Clinical Bowen Has Prague Pedigree

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Like many other West Ham fans, I’ll be tuning into England’s Euro 2024 opener against Serbia tomorrow night. I will do so with the hope, but not the expectation, of seeing Jarrod Bowen feature. However, I do believe he will have a part to play at some point during the group stage.

The winger has come off the back of an incredible season for West Ham, where he deservedly won Hammer of the Year. This feat was all the more remarkable given the patchy form of a Hammers team who often seemed on the cusp of a thrashing.

During the campaign Bowen not only displayed his usual high work rate and clinical finishing, but there were also moments of real leadership, particularly when the club came under intense pressure.

The winger consistently appeared in the Premier League goalscoring charts and finished with 16 goals, which was only two less than the highly decorated Mo Salah. Bowen was the 5th highest-scoring Englishman in the EPL last season, and I’ve no doubt he’ll be ready if called upon by Gareth Southgate.

There is an efficiency and no-nonsense quality to Bowen’s work, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him if England are chasing a game and in need of a goal. And let’s not forget that he’s displayed his head for the big occasion by scoring a winner in the closing moments of a European final.

I don’t for a moment believe that Three Lions boss Southgate will start Bowen, but if he does feature, I’m sure he’ll do us proud.

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  • CareBare says:

    Gormless Gareth Southgate is the weakest link. I just hope no player gets injured this Summer – I want another strong start.

  • Ironsmann says:

    As long as he doesn’t get injured I’m satisfied. Rightfully justified to be in the squad after a Stella season for the mighty claret nd blue. A great sub of You’re chasing a goal!!

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Yeah! The prophesy says England will only win something if a west ham player is involved , deckie boy dosnt count only pretended to be west ham, the three lions were Moore, hurst ,peters always will be .hopefully Bowen might actually get a toe on the pitch and bobby on high will guide him along.

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