Carroll slams Irons “terrible performance”


slaven-bilic-west-ham-andy-carroll_3358382Andy Carroll has joined co chairman David Sullivan in condemning the Hammers squad for yesterday’s performance at Bournemouth brutally admitting: “It was a terrible performance from us.”

The striker – who was anonymous himself for the most part – declared: “We didn’t really get going and their two penalties could have really finished the game, but we kept ourselves in it and got back into it late on, luckily, but I don’t know what went on from then on. We went gung-ho and lost the game.

“We were just all over the place. We spoke in the dressing room after the game and every player agreed they just weren’t at it. I think it was just a shocking game for everyone.

“We came down and felt well but didn’t really get going at all. Obviously we got the two goals, but it wasn’t good enough.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • John says:

    Oh look HB Big Andy agrees too 😂

  • kevin says:

    It hasn’t been good enough all season , Andy .
    Payet or no Payet . The teamwork has been awful . No structure going forward from defense or control in midfield . As for the Strikers , well , least said the better . Couldn’t hit the bullseye with a cannon .
    The only answer it seems is the system to which nobody is concerned about or committed to . That’s a Management problem . Look what happend at Leicester ; They were lucky beyond belief to win the League and are even more lucky to be still be in the Prem . They changed the Manager ; if that was a good idea we can never be sure but , they now seem safe instead of freefalling to the second division .
    We don’t want that kind of rubbish to happen at West Ham . All we want is a consistent solid performance that makes us proud instead of being a laughing stock . If that Pride and consistency brings success , well all the better . I am tired of listening to players and management telling me how good we are and how good we will be , when , when , when .
    Been supporting the Hammers since I was a little boy . I am 65 now and still waiting .
    Never supported the Disastreous Stadium move nor the New Club / Shirt emblam . Horrible doesn’t cover it . Promises by people earning thousands per week while we are earning a pittance per year doesn’t exactly square up . Most of us could have a very good life and plan for the future with just one months wages as a player . We don’t have it and put our souls into our clubs . That’s the pain we have as Fans ,, Pride and hope . We need something to believe in . So it’s time to deliver .
    Not having a go at you , Andy , just football in general . I love my football but , as players you all need to love us in return and respect us . Players big money wages is destroying the game and the heritage we seeded as fans and followers of our respective home towns up and down the country . I could never have the same respect for a big Huge Club with loads
    of Money as a smaller Club with less .
    I don’t , for example , respect Man Utd or Barcelona . Just huge money clubs that didn’t earn Thier places in history ,, they bought it .
    All I ask is that when you wear the West Ham shirt you play with pride and a commitment that befits the fans that dedicate themselves to the club . ( again , not picking on you , Andy , it’s just that I am getting really ****** off )
    Probably get some round things thrown at me but , that’s how I feel ultimately with things.

  • mooro66uk says:

    Rarely agree with you Kev but absolutely spot on there my old son. Every point hits the spot bang on.

  • Roman says:

    Usually it’s Noble apologizing for a poor performance but now it’s Carroll.I’m personally ticked off and agree with Kevin.With the usual team selections I wouldn’t be offering Bilic another contract.How many of the regular starters would be getting a start under say Klopp for example??I think Bilic and the owners have been found wanting big time.

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