Confusion surrounds Bacca’s whereabouts


baccaCarlos Bacca remained coy when asked by reporters at Milan-Malpensa airport about his future yesterday.

Bacca told reporters at the airport “I’m leaving the the US tour with the team tomorrow, West Ham? I’m thinking about Milan and making myself available for the coaching staff. I don’t feel any pressure. I have a four-year contract with Milan and I’m happy here. I’m very calm and I always want to do my best as we saw last season, so I’ll give my all.

“Playing in Europe? There will come a time to play, first I have to talk to the club and then we’ll see what happens.”

Bacca was named in a 28 man squad by AC Milan yesterday to tour the US in a pre-season friendly tournament. He was due to fly to America today.

However, in a last minute twist of fate Sky Italia are claiming this morning that Carlos Bacca will not go to AC Milan’s US Tour due to physical problems.  Confusion surrounds whether he got the plane or not.

Reports in Italy say that David Sullivan has a call scheduled at lunchtime today while other more far fetched speculation suggest he has already boarded a plane for London. The saga continues.

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  • oldiron says:

    He clearly doesn’t want to come so move on and stop this farcical transfer saga and buy someone like a Payet, Lanzini or a Sakho who were not players with huge egos and delivered above expectation, forget the top players they only want to play in the C.L. we are not quite there yet so get someone like Van Persie , Gomez or Berahino for gods sake, surely a swap Sakho for Berahino makes sense get Van Persie for a season, get into the C.L. and then get ambitious.
    We are becomoing a laughing stock the longer this crap goes on.
    I love West Ham and I don’t like being ridiculed by my mates who support other teams and who are doing the business as we speak.


    • ComethTheMoment says:

      Van Person: He comes ONLY on the strict rule that he keeps his leg irons on (as usual)…. What is especially good about him is that he makes Nene look like Usain Bolt! Bring it ON, man, YEAH!

  • Stan The Man says:

    Change your mates oldiron lol most of my friends who support other teams couldn’t give a fiddlers f*** who we do or don’t sign or who is or isn’t signing for us 🙂

  • danielson79 says:

    I agree. He obviously thinks we are too small a club for his inflated ego…. jog on son.

    Sakho has every right to feel unwanted the way we have carried on but I do believe that now he is over his injury he could really do a job for us. The board newd to go back with cap in hand and apologise to him, make him feel like he can be our saviour and then watch him (hopefully) be exactly that. THEN he will have a leg to stand on when he asks for more money.

  • spyinthesky says:

    What great business are these other clubs doing? Few are doing better than us at present most worse.

    • ComethTheMoment says:

      Well said! Looks like more good’ns in the bag already.
      …My regret is that we are not in the market for a RB, so Antonio will be stuck at RB BY DESIGN!…. The ONLY way I can understand that is if Slav is thinking of 3 across the back with 2 wing backs…. But I’m not holding my breath!
      We’ll see….

  • SwissStu says:

    Now I am reading that he has stayed at home but not because of transfer speculation. There was another paper saying he was injured. This gets messier the longer it goes on. Bloody papers, it is all driving me nuts.

  • Mark says:

    He obviously couldnt give a s**t about playing for us we dont want ego’s like his in our squad. We have a good Happy team its time to move on I think.

  • ComethTheMoment says:

    This is laughable…: They seek him here, seek him there, but ‘es no effing where….
    My sympathies are for DS who has worked so hard… but I won’t be upset if he stays in that expensive Madrid brothel….!

  • mattefumi27 says:

    I think Bacca’s attitude is quite understandable IMHO… this will be his last massive contract and he’s considering all the options. I don’t expect he says “Wow, West Ham, it’s the team I always dreamed of!” But I’m pretty sure, should he choose to join us, it would be a decision taken with full knowledge of all that it involves. He’s a pro and he’s just making his play like everybody else. 😉

  • Stan The Man says:

    Well you must know him pretty well considering he plays for your local team Matte.
    Does it make you laugh reading all the wise comments from our fans about him lol

    • johnboy says:

      Yes Stan matte rings him up everyday to chew the fat !
      I love this site , it reminds me of the goon show , lol

      • Stan The Man says:

        Well matte supports AC Milan as well so I’m guessing he has watched him once or twice lol

        • mattefumi27 says:

          Lol I know Carlos very well, he’s my personal pusher, when he comes back from Colombia he always brings me a little present… lol
          He’s a really good player imho, but if the owners don’t buy him, I should still be able to sleep at night…
          All I can say is I trust in Slav, anything else is mere verbiage. 😉

          • Stan The Man says:

            Lmao I’m pleased to hear that the reason you are cheerful is due to the presents you receive from Carlos 🙂

          • mattefumi27 says:

            hahah… but this is not simple stuff, Stan lol 🙂

          • johnboy says:

            I wouldn’t be pleased if I could sleep matte ,???
            You can never trust a Columbian ! Hahaha.

  • ComethTheMoment says:


  • sparrow says:

    It is perfectly reasonable for a player to have a good look around and consider all his options. Bacca has gone beyond that, we should forget him and move on.
    We really don’t want or need players with his attitude.

  • essexclarets says:

    I thought we gave him a deadline last week to sign or not. Club needs to move on & tell him to #### off. Hope he stays where he is at a club who want to sell him & ends up with no european football at all.

  • johnboy says:

    I want him to go to a c/l club and get knocked out first round !
    That would be a classic !
    Not only that what would matte do without his Johnson and Johnson powder mix ?

  • sparrow says:

    Baca is making Carroll’s decision to join us look impulsive.

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