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C&H Exclusive: Flamengo Paqueta loan offer clarified

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Reports have Flamengo have opened talks with West Ham about signing Lucas Paqueta on loan this summer have been denied this morning by a top club source speaking exclusively to Claret and Hugh.

Brazlian news site GE Globo  claimed that Flamengo “want to take advantage” of the betting charges surrounding the Brazilian West Ham playmaker to sign him either on loan or permanently.

They went on to further wrongly claim that “Talks are ongoing with the Hammers about a potential deal and while they want an “immediate agreement”, long negotiations are expected as West Ham will need convincing to sanction the deal.”

Claret and Hugh’s top source admitted Flamengo did approach the Hammers over a loan deal for Paqueta but that was many months ago and it was firmly and immediately rejected by the club and there are no ongoing talks or negotiations.

Three days ago West Ham head coach Julen Loptegui said “We know he and his family are suffering a lot, We are looking forward to him being here with us. We are his family in England and we are going to take care of him. I liked it when I saw him smiling in the last match because he was enjoying playing football.”

By Sean Whetstone

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  • Matt says:

    Did seem very fishy that a Brazilian club could afford a loan fee on top of his wages. If English clubs are looking for bargains from Brazil, it stands to reason that such a high profile player would not be affordable for clubs in his homeland.

    Let’s hope he is found innocent and gets back to playing with a smile on his face in claret & blue.

  • Anon says:

    I see rumours started already new manager getting fed up of club’s reluctance in transfer market. I am sure nonsense but with our useless owners who knows

  • Bonzo says:

    The Paquetá to flamingo loan story has been put out by Fabrizio Romano too. He doesn’t normally get it wrong though he did with Bruno. Maybe his West Ham informants don’t give him the right information.

  • Bonzo says:

    Interesting that Steidten was in Brazil to see Paquetta recently too. Was it purely a welfare visit?

  • John Ayris says:

    How do Flamengo afford both a loan fee, the loan fee was over £5M for Benrahma, and wages of £130’000 per week.

    Those two facts alone show that this story is complete nonsense. It doesn’t need club sources to deny it, it denies itself.

  • Martin storrie says:

    Dithering Dave, more like Dithering, penny pinching, tight wad Sullivan, we need very serious action In transfer market & very quickly or could be very likely be a championship side 25/26

    • Charlie Farley says:

      That’s crap, Martin

    • Kip says:

      Yup ….was hoping things would be different in transfer market now …but its buisness as usual…other prem clubs ate again getting deals done and within a week or 2 …but us ..ffs ..apart from the brazilian kid who after we signed we thought lovely here we go ..its gone back to low ball offers and just bull s after bull s ….just talk l rumors and more talking..with no bids ….pretty disheartening after everything thsts been said about how quickly he wants the targets In…

      • Kwik krap says:

        Oh go and cry and get it out of your system.

        The Euros are still going and many teams won’t start negotiating until thats finished.

  • Keith G says:

    Flamenco are leading us on a merry dance, methinks 😉

  • Charlie Farley says:

    Charlie Farley Exclusive: Steidten flies to Paris for talks to sign budding French superstar.

    West Ham transfer king Tim Steidten flew into Charles de Gaulle airport this afternoon on his way to meet the mother of unborn future France superstar, to be named ‘Bolo Bolleaux’ if it’s a boy. A West Ham source commented that we will not know more until 3rd October when the baby is due, but because of rumours that the father is an extremely well-known former French international and so would most likely inherit his footballing genes, we thought we’d move fast before Manchester City got to hear about it in 19 years’ time.Gone are the days when West Ham dithered in the transfer market.

    • Martin Treasure says:

      Charlie Farley exclusive ‘ Bolo Bolleaux’. 1/10
      C and H – Gonzo – pretty much exclusive – (before others anyway) ‘Kilman £40 mill deal just agreed’. 10/10

      • Charlie Farley says:

        You may not like my sense of humour, Martin……. but where’s yours?

        Just poking fun at a lot of West Ham social media activity we choose to read every day.

        • Martin Treasure says:

          Point taken! Sorry – just too many moaners been dragging me down a tad!

          • Charlie Farley says:

            You’re alright, mate……. I don’t know who is worse – the contributors of meaningless drivel or the moaners who really don’t have anything to moan about!!
            …. I was talking to a grumbling Ipswich fan at the weekend who couldn’t believe the amount of crap he was beginning to read about following his clubs’ absence from the Premier League after 22 years. I warned him that it will get worse and to count his blessings that Ipswich are not a higher profile London club whose fans have seemingly enormous expectations!! It won’t get better for him when he feels the injustices of the first few VAR decisions that go against his team.

  • Phil Thompson. (Not Liverpool legend😁) says:

    Hey guys,
    You are all winding each other up, transfer market is hard, money has to be balanced, there are fair play rules that we can’t break.
    The boss David Sullivan even commenting here MAGIC, that’s passion & maybe we all don’t agree with his management of funds at times but we have Brady & co who are involved as well, so it goes through many others not just Sullivan.
    He is in this to make money & enjoy the glory as well.
    You would soon be whinging if we went bankrupt!!!

    The new coach & Steidman are doing a great job, so much baggage to sort out , we will I am sure have a wonderful team to start new season & if rumours are true Max Kilman as captain.
    Can’t wait, this change was needed & new coach won’t take any crap from the board, Wolves tried & failed Sully & co won’t make same mistakes.

  • Susan Vine says:

    I think these offensive comments about Mr Sullivan are quite unnecessary. How do we as fans know all the finer details of transfers and the money side. It was Sullivan and Gold that rescued West Ham after the Icelanders messed up West Ham would have gone Bankrupt.

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