says this sites people have an obsession with wetpantstillidies.This is the site i never even heard mentioned on here in about 6months until some of those fools kept mention people & articles on here in a derogatory manner,lol,unbelievable,there are some really good guys on there but it is total c*cks like him that were the ones forever mentioning this site that even made us notice it existed,lol.Wow,that is the funniest thing i have read in a long time.

  25. Lol,what off a ducks back mate.If some fo them didnt have a pop at this sight i was wonder if the world wqs coming to an end.I have been coming to this site & that one for a longtime now.Never even heard that site mentioned on here till recently when people got fed up with going there reading a select few digging this place out.I just ignore them.They only write thread after thread discussing the same crap for 24hrs then return to the same old crap they discussed 48hrs before.They have to come here to read news then go back just to slag it.As you say,some right good guys on there but also a few sanctimonious d*cksplashes.Failed football journos grasping at a chance to shine with their wisdom,lol 😉

  26. ahahahah… wow! What a Genius! Ehi Genius on whetpants.com, get a life, look for a woman, get into a program, get a therapist, get a dog!


  27. Lol,the guy clearly struggles to deal with the concept of irony that we just have a little lighthearted banter in response to their sarcastic,pitful comments about this site.Never mind,i guess life is so serious for some they dont grasp the lighter side of life.I would rather sit in the sun today than write 20 or 30 diatribes on the LLDC/West Ham/CAST situation,Zzzzzzz!! Guess he has to do something inbetween getting jerks off his secretary!!;)

  28. Find him some figa Matte,seems he needs some to relax & stop being so stressed out,lol 😉

  29. Hahaha,i never go to that site,but just did.Does the guy not realize how stupid his comment is.He talks about an obsession,but then says how many articles Hugh delivers a day & seems to know how many regular comment makers there are usually on here now compared to a little while back,lol,that is absolutely priceless,haha.Who has the obsession.Oh my god that has made my afternoon,how dimwitted can you be to mention another sites obsession but then bang out all these observations about amounts of people here & articles written on a daily basis.Brilliant,absolutely superb!!! 😀

  30. Padded cell for the stalker pls 😉

  31. He needs something.The best thing he can do is delete his thread,because his knowledge of this site & its users is certainly far more obsessive than anything we can can offer.

  32. 64,75,80,the rising figure of people laughing at the irony involved in the stalkers post,lol,dear oh dear.Sometimes it is better to say nothing at all rather than trying to be a wise guy & see it all go pearshaped 😀

  33. He does not need Figa Matte you forget he has 2 hands and his hippo onesie and mummy is always forgiving,
    She just looks at dad and says he is only 48 and one day he will find a nice girl or boy
    His dad said what happened to lovely Lucy
    Mum says oh she got a puncture and she was hard to wash,
    Dad I told him not to bite her neck every time BFS came on the screen
    That’s it Matte the rest is on a hot line at £1 a min or €2 for you,

  34. Haha,maybe thats it Bubs 64,75,80 doesnt represent the years we won the fa cup but is infact the measurments of his rubber doll.She must be a big girl,lots of air needed 😉

  35. Tyson must have been really hard blowing to keep enough air in there while giving it all that hip movement and mum and dad cheating and clapping Come on you Cookie Monster,
    But enough of the serious talk how’s Kevin taking it with his little brother in the papers today
    And his sister Joey is unhappy having to weed the drive when he wanted to be the one this week,never mind he will love Southend next season all that sea air and the benches are bigger there,

  36. Lol,least we know when our stalker has been here,he leaves little wet foot prints when he heads back to wetpantswhenidie 😉

  37. All that love juice on his flip flops,
    Never mind there are some sick people about every club must take its share its part of the European agreement,
    Must go speak later once the San Miguel kicks in

  38. Haha,apparently people from here troll wetpantstillidie,lol,hands up anyone who has ever been arsed to go there & even comment on that site,lol,you bunch of trolls.Wow some of those guys have a high opinion of themselves.Rohammer,named & shamed!!!,lol.Personally having been there before i would now prefer to have my balls rubbed down with sandpaper than get involved in a discussion with some of those would be journalists 😉

  39. Lol,yeah they are so important to me & my life i just have to go there to troll them.Maybe if they wrote something interesting or entertaining i might go & troll them but it is just the same sh*t,different day syndrome on there.But what do you expect when they have no news features.They are hypocrites,they come here regularly,read the new articles & then go back & rag this site 😉

  40. Ray if you keep using sand paper you will never travel the road of the stats cabinet again,
    Have given Wetpants.com a miss for 5 days was getting bored and felt that taking the **** out of them was hit like picking on unbalanced individuals,
    When you go on that site you have a to have a lobotomy and your sense of humour r moved,
    But without us they would have nothing to do but talk about there newly acquired BFS
    prayer mat,

  41. Lol,i went there once this afternoon,only about the third time ever.Dont really get their problem.If they dont like this site dont come here,end of problem.If hey dont like Hughs articles dont come here,end of problem.I cant be bothered to get involved in some petty arguement with them.If they want to take some moralistic high ground & slag people on here good luck to them.Its a democracy we live in i believe,if people want to vent about Sam they can,if people want to defend him let them get on with it.I just cant stand the ones who defend everything he does as if he is faultless.Im pretty sure if they were travelling around the country to watch away matches where Sam parks the bus or wants to respect the point from the 1st minute they might feel differently.Im sure many of them dont take unpaid days off,spend a fortune on travel only to see some of Sams sterile tactics employed on some cold sh*tty tuesday night in winter.Well many of us do & that is why we are fed up.Must be great to see no fault in Sam,what an amazing rose tinted world it must be! 😉

  42. Better to just leave them to their sacred little site.Really aint worth worrying about.If they want to make derogatory or offensive comments let them get on with it.It takes all sorts.They will soon get bored of it.Its better in life to let things go sometimes.Personally if i had the inclination to troll a site i would go to a Spud site not bother one which allegedly has fellow Irons supporters on.Just goes to show,supporting the same team means jacksh*t sometimes!!!!

  43. Haha,well yeah that pretty much sums it up Hugh 😉

  44. Lol,for sure.There is this sort of romantic notion that if you support the same team you will all get along.Well you may in the main be united on match day in the ground.But once you have forums & other media involved you realize that many of your fellow fans are total pr*cks,lol 😀

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