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ClaretandHugh has big lead in new survey

cropped-claret-layers-with-catchline-Christmas.pngClaretandHugh has come out as a hugely popular site among West Ham websites according to a new survey from Iain Dale’s www.Westhamtiidie.com

Iain’s extensive survey among his followers show CandH way out in front of the rest in terms of click popularity with 76 per cent saying they went to our button during their visit.

Our closest pursuer was KUMB with 62 per cent whilst 40 per cent go to the official club site and 19 per cent to The West Ham Way.

That is an improved Β lead for CandH on last year’s figure when 75 per cent claimed they came to us and 66 per cent to Knees Up Mother Brown.

Our partners Hammers Chat – who developed the revolutionary app which allows you to visit seven Irons sites also Β -emerge from Iain’s survey with credit.

It reveals that the app has been downloaded by 21 per cent of WHTID readers.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

33 comments on “ClaretandHugh has big lead in new survey

  1. I love surveys.Only today I found out that some West Ham fans have the combined age of a Stegosaurus lol

  2. I am surprised it’s as low as 76%, by far the best West Ham site. Up to date accurate information and obviously recognised by West Ham United as such as they always seemed to want to talk to them. Brilliant work by Hugh and the team. COYI!

  3. I wasn’t raising an issue or a point.I was replying to Frenchie that some fans have a go to site & only use that.So 76% clicking on to here is actually good.That was my point.Bloody hell it wasnt a criticism of here

  4. And of course, you can get all your West Ham news in one place at My Football Club News. The article links open on their original site.

  5. I think C + H is superb. I feel I don’t feel to bother with any other sites; I have barely ever even checked them out, but I’m pleased they are there.
    There’s only 1 improvement I would like to see: ‘Like’ / ‘Dislike’ buttons, but maybe that is not possible in this format??
    It would be the kiss of death for me, because I don’t think I am exactly popular!! HaHa!…
    (I don’t regret giving some guys a taste of their own medicine, and being outspoken – but after realising one said he would punch anyone on the nose who called him a “illterate chump”, I am thinking what a waste of time even engaging….).

  6. So you get a kick out of not being popular eh f&c.You are giving people a taste of their own medicine.I don’t see that,all I see is a big mouth who needs to be the centre of all attention.But if that’s what you get off on great.Taste of their own medicine,dont make me laugh.How old are you,12???

  7. Just ignore the geezer JB.If he didn’t want to stir the sh1t he wouldn’t have put all that crude he did in brackets.Big difference between being outspoken & an out & out **** st1rrer.

  8. It’s simple lads
    You go to sites to find out information first,then you get involved with other fans and exchange views,
    You let everyone share there opinion and they should allow you to share yours,
    Intelligent healthy banter,
    On this site and by its format no one can take the site over as there own,you can’t be cut out of the conversations,
    That’s why 3/4 of fans chose to visit this site,new or old users know they can come here And join in,
    Hugh and Sean well done don’t change what works so well

  9. Fishy why bother posting anything? Or do you need someone to respond to make you feel wanted?

  10. If the Cookie Monster was involved C & H would have got 100%,
    I could not care less which site rates where,I just know you can have your say on this site and have a mix opinion from other fans,but you just carry on,nothing personal, no black ball,
    My Loyalty is first my club second my clubs fans and this site give me the best place to show them
    Of course my Family and beer come before those

  11. It goes without saying that beer takes priority.I like there are young uns on here as well as older guys.You don’t want a site of only old moaning crusties do you lol

  12. I have never had any doubt that we are the best, and ever will be. πŸ˜‰

  13. Wish **** & **** would ku*k off somewhere else instead of **** stirring here and looking for a reaction.

    • That has just won the award for most filtered out words in one sentence 66 lol.Who is this Battered Haddock who wishes to dish out medicine?.Is he the new enforcer of morales & common decency on here? πŸ™‚

      • No he is just a c0ck lol πŸ˜‰ seriously though how can you compare the two sites? More up to date news as the day goes on here & only one or two aday there with more in depth posts.
        Hows that for being pc..?? πŸ™‚

        • That is well PC mate.Im impressed,.You need to be with Battered Haddock about or he will be dealing out medicine to you πŸ™‚

          • Can’t be arsed to have a debate with anyone who just wants to stir things up for no apparent reason. Some people could pick a fight in a phone box on their own.

  14. I’m quite proud of that Rads but all i said was s**t & p**S. Hardly a hanging offence mate.

    • I wasn’t moaning about it 66 it made me laugh.I have been filtered out on here more times than I can remember.I was trying to work out what the *** & ***** was that was all πŸ™‚

  15. How does Essex get away with c ock but i get done for **** &****. Is it cos i is an oldie?

  16. Ah thats because i didn’t **** it out 66 πŸ˜‰ lol or that I fall into the middle age group. Not young or an oldie.

  17. I know Rads but ‘m a bit gutted coz nce you have to explain it it ain’t so funny. I blame it all on s* it & p* *s. Lets see how far this one gets,haha. COYI X

  18. oi oi happy days, sneaked it by

  19. yeah Essex i have to be a bit more diplomatic in future. Learn something every day was my old Dad’s motto. Just learnt . Don’t get wound up by F& C.

    • Best to ignore it all together mate. Unfortunately there seems to be a few who take things way too seriously.

  20. Yep just getting to realise that mate.

  21. Wtf is that geezer on about on Wet Pants about them providing 76% of the users here.Does he think no one else gets this site off the app or the internet.Does he think you can only reach this site through that sites link.Ffs how daft are some people.

    • And theres me thinking it meant that 76% of posters that use that site also click onto C&H, silly me πŸ™‚

  22. 76% of WHTID click through to here, which clearly shows that they are your closest brothers – calling them Wetlands and Wetpants is derogatory and designed to cause problems, which is why people react…. I think C&H needs to get it:s house in order in that respect. You constantly call them out and then act all surprised and hurt when they take the bait.

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