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Cheik Kouyate is coming home battered and brusied

kouyateHammer Cheik Kouyate and Senegal have been knocked out of the African Cup of Nations tonight on penalties.

Kouyate captained the Senegal side against Cameroon tonight in a game which kicked off 7pm UK time and is broadcast on Eurosport.

The game remained 0-0 after extra time and Senegal lost on penalties 5-4.

Kouyate was substituted on the 18th minute of Extra time limping off with a bandaged head and wrist looking worst for wear. Let’s hope it is not too serious and Kouyate3he returns to us soon.

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The West Ham midfielder was previously awarded man of the match for Senegal’s game against Zimbabwe which they won 2-0 and Senegal topped their group B on seven points after beating Tunisia and Zimbabwe and drawing with Algeria.

The 2017 African Cup of Nations (AFCON)  in Gambon runs from 14th January through to the 5th February.  The final will be played at Stade d’Angondjé which is a stadium in Angondjé, a suburb of Libreville in Gabon.

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29 comments on “Cheik Kouyate is coming home battered and brusied

  1. I dont believe it.That lot from whtid are at it again tearing this place apart.Worst of all who is in the discussion.The bloody Hamburg who always comes here to lecture on pathetic popping at other sites.Does he say anything to them,does he heckers like.Absolutely staggering,do they have nothing better to talk about.How much longer is this going to go on for!!!

    • I have been saying the same on various threads over on WHTID what I have been saying here, I find the point scoring and name calling on both sites pathetic.
      You seem to be overestimating my influence though. Just because I write a column over there doesn’t mean they will stop mentioning C&H, even if I told them.
      I can only appeal to people to show some common sense.

      • Yes you are correct Hamburg pls accept my apology.It really isnt down to you to have to police a site

        • No need to apologise mate. The thing is there are several users on both sides who love to mention, criticise or ridicule the other site.
          I personally prefer to talk about our club instead of fellow West Ham related blogs and forums.
          But everyone needs to decide for himself what to post about and how…

  2. They have always had

  3. They have always has a section of users with a condescending outlook towards here.But all the time Mr.Whetstone says nothing then they will continue to belittle this site.A few reflect badly on the majority.It happens in all walks of life.

    • It really doesn’t bother me or Hughie what they say on other sites, honest. Let the haters hate. We don’t spend our time searching for comments about ourselves so what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

      • Well done then Sean.You are a better man than me.Im afraid my tolerence levels are far lower than yours.It goes with the territory i imagine when doing this type of thing.I wouldnt be able to keep my trap shut though.I would be going in all guns blazing to defend my corner.I suspect your way of doing things is better however haha.

  4. Colin don’t let them wind you up mate lol. They lost all respect the day they called us rabid dogs and not supporting the club for having a go at the Slug then turning into a bunch of hippocrites for slagging off the owners on a daily basis! 🙂

  5. Ffs i told you lads dont read the site.Im enjoying a blissfully innocent life of not having a scooby what they say.Well apart from you lot mentioning it.Hugh dont give a flying,Sean doesnt give a flying 😁 Ignore it, give it a go it works.Life without the Banjo Prat Pack is good 😎 🍺😂

  6. You are right Lama.I think it is best to give it a miss in future.I have no affliation to this site anymore than other ones i use & have used but im pig sick of reading the continual clickbait,sean,hugh comments on there.Who are they to run down the owners of another site.Personally i hope this site goes from strength to strength to ram their words down their throats.
    Read some of their comments,they have no reason to blow their own trumpets.Most of what they say is utter nonsense based on media utterings & figments of their own imaginations.

    • Lol the funny thing is I get on with Iain Dale who owns WHTID very well and I still post the occasional article. I also message Zaman regularly and met SJ Chandos recently. Lovely blokes. I often bump into WHTID regulars Safe hands, Liddy and BSB and they always great and full of banter.

      I am not sure which users don’t like us and frankly I don’t care. As Brady said recently at the London Assembly broadcast on the BBC programme Inside Out. “It is what it is”

  7. Err…allow me to make a point of correction Sean. Its Zimbabwe not Zimababwe. l know cause lm a Zimbo.

    And Senegal play Cameroon tonight, not Campodia

  8. l mean not Cambodia

  9. Cheik is coming home.Good news.Unless he gets a flight to Marseille of course 😂

  10. But the thing is aren’t they missing the point here? Aren’t all headlines “click bait” if I see a headline saying West Ham 3 Palace 1 soon after we have beaten them then I’ll click on it because I want to read about West Ham. The simple fact is if you feel strongly about not using click bait headlines then write an article without a headline. Here are 2 recent article headlines on the Wetties site;

    The OLYMPIC STADIUM – the way forward.

    Who are we? I just don’t know anymore.

    Forgive me but aren’t they click bait headlines? Intentional or unintentionally that’s what they are!! I thinking it’s just stirring myself. That and jealousy because this is a news site and theirs isn’t since Sean left them.

  11. Of far more concern is this site advertises itself as “Top West Ham news 24/7” but I’ve noticed I do not get any news between midnight and 6am so that’s a lie. Surely to live up to this claim Hughie and Sean should work 12 hour alternate shifts?

  12. Good point John, Hughie and I should work shifts to cover those six dead hours or change our strap line Top West Ham News (but only when we are awake!)

  13. Sean that would be preferable thank you. Or just “top West Ham news 18/7” would work. It’s funny I have this picture of you and Hughie in bed in your pyjamas Morcombe & Wise style now. I need to go clear my head.

  14. Maybe just for them it should be renamed Pr1ckbait 😂😂

  15. Senegal were robbed, how Cameroon didn’t have 3 or 4 players sent off is a mystery, Senegal still should have done better with their finishing but that’s football, I feel sorry for them and Cheik, as for the bandaging on his arm he had that at the start, the head bandage was due to a reckless overhead attempt by Cameroon.

    • Well in a totally selfish way im glad they were robbed Whu32.We now have Kouyate coming home earlier than was probably expected & for us that is great news.

  16. Its funny how one of their ultimate loud mouthes struggles to differentiate between personal attacks on owners of a site & any form of chat about a site.Does anyone on here ever personally insult Iain Dale.Mind you i think he is one of the men on there who relishes the animosity from previous regular comments he makes about this site.He always seems to make sure he is in the centre of discussions about this place.
    I suppose he just needs to be treated with the contempt he & the others deserve.
    Goodnight fellas.

  17. You do realise there are far more important things to worry about.Like the fact i have just finished my last beer & need more 😀.Whats really disturbing though is the fact that Sean thought Cambodia was in Africa 😱😂

  18. I’m sad that Senegal lost, but this means that our great ‘Cheikh’ will probably be available for that big game against Man City.
    With Fonte available to play with Reid as our 2 center-backs, this means that Bilic could use Kouyate to play in mid-field again! What a needed boost..
    Hope he plays a 4-4-2 formation; could be a fantastic game!!

  19. To be honest I feel a cold chill at mention of Man C after three weeks ago. But time to man up I guess. Doubt if CK will be up to it after 4 ACN games & flight home, but maybe. Hope he is back for Southampton.

    I don’t hate Southampton-you have to admit they do really well. They always seem to be ahead of us. They sell their best players, they change managers, but they always seem to find replacements without a big fuss or big transfer fees. They have a little bad run but then just change gear & off again. Make me sick!

  20. This is the problem of having African players,this competition is every 2 years. Anyway hope Chek comes back better than he looks.By all accounts he played a proper captains role,looking forward to seeing him back in Claret n Blue. COYI

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