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Carroll return date finally revealed

andy-carroll-west-ham-arsenal_3445626At last we have a return date for Andy Carroll.

Andy hasn’t managed to start a game this season and the ongoing saga of his and Dafra Sakho’s absence has contributed to many column inches both on this site and elsewhere.

But finally it seems the long wait is coming to an end and unless something has been lost in translation, the big striker will be back in the squad for the match against Spurs.

After being plagued by questions about Carroll’s “gunpoint terrror” from journalists at his presser yesterday, a frustrated Slaven Bilic finally managed to turn the questioning towards the one issue that we all really wanted answering.

Speaking of an AC return to action he declared: ““Andy’s had the injections. He started running a couple of days ago and there was no negative reaction.

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“He’s progressing. If it all goes well, then in a couple of weeks he will be on the pitch.”



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20 comments on “Carroll return date finally revealed

  1. So the Christmas Hamper man got found guilty & the start of the week & a day or two later Carroll gets hassled.Coincidence??

  2. Eddie, that did cross my mind.

  3. “He’s progressing. If it all goes well, then in a couple of weeks he will be on the pitch.”
    The above comment was a typing Error, should have read:
    “He’s progressing. If it all goes well, then in a couple of weeks he will be on the booze.”

  4. “He’s progressing. If it all goes well, then in a couple of weeks he will be on the pitch.”
    The above comment was a typing Error, should have read:
    “He’s progressing. If it all goes well, then in a couple of weeks he will be on the P*ss.”

  5. So ‘a couple of weeks he will be on the pitch’ – what does that mean? He’ll be back after the International break or just running out onto the Training Pitch?

    I’m willing to bet it’s the latter!

  6. Yeah Eddie i wouldnt write that off as something to do with his incident,who knows.

    I will believe it when i see it with regards to AC back playing again in the near future.If he does he will breakdown again within weeks as usual i expect.So much time & effort put in to his continual rehab with little to show for it most the time ..sigh.

  7. “the long wait is coming to an end”… frankly, I didn’t even know he was still alive … maybe someone is waiting for his return like a kid who is up all night on Christmas Eve, but for my part I literally couldn’t care less… I’m immune to Super Andy’s charm… lool 😉

    • Lol Matte.I get where youre coming from.It is a tedious situation & we all know in our heart of hearts he will play half a dozen games if we are lucky & be knackered again.Whats to get excited about 🙂

      • you’re in, my mate… and I would also add he’s not my kind of forward… if he’s so strong, I just can’t figure out why no one’s ever tried to buy him… l don’t think it’s because he’s priceless… lool 😉

  8. I was laughing yesterday matte,did you see the Great Poppy Debate on the sister site.It was really funny.The experts in full flow Lol

  9. Yes very deep matte.The normal ‘i take myself too seriously’ rubbish Lol

  10. This to me is terrible news. As a physiotherapist myself, injections aren’t good.They are only needed to mask pain. This essentially means – carroll is still not right but the club and medical team will inject him so he doesnt feel the pain when he is playing. He will return probably push himself to hard and injure himself again. If this is how they have treated him in the past no wonder he keeps getting injured the way he plays throwing himself into tackles…

  11. Why the interest in another WH site discussing a non WH issue?

    • Why the interest in what myself & matte wish to talk about?
      I will ask him what i want without needing your ok to do it!

      • haha… sorry Carrerageorge, next time I’ll ask your permission… my mind has to be 100% focused on football, sometimes I forget that is a very serious matter… loool 😉

      • Thought the thread was about the likelihood of Carroll returning and then there were comments about Poppies and another site, just seemed out of context, no big deal.

  12. Much like Matte and Tone, I’d pretty much forgotten about china doll. Our best performances come when we break with pace and in numbers. Going back to a lump of a number 9 ain’t the way forward. By all means stretcher him on with 20 minutes to go if we need to change shape or direction but for those hanging the bunting – He ain’t the answer, sorry!

    • In theory I agree 100% but in practice it will not happen because we have Noble in mid field . He is too slow to get forward or back so the game just passes him by and talking of passes he only goes backwards so how can that help a quick break away ?

      Ditch Noble and play Fernandez in that role and we might have the pace to do it .

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