Club confirms season ticket concession policy change

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For next season, Bands 1, Bands 2, Bands 3, Bands 4 at the London Stadium will only be sold to new West Ham season ticket holders at standard adult prices the club have confirmed.

Whilst anyone of any age can secure a season ticket in these bands, concession pricing for U18’s O21, O66 and disabled supporters is only available in these price bands for existing season ticket holders the club states.

Accessible pricing for new season ticket holders in Bands 1, Bands 2, Bands 3 and Bands 4 also reflects the standard adult prices.

For existing season ticket holders and accessible season ticket holders, their current concession pricing is still eligible in Bands 1, Bands 2, Bands 3 and Bands 4 during the current renewal period. If a season ticket holder does not renew within the renewal window, and then decides to purchase a season ticket at a later date, their prior concessionary pricing would not apply for Band 1, Band 2, Band 3 and Band 4.  The club will continue to review concessionary pricing throughout the 2024-25 season it adds.

Claret and Hugh understand “No ticketing policy changes for 2025-2026 have been confirmed (or even discussed) by the club, so the club is unable to provide any information beyond the renewals for the 2024-25 season.”

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  • Kevlar says:

    I am a 65yr old season ticket holder in Billy bonds stand I find it difficult to get up and down steps to my seat. I’ve been to that I will get a reduced cost season ticket when I’m 66. Can I move lower down into band 2/3 and benefit from reduction still next season?

    • I have asked this question and awaiting the reply

      • The response is “Our current season ticket holders who have concession season tickets would be required to pay the adult pricing in 1966 seats and also in price band 1-4 seating area if they decide to relocate.”

    • Darren Lawrence says:

      I have just spoken to the ticket office as I wanted to change my son’s adult ticket (he can no longer get to games due to work commitments) to my 8 year old daughter. NO CONCESSION tickets are available from this season (current concessions will be honoured) This means any new season tickets issued in bands 1-4 (and 1966) will be full price adult whether you are 5 or 85. If you are 65 now and you’ll be over 66 next season, you’ll pay full adult price. If you have a current concession and want to move within bands 1-4 (and 1966) you will lose the concession. They don’t want kids, they don’t want pensioners, they want tourists!

  • Martin61 says:

    Club moving further away from the fans and more towards money, money, money.
    I thought the COVID times would have taught the Board how important the fans were………silly me

    • The Demon says:

      I don’t think so – as I recall we got our best ever run of results under Moyes with no fans in the ground.

    • Although they haven’t officially commented on this i understand that a change of band to anything but bands 5 and 6 would result in a loss of concession also but i am trying to get that clarified

    • Hammerboy says:

      When we relocated at the LS all the talk from Brady was “affordable” football for our loyal fans….it was a smokescreen for big increases later on…Typical West Ham …

  • Dinero Dinero says:

    Tottenham announced this same thing and the fans kicked off. Silly me in thinking we wouldn’t follow and do the same thing. Affordable football!!???

  • J Sparks says:

    My son is moving to Aus. I asked to have his ticket moved to his younger sister. Because it was a name change they were going to charge me full adult price. For a 13 year old! Was so angry but nothing I could do

  • Anon says:

    Grasping Sullivan and useless part time Brady

  • RBNLMX says:

    Increasing costs for supporters despite receiving record sums for TV money. Scum

  • chris whitcombe says:

    how they gonna hook hook the next gen ? or do they just want the ground full of tourists paying full whack when visiting London. Loyalty counts for nothing !!

  • Stephen Squires says:


    I live in Cornwall and find it difficult to find out if and when home match tickets are ever available.
    Could you advise me where to look to find out please

    Up the Hammers.

  • Paul Grimwood says:

    Disgusting behaviour from the club. Can see them doing away with all concessions from next season and if that happens I’m done with it.

  • Terry Adams says:

    I’m really surprised that our club has done this.
    I wonder if it’s another unintended consequence of the Profit & Sustainability Rules the PL has hamstrung itself with?
    The type of people who own many clubs these days now look to ‘monitize’ everything they can – and clubs are all looking to squeeze as much income they can possibly get away with. TBH it’s pretty depressing,
    I’d guess that the PL clubs discussed this off the record this at one of their recent meetings as there seems to be a concerted move to do it at several clubs
    I’m in the 66 plus age group and have already renewed my Band 1 ticket for next season but the rumour is that this is the last time it will be available to even long standing season ticket holders
    This reminds me of the old Oscar Wilde line about ‘knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing’

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