Carroll Spurs update

AndyCarrollWestHam_2821401Andy Carroll is not going to make the squad for tonight’s game against Spurs and with Diafra Sakho ruled out for the season the job against Spurs has become 100% plus more difficult.

We have heard this morning that Carroll will be out with his groin still troubling him whilst manager Slaven Bilic claimed yesterday that Sakho won’t reappear again this campaign.

And that means we will likely be relying on Callieri and Ayew up front as the Irons face a team which Bilic has declared as the best in the league despite Chelsea’s top of the table spot.

We seem left to rely on a team which has looked good defensively over the last couple of games but with not a lot on offer up front.

Meanwhile a confident Spurs squad are set to field a team which is unlikely to show much change from the team that beat Arsenal.

The likes of Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Son Heung-min and Christian Eriksen who have scored in the last four games are all expected to feature.


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11 comments on “Carroll Spurs update

  1. Thank you for that article Peter Positive! 100% more difficult lmao. You do know we can still field another player if Carrol don’t play right? 2-0 the hammers. Ayew and Lanzini.

  2. It’s like a scratched record, week after week the same thing – Carroll is not fit and is of no use to Bilic or the Club.

    Bilic must be tearing whatever hair he’s got left out, he’s had no effective attack for virtually the whole Season and the Club has struggled to put out a half decent team.

    But what worries me is where we go from here, how do we get Carroll off the books, who would take him – beats me!

    To add insult to injury I read last night that physically Sakho is in a bad way, it sounds like he has a chronic condition/injury that won’t go away. Another dilemma, what to do with him? It’s almost getting to the stage where you wish for him to retire, take the Financial hit and start again – sad for the Player but Football is a cruel game.

    • And it’s not all just about money either. Most times (and I quote Harry when he was Spurs manager, and said “you just can’t get them” It’s having the right owners & being in the right places at the right time & having the right contacts, AND the player can then pick or choose whenever & wherever the country/location or club that attracts him, so even if one had the money to buy THE strikers, like Messi & Ronaldo. & The goalkeeper like Bayern’s Neuer. One could say it’s taken 50 years to rebuild the Spurs team that won the double. Chelsea was/is the one of the Premier League’s most attracting fashionable, classy regions for players to choose from. West Ham can’t say they haven’t had their chances either. I, like a lot of people here, was fortunate enough to have attended West Ham’s matches of the mid – late 60s, and on paper (I don’t think many could argue) West Ham had the best team in the country, but they didn’t know how to use what they had, they didn’t have that ruthless hunger to go for the jugular like Spurs & Greaves had, Man Utd & Best & all the great European clubs. And do these great or former great players do it for the money? No! It’s the stage, the audience, you, the fans. That buzz of adulation. That’s what they play for. West Ham are getting there, but just remember, there’s only so much room at the top, for how many and for how long? Even Real’s reign will make way for someone else later, but yeah, I believe we had the team to have won the title in 1969. We just didn’t take it seriously enough, & are still getting paid out on by players who choose clubs who’ve had a successful history than ours, so if that zone ever arrives again? Then go for it. COYI

  3. Nothing new about Carroll! just passed a joke now.

    • dog bites man…not news
      man bites dog…news !

      Just get rid of him , hes getting older so will just get more and more injuries as time goes on

  4. I am looking forward to the match, we are expected to lose to a very organised well drilled Tottenham team fighting for the title, most times we play really well against the Spuds and hopefully tonight will be one of those COYI !!!

  5. I got a horrible feeling tonight isn’t going to be pretty. I hope i’m wrong of course but we are down at the sh1tty end of the PL for a reason, we are sh1t & this is the best spud side for a long long time.
    Thank god that there are only 3 more games in this season of taking the next step

  6. I would like to pick up on Michael Miller’s comment on Sakho – it is disturbing news to hear that he has a serious problem

    The player has been getting a lot of stick about his attitude – maybe we shoudl cut him some slack until we know the truth – I remember Dean Ashton getting a lot of stick until it came out that the injury he got on England duty was so bad he risked not being able to walk again

    Even the much villified Kieron Dyer suffered a horrific leg break which effectively ended his career – yet he was critized as a “sick note”

  7. For next year some serious money needs to be spent just to cover AC, he CANNOT be relied upon as our main striking threat, we all know this now let’s just hope the David’s do too. If we can’t sell him then he and we and the club need to consider him as a squad player no more and replace him as the main striker option which will cost serious money for that striker and covering AC’s salary while parked on the bench. Then we need to look at the RB issue, I don’t think their pockets are going to be deep enough to do what needs to be done….so much for pushing on to be a top club. Personally I have really not enjoyed this season and can’t wait for it to end.

  8. Who cares about the poppodom? If he was playing we’d just be hoofing it at him anyway hoping he might win a header or waiting for him to do an occasional run or injuring himself miskicking a pass 😀 Forget about the useless sack of ****e, get behind the team tonight and let’s make it as intimidating as possible 😀😀

  9. If we are serious about being a top 10 club, let alone top 6, we simply must get in from somewhere another reliable striker. But Pop, why are you again raising the RB issue again. We have a bloody good one in Byrum and Fernandez has being playing well there in Byrum’s absence. For me, we need another striker, a play are in midfield and a central defender.

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