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Classic Moyes “Respect the Point !”

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Former West Ham manager David Moyes’ punditry during the Scotland vs. Switzerland match at Euro 2024 has sparked debate amongst fans.

At halftime, with the score tied 1-1, BBC host Gabby Logan asked Moyes, “At this point, you’re Steve Clarke (Scotland manager), what do you do? Are you going for it, go for the win?”

Moyes responded, advocating for maintaining the draw, keeping pressure up, and watching the game unfold before potentially pushing for a win later. This approach has riled some West Ham fans.

A case of classic Moyes, for suggesting Scotland should have “respected the point”. The liklihood is that  Scotland’s qualification chances might hinge on a win against Hungary, making the draw with Switzerland potentially costly. I think this shows once again that Moyes’ cautious approach might explain why some West Ham fans struggled to connect with him despite his achievements at the club.

It will be interesting to see if  Moyes’ conservative mindset will hinder his future managerial prospects.

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    I wish him all the best for the future, but by heavens I’m glad we’ve moved on.

  • Happyhammer says:

    Watching england last night was like watching west ham last season. I’m sure Gareth Southgate is moyes love child

  • Happyhammer says:

    May I also ass. You can have the best players in the world but if you play defensive tactics you get to watch a load of garbage. Rant over.

    • Joseph says:

      Doesn’t apply to England though as apart from inside there own minds we don’t have anyone you can say is the amongst the best players in the world. Kane plays walking football Bellingham to busy with media to worry about football TAA may as well be Terrence Trend Darby! Pickford is an accident waiting to happen Gallagher is a thug Foden little boy lost etc etc all lead by the truly inept and unoriginal thinking Southgate who should be running for PM the amount of Bull he spouts with nothing to back it up.

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