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City’s Declan interest shows it just isn’t a fair fight

Manchester City are reported as being interestedin a deal to sign Declan Rice.

Like that should come as a surprise!

The oldest member of their squad as an outfield player is Fernandinho and he could well leave at the end of the season, as he turned 36 just two days ago.

But his exit could mean that City cast their net towards east London in search of a replacement.

Now, it’s worth saying here that City have already spent over £60m signing Rodri, another defensive midfielder who could easily step into the Brazilian’s shoes.

But that isn’t enough.

So they’re interested in Rice. It would cost well in excess of £100m, because why on earth would we give City a discount?

It shows the sheer disparity of those at the top of the Premier League and those trying to crack through the glass ceiling.

Man City beat PSG in their last outing, in the semi-final of the Champions League.

Ederson played in goal; he cost £35m.

Kyle Walker, John Stones, Ruben Dias and Olexandr Zinchenko made up the back four. That’s £45m for the right-back, £47.5m for Stones, £65m for Dias and Zinchenko for an undisclosed fee. Wikipedia says it’s under £2m.

In midfield there was match-winner Riyad Mahrez (£60m), Fernandinho (£30m), Ilkay Gundogan (£21m) and Phil Foden (academy product).

Up front, they had Kevin de Bruyne (£55m) and Bernardo Silva (£43m).

Let’s add that up. That’s £35m for the goalkeeper, £159.5m for the defence, £111m for the midfield, and £98m up front. That’s £403m for the starting XI before we consider the bench, including the likes of Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, and Sergio Aguero.

And now they’re ready to splash the cash on Rice.

They clearly have all the money in the world and the ability to snaffle up any player who excels at another club and seems attainable.

How in the world are we, a team with Jesse Lingard on loan, and Vlad Coufal and Tomas Soucek for around £3om combined, meant to compete with that?

If a bid does come in, we’re stuffed, because the pockets at City are just too deep.

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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

22 comments on “City’s Declan interest shows it just isn’t a fair fight

  1. Yes we are stuffed if the club has your attitude. And as you said seems attainable. Well who gives out those vibes? The selling club. I’m afraid your attitude is depressing to say the least. Talk about throwing in the towel.I dont care how much money a club has you say no. Not were stuffed.

    • Very aggressive bloke you. The point is fair.

      • Thankyou .just want the best for The Hammers .That’s all. If man city serious 130 mill up front. Because theyve got it.

      • If he leaves, and nobody would blame him if he wants to win trophies, I completely trust Moyes to use the money wisely to both find a replacement and add much-needed depth to the squad. As long, of course, as he gets the money to spend. I’d much prefer to see Rice stay, but, with Moyes at the helm, we can still be competitive if he leaves. Leicester City is the template: they lost one of the most influential players around a few seasons ago in N’Golo Kante, and have done well since.

    • Agree with you

    • Why so angry he has a fair point, go and get you morning coffee maybe you feel better after.

    • If we get Champions League next season I can’t see him leaving this year, to anyone

    • When looked at like that they already have their Super League in that only the richest clubs can afford to compete with Europe’s top clubs.

  2. The thing is,if Dec is sold for big bucks,every player DM looks at will have their price inflated due to us having cash.My fear is the daves may want to recoup their losses from the likes of Anderson,Haller,Hugill and Pelles pay off as well as covid.But i still think Rice still has his heart here and time is on his side so not too worried at the moment.

  3. Sadly this is the modern game. Maybe Declan is happy to stay for 1 or 2 years, but he has made it clear that he wants to win trophies as any player worth his salt should, however if City or any other club come in for him lets make sure we get top dollar and invest well. Leicester have proved it can be done.

    • 100% agree. Leicester are a good model of a club reinvesting well, they buy low and sell high. We just need a production line of young, hungry players to come in for the ones we sell. There’s no shame in selling players as long as its on our terms and not because of pressure from players and their agents, something we have been guilty of before.

    • Right. So let’s make sure its West Ham he wins trophies with.

    • Agreed. The incremental increase in quality over 25 million is small, so the future lies in identifying deals that bring value.

    • Agreed Ossie, there’s two scenarios that are palatable if and when any top player moves on.

      Scenario 1). Only sell when it suits all parties.
      Have a replacement player lined up who’s capable of fitting into the current system, ideally for less money than the outbound player.

      Scenario 2). Only release top players for record fees, make it so difficult for the suitors to prise assets out of the club.

      Obviously I don’t want to lose any top players, I’d like to think that we can retain and build with the leadership team who continually share their vision of where they are heading towards, if done correctly the players will buy into the vision likewise.
      Human nature dictates that we all like to be part of something we can take pride in. knowing that we have done our part for the cause.
      Being part of something greater than ourselves alone, this is why we are West Ham United.

  4. I honestly believe Dec will honour his contract – maybe leaves at some point in his last year so we get a fee.
    I honestly don’t know how the Fair Play principles are applied – doesn’t that affect anything?
    N.b just watched Arsenal blow their Europa semi – how did we not beat them this season

  5. So much for financial fair play !

    • Let’s reverse it. If we get champions league, how about we go and steal Arsenal and Tottenham’s best players. Trouble is I wouldn’t want kane, son, aubamayang or lacazette. Unfortunately they are all stained and tainted with the stench of their previous clubs and we dislike them too much as a result.

  6. If we achieve CL I reckon he’ll stay. Just hope the owners don’t settle for less than 100mill if I’m wrong. He could a Moore,Bonds Noble type of player- Legend.

  7. If Dec wanted to leave for 100 million, we shouldn’t stand in his way. However, isn’t it about time the fourteen clubs outside the greedy six said enough is enough. Maybe it’s time the lesser fourteen decided not to sell to top six clubs. Now wouldn’t that be a novelty? What would happen is maybe some of the fourteen might stand a chance in a level playing field for once. Where would Chelski have been without stealing Cole, Lampard, and glen johnson from us? Where would Man U have been without the likes of Rio Ferdinand. Would Nan city be in the champions league final without stealing Mahrez away from Leicester? Let the greedy six clubs sell to each other fine, like sterling from Liverpool to Man City. But maybe it’s time we stopped selling our best players to the greedy six.

  8. Can’t wait to find out what action the PL will take against the Judas 6. Almost as much as our results every week. In anticipation.

  9. Best thing is not to worry about selling one of our best players just yet let’s hope and pray we get champions league next season then worry about selling but you can bet we get top 4 players are going to be wanting to sign for us plus some of are other plays might wake up and start to play the way they can

  10. Very negative article on our club, very surprised it got posted to be honest, be positive that we’re on the up instead of writing pieces like this.

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