Confusion surrounds Moyes update


Confusion surrounds Moyes contact offer

Today’s report from a club source, which stipulates that it’s too early to decide upon David Moyes‘ future, sends out a mixed message. Quite frankly, I find the whole situation confusing.

It was only last week that leaked stories indicated that Moyes would not be offered a contract extension at West Ham. It had been widely accepted the manager would see out the remaining few months of his contract until the end of the season.

It’s already common knowledge that Hammers Director of Football Tim Steidten will have full control of player purchases in January. Yesterday, I covered a report from Sky Sports’ Dharmesh Sheth, which indicated that West Ham will be looking to appoint a head coach rather than a traditional manager.

Moyes-Antonio-West Ham

Confusion surrounds Moyes who is unlikely to sign a deal under new stipulations.

If all of the differing stories are to be taken at face value, the mandate facing West Ham’s next coach will be quite different. They’ll be expected to promote youth players, report directly to Steidten, have no influence on transfers, and operate primarily on the training pitch.

I find it very hard to believe that Moyes would be able to operate under such parameters, which begs the question . . . why would he be offered a deal at all?

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