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Just two games can settle season once and for all

By Dave Langton

Hammers stance could backfire

Forty years of hurt

It seems strange to be celebrating our last FA Cup forty years ago today. It is a painful reminder that we haven’t won anything of note for four decades.

Neutral venue plan is flawed

Yesterday it emerged that the Premier League want to complete their final 92 fixtures behind closed doors at neutral venues.

Hammers face mask

By Sean Whetstone

Transfer news reaches a new level

This week, one media outlet reported that Chelsea player Ross Barkley does not want to join West Ham United.  Have we been reduced ourselves to now reporting on players that don’t want to join the Hammers? It could be a very long list!

Fifty days of no football

Today marks the fifty-day point of no football.  The Hammers last played against Arsenal on Saturday 7th March at the Emirates in a match they lost narrowly 1-0.

Crisis could change face of football

With the remaining Premier League fixtures due to be played behind closed doors for this season, football clubs will be hoping supporters return next season by renewing their season tickets but it might not be that simple.

Irons can surive on financial hit by another looms

By John Gates

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!