Changing tunes and sound of silence on Sam

sam_allardyce_2093173cThe strident sound of changing tunes is becoming almost deafening across the West Ham world.

For it appears that even among those who a few weeks ago doubted the stories of a managerial change the message that this may be the last few weeks of Sam’s controversial reign is now beginning to penetrate.

In the interests of professionalism and good taste I won’t name any of them but we too have had a change of heart in one particular direction – more of that later .

Sufficient to say one – seemingly a long term supporter – wrote thatΒ “he is highly unlikely to be offered a new deal by the club, who have already begun to look into alternative options.”

A little late on parade, they add that David Moyes appears to be the preferred choice by the board – well yes!

A second long term supporter – and a guy for whom we have some real respect over here at ClaretandHugh – writes that whilst he has always supported Sam, he found Saturday very hard to take and is now much more open to change.

A veil of silence, meanwhile, has been drawn over things elsewhere. On the official site the regular comments in the “From the Boardroom” haven’t appeared this week.

David Gold’s look ahead at the Stoke City match remains in place with no further updates from board level.

Over here our chief pundit and analyst Leroy Rosenior wrote last night that Sam would surely have been told by now about his position by any other manager who may have been approached and watching the carryings-on from a Β distance had not been a pretty sight.

And before Β anyone accuses us of becoming holier than thou we too have had a change of tune!

We cannot believe that so much uncertainty surrounding the manager is a good thing at any time and that it has dominated the minds of fans for far too long.

The sound of silence from the boardroom has become deafening and we reckon the time has come for a clear statement from on high.

It can say much or little but as season ticket deposit time arrives on Friday we believe the position should be made as clear as the club can possibly make it.




About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

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  1. well ,well, well… I got a couple cases of champagne on ice… (Moyes… mah)


  2. Can’t afford champagne Matte but got quite a nice cava ready,
    Can’t believe on WETikidie they spend so much time talking rubbish about non football subjects but then with there support of BFS they obviously don’t know about football,
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  9. not going to games or buying merchandise till sam gone

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  12. Lol,you lot are p*ss takers,haha.I see now because of what Kouyate said they now believe Sam to be the squads father figure.Because players have praised him they all love him as manager.Wtf are players going to do other than praise their current boss!Duh,are they going to slag him off in the press.What a bunch of numptys.I think that one of them had The Forty Year Old Virgin based on him.He hasnt got a bird im sure.He is too busy w*nking over West Ham Stats πŸ˜‰

  13. Btw the German is a good guy,he is pretty much against Sam in most respects.He fights the battle against the masses.He is a nice bloke actually πŸ˜‰

  14. ahahaha… they are talking about us… I love you stats-man! love&peace

  15. Haha,they are always condescending when it comes to this site.Is why i stopped going there & posting.Each to their own but when you start being disrespecful to another site they deserve to be thought of as fools.I never once read anything on here attacking their site,not once,but always someone was making sly comments about this site.They now deserve what they get back.They should have just left well alone & not started *****ing about this place & people on here.Especially when most their comments are usually based on the intellectual standing of people on here or the fact people are anti sam.I wont ever go back there till a couple of them are gone.They are just bigoted ars*holes who ensure people stay well away from there.

  16. Yes Stewart, I couple of them, I know who you mean. They are really embarrassing, that is all I have to say.

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    • I’m reading some comments against the German guy… they are coward and pathetic, I hope they read my post: you are just embarrassing.

      • Are you on about the Hamburg guy? He is a good geezer on there,one of the few.

        • yes

          • When i went on there he was a good guy,loves west ham,that should be good enough.But those idiots would rather be nasty & call it banter or humour.Sad b*stards,some of them embarress me to be from the same team & city.

  21. Biggest mistake the board has made . Should have sent Sam home for the rest of the season and used these matches to see what playerslike Ennes and Poyet, just to name two, can really do, under someone like Sheringham. At least that way,they would have salvaged something useful from a disastrous second half of the season

  22. Hi there,
    had to come on here to let you know I have nothing against any West Ham related blog or forum, this one included. I like to discuss West Ham and am well aware that there are different opinions on various issues, especially the manager’s future.
    I’m also used at people taking the ****, in some cases maybe because I’m German, in other cases due to my opinion on the manager and also because I sometimes post a lot.
    Which is by the way my means of distracting myself from getting depressed due to unexpectedly losing my mom to cancer just two months ago, just five weeks after getting the diagnosis.
    I appreciate some of the comments I read on here and if you want to call me Beefburger, that’s fine, whatever floats your boat or humour.
    But don’t mention Berlin, I am from Hamburg and very particular about this.
    Most people from Hamburg are very proud of our city and Berlin is no match for it despite being the capital city of Germany.

  23. Well its no problem Hamburg.I think you will find that most on here have been complimentary about you in fact,you seem like a decent guy πŸ˜‰

  24. HamburgHummer, I’m Italian, I want to say one thing to you: I find quite embarrasing the way some of the persons on your site talk about you. You seems to be a good guy as I wrote above and I hope you enjoy the game. COYI

    • Cheers mattefumi! All that bickering among fans is pointless anyway as after all we support the same club, don’t we ?

  25. Yes we support the same team, but not the same manager…;-) ahahah Enjoy the game!

  26. Ahhh,all this arguing.Pointless.Give us a Stat Matt!!!!!,lol πŸ˜€

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  30. I really hope we don’t have to wait until the end of the season. It’s not fair on anybody and makes no sense. As some of you have said on here, give Teddy a go and give some youngsters a chance.

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