Carroll’s Sam love-in!

Andy Carroll’s close bond with Sam Allardyce is well known but he has never shown his affection as publicly he has managed via this Instagram posting.

The club’s record signing declared via the social network: Wishing the Gaffa all the best!! Thanks for everything!!



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24 comments on “Carroll’s Sam love-in!

  1. Why do all these muppets keep saying that the club has treated him badly?
    apart from having a really bad win rate & the team playing really negative sh#t football & only winning 3 games all year, the fat **** said he didn’t want to stay anyway.
    How many of those who abuse the club would want him as manager at their club??

  2. Yeah,yeah we know you love him Andy.Go play for him at his next club.You are a liability at the irons.I certainly wouldnt shed a tear if he left & we put his wages to good use.Probably only newcastle would take him back though.Someone needs shooting for giving him acontract till 2019.Thanks hippo for your marquee signing!

    • CORRECT 99, thanks Sam for turning down Bony for £9m and signing Crock Carroll for £17m .. the fact that Bony has since been sold to Man C for £35m while Carroll plays 10 games a season is irrelevant

  3. rakis14 the vast majority of us hated him and do not wish him any luck so in future speak for your self,
    sammyrelf the board treated him better than he deserved he got paid most of us would not have if we had got are job so wrong,
    Everyone knows how Carroll feels because if he does not start delivering the goods for his wages he will find himself at another club earning half as much, only BFS would have given him the contract we did
    1marj you are so right go back to St James Park and join them

  4. Not the best signing we have ever made. Glass ankle, hopefully any new guy wont use him as a battering ram. His best buddy will be gone this summer as well.

  5. The board backed him they wanted Boney or have you not been following the papers this year,BFS AND Curtis have held this club to ransom for long enough,
    Any other manager would have sold him years ago, but his best mate Nolan would have put his oar in as well,
    Matt he has gone get over it

  6. Ahaha… this seems to be an endless job… maybe Andy wrote this message with his bust slightly bent forward and Sam behind him… Anyway, I thought the nightmare would have ended with the departure of the Genius, but I’m still reading some brave posts on our friendly twin site… Those sweet wonderful fans like Monkeys Bellend or that telephone number who sometimes wrote here, for example, now they have became friendly but they are those people who called us ignorant pigs and rabid dogs until yesterday… I’m still reading conservative posts “Ancelotti, Klopp, De Boer? No, please… they will never accept West Ham, I would go with McClaren or maybe Poyet, or I don’t know Pulis, or Cottee, why not?… lol I’m beginning to think that Sam was not the real problem, but these prehistoric fans who are still watching tv in black and white… Maybe 4 years of BFS’ crap are not enough, they want a clone of the Genius… lol Our watchword must be “No dreams”… Sorry, I forgot we are all united now… lol I don’t know how long I’m gonna be here, but I cannot stand by. Peace&Love ahaha

    • Problem?

      • With you? No phone number… Now we are friends…ahah

      • Vanish pls 647580.You are a trouble making sh*t stirrer with your comments.All this rubbish on WHITD to H about people saying things about him,you clearly have an issue with the concept of irony or just messing about with Hamburg.He is a good guy so dont go spreading your garbage to cause issues.Also the cant have an ‘adult debate’ on here,well newsflash,yes we can.We just dont like having one with you.Go back to WHTID & argue with people on there.Everyone is getting on fine here with each other even thougn we battled about Allardyce.You reap what you so,maybe if you were not such a tosser people wouldnt mention your idiotic comments!!

      • Haha,lucky the rabid dogs are reformed or i might be tempted to tell the nice guy to go disappear up his own bottom.But i wont because i have taken forum anger management courses 😉

        • ahah… that phone number just cracks me up… he licked Sam’s a*s until yesterday and now he comes here like a proud warrior saying “Problem?”… ahah… What an hero…

  7. Haha,Matte the figa eater is back,hahaha,you are still needed,now it is clear for you to see,lol,bubs has been very quite until today.He must have known you were coming back.His fight in him has returned it appears from above.As for Carroll,feel sorry for him with all his injuries but it is turning into a bloody nightmare,one we cant get rid of even if we wanted to.Whos going to be willing to stump up decent cash for a guy who spends more time in plaster than out of it!

  8. hahah… Sorry Rads, but Sam was pretty bummed out… He was in need of a friend and so we had a couple of days together in Spain… lool

  9. You,bubs & hippo,nice threesome of quiet personalities,lol 😀

  10. Matte how could you come to Spain and not call and how did you get a hippo through quarantine,
    Nice to have you back

  11. You want it all your own way.
    I’m glad the fat blokes gone but you can’t put everything on him.
    Gold and Suliivan kept him at the club for 4 years. He should have gone last summer. They also gave Nolan a 5 year contract and signed Carrol. Share the blame….
    For what it’s worth, they also gave Noble 5 years!

  12. Yep but two of those three were or are Sam pets.Noble got a five year for marketing purposes as far as im concerned.Face of the local lad taking us into the brave new world at the OS.It aint because of his performances for most of this season thats for sure 😉

  13. When he got the 5 year offer he was playing well in the new team structure before the BFS
    Retreat and not far from being selected for his country,he suffered the same as Song having to cover an over weight un fit goal hanger who was being put in a defensive midfield role just so he got in the team,
    Noble will return to form now BFS has gone and Nolan has moved on,

  14. Slim Slavs Claret & Blue Army!

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