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Carvahlo: Putting the record straight!

CarvalhoWest Ham will not up their offer Β for William Carvalho despite several reports today that they are about to do so.

Various British media outlets in reporting that Sporting Lisbon have turned down a Hammers bid – which was well known last week – are now claiming wes are ready to “re-open talks” when in fact the negotiations have never stopped.

The Hammers negotiators have made it clear to their Lisbon counterparts that their last offer of 32 million euros was their last but that they were ready to spread any add-ons in any way which suits the Portugues.

The club told ClaretandHugh last week that if a deal is done Lisbon will have to play with the figures on the table to make it happen.

Our sources said that if a deal happened “so be it” but that they would certainly not be stressing or increasing the offer and that the deal was now totally in Lisbon’s court.

Various newspapers have attempted to suggest that we are looking at alternative targets but that is wide of the mark as Carvahlo is the only player who truly interests Slaven Bilic.

As we suggested over a week ago it would be no surprise were this one to go right down to the wire and the fact that hard up Lisbon are still talking suggests that could now be the case.



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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

42 comments on “Carvahlo: Putting the record straight!

  1. Whilst I appreciate the update, can this be the last one please until something actually happens?

  2. This is a deal that has to be done

  3. I’d rather spend the money on two new centre backs

  4. I’d spend the money on more popcorn lol

  5. I’d spend it on a defence coach. With what’s left over going on popcorn!

  6. What ya got against the o s

  7. I thought all the ‘leaks’ – how impossible Sporting are to deal with, not a penny more, the odds on success being mentioned etc- were a thing of the past. This one feels like a throwback to previous windows in so many ways…

  8. Whos leaked 64.I could turn round & tell you ‘my source’ says it will be done by Tuesday,doesnt make it factual does it or mean it has come from anyone at the club 😁

  9. If there is a centre back anywhere called popcorn we could kill to birds with one stone.
    How many time do we all have to say it’s centre half,s we desperately need.
    Give away all our over centre halves apart from real obviously.
    And someone tell Reid to stop trying to do everyone Job and just worry about he’s own will help too.

  10. Call a plumber someone. πŸ˜‚ this DIY negotiations needs fixing lol
    For 5.5 mill call out ! he could be training on wednesday in a dry environment ffs πŸ˜‰

    • Agree use Feggo money! wants to come here and is a top class DCM way chase after Periera who has higher realeae at 60m euros but is behind him in Portugal pecking order for national team. He better then him and He is under 30!
      So what’s a few mil for someone we need his release clause is Β£39.1m. So have to think after all the sales we are what around Β£6m net spend. We can afford and he isn’t demanding huge wages and seems excited to come.
      Thinking of him with Lanzini in left and Kouyate on right is exciting

  11. Hart zabaleta Reid otamendi cresswell carvahlo kouyate Antonio lanzini arnautovic Hernandez.
    Looks top ten to me or a centre half as good or better than Reid.
    Get carvahlo through the door to we are laughing
    Keep Adrian, byran, rice, get oxford Back, keep obiang ayew
    Bring the young one through.
    Sell the rest even Carroll sick note

  12. Hart/Adrian
    Zaba, Reid, Ogbanna, Cresswell
    Antonio, Kouyate, Obiang, Anautovic,

    Sell Byran (as Rice could cover RB), Fonte, Snodgrass, and Carroll.

    Keep Adrian, Rice, Collins, Masauka, Noble, Fernandez, Ayew and Sakho

    Sign a new CH, CM and LW

    • Carvalho even at DCM might be the best CB we have if deal happens and can cover RB as well.
      So 3 in 1 but I would like to see a CB and with Snodgrass going Ayew isn’t great at RW think need RW and Creative cover.
      Jota most likely I like him 2 assists in 1 game he played and wants move here. If he can recreate form from Championship then be just fine.
      Think Bryan need to keel Especially if switch to back 3 he is a decent player needs developing.
      And Zab might get used a CB. Tho I agree think we need a mother Centre half. Think missed some good ones in Bundesliga and Maguire great buy

  13. This shows the chairmen are not serious about top four it smacks of the situation with Lukaku the chairmen said they wanted him but Everton bid Β£28.5 million and bought him, it was at least Β£12m more than the club wanted to pay. For the best players you have to pay what the market says or more, we are absolutely screaming out for a defensive midfielder and have been since Bilic fell out with Song and we started shipping in goals, 40 million is a lot of money but some players are worth it, Carvalho is in that bracket.

    • Good call 32.These pemny pinching geezers are not the negotiators they make out they are. Their style breeds mediocrity. Remember Birmingham?

      • Yeah, they have a plan they definitely want the best but they want to get them on the cheap, I have no issue with that when it is possible it should always be the first choice but ere we are talking about buying a player that would be a first teamer in any top four club in any league in Europe and not only that he is playing for one at the moment who are in the CL… He is not undiscovered he is playing at the top of his game, you have to pay what his club think he is worth and to be honest in todays market if Β£40m is what they want then that is what you pay.

