Collins: “We haven’t learned…it’s our fault”

J CollinsJames Collins has admitted the Hammers have only themselves to blame for surrendering points in the dying minutes of games.

His admission comes soon after Enner Valencia made it clear the side was falling  back too far defensively after going in front.

Collins is as fed-up as everybody else with the situation declaring on the official site: “It’s a loss. The game’s over, we’ve got to be more street wise and know how to win games.

“We’ve done it too many times this season and we haven’t learned from it. Everyone’s bitterly disappointed.

“We’ve only ourselves to blame. The game’s over, we’ve got to keep it in the corner, do anything to win the football match and we’re not doing that.

And Enner Valencis said: It’s true that after the result we can say that after we scored we went back a bit too far, but they are a good side and looked after the ball well.”

Earlier today we reported sources inside the club unhappy that we appear to be defending one goal leads and the players are clearly showing a measure of agreement.”


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8 comments on “Collins: “We haven’t learned…it’s our fault”

  1. are these players thick we keep losing cause of sam daft subs and sit back if weve got the lead clear of out of our club moron

  2. James Collins saying “we haven’t learned, it is our fault ” Is not news it is a non-story.

    Now if Sam had said “I haven’t learned, it is my fault ” that really would be news.

  3. Lol,yeah like you are ever going to hear that come out of Sams mouth.Some things in life just never happen 😉

  4. ginge pele is a genius!

  5. What did I say yesterday BFS chose Ginge to fall on his sword today whose next ?
    I thought part of the captains job was to talk to the press and U.S. And take the pressure off his team ?
    Never thought Nolan was a coward knew he was not a very good player not a coward,
    Could BFS be covering again for his boy ?
    Must be Nobles turn tomorrow or Reid ?
    COME ON Nolan break cover stop hiding behind DAD
    HUGH can you not ask him for a quote ?

  6. All this shows is a lack of leadership and personal cowardice.This shameless cowering in the background while earning their millions shows the quality of both of them.They don’t care about the club it’s all about saving their necks for their next club

  7. Always you see the players come out & say we were not good enough,we messed up.Cresswell after Leicester,Ginge now,Adrian after the WBA cup disaster.But when have we seen that t*sser Sam ever once say ‘Yeah it was my fault!’.Every excuse under the sun but never just a simple ‘It is my fault’.He can never take responsibility for failings but always,always wants the credit & adulation for the good times.He really does get on my t*ts.

  8. We cant defend a 1-0 lead — SHOCK

    So why do we keep trying to ?

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