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Keep it in the West Ham family

Blog by Sean Whetstone 

West Ham doesn’t have a magic money tree

There is a common misconception that rich Premier League clubs have unlimited cash available from their rich billionaire owners.

Silly season has started

With the return of Premier League football comes the return of silly season where West Ham will get linked with over one hundred players all desperate to pull on the Claret and Blue shirt.

The final countdown

Tomorrow marks the start of a new month, one in which Premier League will hopefully resume in 17 days time on 17th June.

Saturday 3 pm kick offs could be a thing of the past

The Premier League have relaxed regulations with the agreement of football authorities forbidding the broadcast of football games in the UK on Saturday afternoon but they didn’t need to bother.

West Ham do the right thing!

By Sean Whetstone 

Premier League should test for antibodies

The Premier League should begin testing for antibodies by updating their medical protocols shared with clubs.

Premier League profit before people

Football is nothing without supporters, yet the Premier League is prepared to play out the greatest league in the world behind closed doors, to save themselves having to pay millions back in TV money.

The Premier League season should end today

Today should have been the last day of the Premier League season!

A strange season and an even stranger Dutchman

Boogers then!