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Make Rice captain and give him new deal


The start of something special?

How Premier League revamp would have hurt West Ham?

On 12th October, many woke up to the news that Liverpool and Manchester United have been the leading clubs behind new proposals to change the Premier League.

Iron facing huge decision – what do you think?

Mark Noble has a very big decision to make.

The smart money is on Benrahma joining Irons

As a betting man my money would is on the bloke from Brentford becoming an Iron.  I think that’s where the smart money is now heading.

Benrahma doesn’t look a Moyes choice

Bids galore APPARENTLY …and it came down to this!

Craig Dawson is very nearly a Hammer but one has to wonder what has led us to this point.

Watershed moment for the Premier League


Fans return idea is fantasy and plain wrong!

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere.

Summer 2020 – success or failure for the Irons?

By Craig Bird

All has not been well at West Ham United for some time. Not only did Pelligrini leave under a cloud after attempting to bring pure football back to the East End, but David Moyes was appointed and the club were almost relegated at the end of the 2019/20 campaign.