Collins: ‘These are very confident coaches’

J CollinsJames Collins is thrilled that Julian Dicks is now part of the Irons coaching set-up and looking forward to his ideas for the first team squad.

Talking to the club’s official website, Ginge declared himself impressed with the new training regime and said:Β “Julian has come in and is a legend around the club and it will be interesting to see his ideas as well.”

“All the players are looking to impress Bilic, Dicks and co and the central defender said of things:

“It is very organised and they know what they are doing. They are confident coaches and that is rubbing off on the players.

“Everyone is trying to impress the new manager and everyone has got a chance of playing. Training has been sharp.” .


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10 comments on “Collins: ‘These are very confident coaches’

  1. I would sooner take Ginges comments as being correct as anyone’s,he is a honest 100% player who never gives you anything but all he has,
    I am glad the players are giving all they have in training so when Slav and his crew make there decision no one can moan,

  2. As i said before once,it doesnt take long for players who where saying they wanted hippo to stay to then start praising the new coach & will start saying how better the place is to be at now.I dont mean Ginge,he is a 100% straight down the line kind of guy.But soon the Sam lovers will be onboard the Slav ship saying how great it is to be at the club & it is so much better now,lol

  3. I’ve just heard that Eric Cantona says he will swim the channel if 10,000 people say that Kronenbourg is the best lager.
    Pah, …….Sakho would walk it πŸ™‚

  4. Get some confidence back into the players,they must be shot away after the last 5 months of last season.No more respect the point rubbish against teams we shouldnt be scared of.Hopefully no more turning every team into Real Madrid before we play them in friday press conferences.I hope Slav will build up our chances before games,not tell everyone what a fantastic team we are up against who we should be fearful of πŸ˜‰

  5. I have got a feeling that Slav & his coaches are going to get the team really close knit & playing for eachother.Build a real team bond.Players should always play for eachother really but the team morale seemed a bit down in the dumps last year.I hope Slav can really get the players to fight for one another on the pitch,could make such a difference this coming season.

  6. Like I’ve said before they can be inspired and prove themselves to Slav to gain their places or to be blunt bΒ₯gger off,no room for slackers or moaners in Slav’s army. Ginge will be in the 1st category,he’s a spirited fighter even if his talent is slipping away.

  7. I ****ed myself laughing earlier reading the unmentionable site.Another SamP45 classic.He asked some geezer if he worked as a Mortuary Technician because he is so miserable,bwahaha,quality!

  8. Funny you mention that Stuck,i saw it earlier when i popped on to see the wisdom being spread.Did make me laugh into my lunch as well πŸ˜€

  9. Just seen the league table for next season, we are 20th behind Watford and West Brom, Slav out, come back Hippo, all is forgiven πŸ˜‰

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