Conference Final will have huge effect on summer window


West Ham to become a European club?

The result of our first European final in 47 yearsis likely to have a big impact on how the club manoeuvre the transfer market in the summer.

Firstly, West Ham have earned themselves £8.8million from reaching the final, and by lifting the trophy they will pocket an extra £4.3million.

While the 4 million pound bonus might not be a lot in terms of football, what will undoubtedly have a massive impact is the lure of European football.

Some of the transfer targets currently being mentioned are only interested in going to a club with at least some sort of European interest.

Due to this, the club has found it rather difficult to come up with a list of definite targets ahead of the summer. Names are thrown about constantly but it’s impossible to narrow it down when there’s so much uncertainty.

There’s plenty of rumours that if we lose the final David Moyes may not be taking the reins next season. On top of that, there’s also the strong possibility that whoever is manager won’t be in charge of transfers due to David Sullivan’s disappointment in new signings.

Beating Fiorentina is vital, not just because it’s a chance at a major European trophy, not just because it gets us Europe for the third time in the row but because it potentially dictates the future of this club.

Fiorentina are clearly prepared for any final, they demonstrated that last night in their defeat to Inter Milan, but surely it’s time to make up for all those years of hurt that the Hammers have gone through.

So much is riding on the final, and it will it be fantastic if it is a happy ending to a, mostly, dismal season.

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