Club sell shirts off of their players backs


auctionWest Ham is selling shirts off their player’s backs in a new auction site launched in association with Germany company Sportnex.

The proceeds of the sale appear to go straight to the club as there is no mention of any charity or even the West Ham Academy as beneficiaries of the sale.

The new scheme follows the same idea launched by Arsenal in 2014 and some of those same directors who worked for our North London rivals at the time are now in charge at West Ham.

In addition to Arsenal, Liverpool, Crystal Palace, West Brom and Millwall have identical auction sites for their players worn shirts with the same German auction company.

Andy Carroll’s shirt in which he made the famous scissor kick against Crystal Palace at the London Stadium is currently listed on the auction site at £1260 with David Noyes as the highest bidder with just over a day to go.

In other live auctions promoted by the club on social media Antonio’s home shirt against Palace is currently listed at £263, Reid’s shirt is £220, Byram’s shirt has reached £165 while Feghouli’s home shirt is at just £130 so far.

The new website says “West Ham United Official Fan Auction Store is the auction portal for original sports goods and memorabilia operated by Sportnex GmbH under licence from West Ham United.”

The auction site can be found

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    The Carroll shirt from a game must be worth a few quid they are fairly rare after all.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    You can see the headline now David Noyes bids £1260 for Andy Carroll, it still won’t be enough to keep Sunderland up !!!

  • John says:

    Seems like a reasonable idea to me I must say. It will attract moans from the doom and gloomers but if you want to shell out £1,200 of your hard earned on a sweaty shirt then do, if you don’t then don’t! It’s a simple choice and from what I can see, and from what Sean tells us, any surplus over a minimal profit gets spent on transfers so why the heck not?

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    I wonder what Messis shirt is worth from last night when he scored his 500th goal.Watching him do that made me appreciate China Doll all the more knowing how lucky we are to have a striker like him playing for us, hot on the heels of Messis scoring achievements 😂😂

  • GW says:

    Is it true that the leaping fishcakes shirt comes with a years supply of Elastoplast, some cotton wool and a Bupa season ticket 😀😀

    • John says:

      lol Holby City are doing a Andy Carroll doll complete with splints, knee boot and crutches. It’s going to be a big seller!

  • westhamwag says:

    Would have thought that Carroll would have wanted to keep the shirt after scoring such a great goal in it.

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