  14. Why try and put 2+2 together and come up with 5.No one knows what is happening so trying to speculate or making accusations of it smacking like this signing or that signing are ****.

  15. Its all just speculation Spencer.Even the release clause stuff.Earlier in the summer The Gooners were reported to be after him & reports said he had a 35 mill release clause.Then another said he had a 37 mill release clause in his contract.Now its a 40 mill release clause.
    Its all a load of & aint worth believing or taking seriously 😁

  16. Right we better spend some time talking about stuff we have got some facts on then. Like popcorn!

  17. Well either Hugh is making all this up Radai or it is coming from the club- who I thought were not going to keep releasing details on transfer dealings. Then again perhaps they didn’t put out the bulletin saying they weren’t going to …Time for a few pints I think..a few more that should be.

  18. Just read a report I hope is nonsense about Obiang being made available on the transfer market to accommodate Carvalho’s arrival. (Sunday Times).

    That would be madness.

    • on the other hand, with most on here seeing Rice is good enough for CMF, then Obiangs sale would seem financially sound. Or as Rads would say its probably bolleaux

  19. So everytime you read a source says its automatically true is it Hammer64.It must have come from inside the club.

    Read the news and everyday speculation and half truths are based on a source saying

    Read football stories about West Ham and most of them are copying and pasting another journos story and using the quotes which then like a rash spread across the internet.

  20. Youre a bad man 64,trying too get me in trouble with Hughie 😁
    I believe what Basil & Sybil say i have no reason not too.I just zone out when the ‘a source said’ stuff appears πŸ˜‰

  21. This imho is so typical of bs by west ham, they know Lisbon want €40 million plus, but as normal they offer far less than the club actually want, all this as they know sporting will say no, just so the Davids can say well we tried to sign x player…Smacks of the same old bs by wh owners, they tried to sign a player they know is totally out of our league money ways. And as normal when this goes tits up Karen Brady will then do her normal article for a certain tabloid expressing how hard the Davids worked to sign a top talent when in actual fact they know sporting will elbow this out of the water……same old BS

  22. i would sell Snodgrass to sunderland and do a deal involving Lamine KonΓ© the other way. forget about Carvalho he wont like the speed of the prem

  23. What’s all that about ‘automatically true’ Spencer? I have no idea what you are asking me so can’t really answer it. It is some sort of dig but….no idea. I was not criticising anybody, claiming things were true – or false. just making an observation.

    I don’t take very seriously anything which begins with ‘media reports suggest..’ but things on here saying ‘our sources say’ or ‘we were told’ I am inclined to believe. One of the reasons I come on here is to get news updates & it seems to me Hugh & Sean have good sources. Over Carvalho more of these club comments seem to be coming out than with the other transfers this window. I was just raising the question of whether this was a return to the old policy of ‘drip feeding’ details of negotiations. That’s all!

  24. There a lot of critical post police on here lately 64 , old women with beards trying to belittle people who have a point of view ? They never talk on a subject with a POV or humour ?
    Sad really , have some popcorn mate and a piece of cake 🍰 πŸ˜‰

  25. Lovely jubblyπŸ‘πŸ‘

  26. as there are still 10 days of the transfer window left it would be nice to see a new cb or 2 a decent midfield holding player & a striker to partner chica as don’t want to say this but if & its a big if we lose to the barcodes & no business done incoming I feel Bilic will be a dead man walking we’ve let alot go & only signed 5 so far so come on Mr G & S give him the tools & we can try for champions league as you promised many moons ago

  27. How about waiting until its a definate off move before throwing shyt at everyone you can think off 😁
    Im not saying it will happen but if it does you are going to look like right bellends.Never heard of keeping your powder dry until its official,then we can all rip them a new ******** πŸ’£πŸ’₯😁

  28. Seems to be a lot of reports that Carvalho is going to be flying into London after Lisbon and The club have come to an agreement? Anyone can confirm that Hugh or Sean ?

    • Sky seem to be sniffing round it 32 , my pal showed me a photo of him with crossed arms on Saturday ? Like watching paint dry this one , hope he comes , well soon know !!☺

      • Yeah I saw the photo think it was actually his mate doing the crossed hammers but may be wrong, I really hope we get this one done will be great to have another world class player and especially in a position we need them, with him, Obiang and Kouyate in midfield we have a lot of athleticism and tackling ability plus both he and Obiang are pretty good passers of the ball.

  29. You’re probably right a out his mate 32 , it was shoved under me nose while driving for a second or two , and took it as gospel ? Still a good sign though to keep in hope .
    Pretty good m/f when all fit with him as well ☺

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