C&H Exclusive: Hammers Identify Several Targets

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West Ham are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of new transfers, a top club source revealed to Claret & Hugh today.

When asked if there was still an intention to recruit players from Brazil given the recent rumours, we were informed it remained a possibility. Additionally, we were told that West Ham are scouting everywhere and have scouts actively looking across the globe.

West Ham have identified several targets and are understood to have approached multiple clubs for a number of players.

Our discussions made it clear that Tim Steidten and Julen Lopetegui are working closely together, with Mark Noble also collaborating with the recruitment team. Although Noble’s primary role is in developing the academy, C&H have been told that he remains “involved at many levels in the club.”

It is evident that West Ham are working in a much more unified and cohesive manner, which can only benefit the club in both the short and long term.

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  • Benny the Aussie says:

    A great article Kate, it’s all positive and it’s good to see the club working in unison.
    It’s what we need to forward and upward.

  • Billy Fish says:

    Weak article

  • Kip says:

    It’s good ..but Mr Leyland has put prob around 30 players on here over the last month or so..but not even 1 has come true…..just regurgitating story’s from foreign papers all over the ive said numerous times …if you have such good connections to the club …why is there story’s of 5/6 players from Mr Leyland, that never happen…surely our own sources at the club , can tell you something to write that actually might come true….I refuse to read Mr Leylands posts anymore there just bull**** and click bait…anyone can copy dross story’s from ****ty little papers from France or Brazil or whatever paper he copies…..some truth ,and transfer business that might have a chance of coming true would be nice ….🙄

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