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Costa horror ‘attack’ goes unpunished

AdrianLet’s get something straight!

We deserved nothing last night but the simple truth is Diego Costa should not have been on the pitch to score Chelsea’s winner.

His ‘challenge’ on goalkeeper Adrian was horrific and replays show him clearly scraping his studs down the inside of his leg and over his shin. In anyone’s world that was a red card. No doubt about it at all.

Thankfully Adrian came out of it unscathed but if the Premier League is going to make it clear to players that yellow cards will be handed out for any sort of dissent, and obvious red cards are missed we still have a long way to go.


Sky pundit Gary Neville was clearly horrified and said: “That was a bad one and he should have been off – no question.”

The season is a mere 90 minutes old and ref Anthony Taylor again misses a big one – some things never change!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Costa horror ‘attack’ goes unpunished

  1. I think it is a bit embarrassing for the club to be making such a big thing about this. Instead of trying to deflect attention, Bilic should be taking responsibility for making the same stupid tactical mistake game after game. Perhaps if the media were giving his decisions the scrutiny they should it might put the needed pressure on him to stop messing around.

    I also hope the chairmen will pull their fingers out now and go and try and sign some real quality and not just freebies. Realise that we need a creative mid! So many decent players have slipped through our fingers because of a combination of their ineptitude and impotence! Several on this site said Redmond should be brought in and the club said relegated players were ‘beneath us’. Well anybody who saw his performance for saints would have seen he is better than any of our signings save Ayew and looked more dangerous than our entire front line! Stop trying to get world class players for bargains and stop thinking you’re above people! Come on Sullivan, old Barry big billionaire, open your check book or better yet, let Brady take over negotiations!

    • I have said for a few years now we should nick Redmond. When I saw a report saying we were very close to signing him I was so excited. He looked dangerous for saints which is exactly what we need, a go getter striker who gets stuck in.

      • Townsend was another one , ?
        Just show,s you how much payet and lanzini took the spotlight of noble ! He needs to be benched , bring Cullen back and introduce oxford , and get the checkbook out athur ??
        Beltway ain’t pleased and I think the club will take on board what’s being said and not air it in public and rightly so !
        Let’s hope this doesn’t have a negative effect nock on ?
        Bilic needs to hold his hands up ! I still love him but he got it totally wrong last night .lol.
        There was absolute zilch creativity last night and carol suffered because of it , can’t fault his commitment though at least he tried his hardest , !
        Astra next ?

        • I wonder how much that tackle had an effect on Adrian’s feeble dive to his right with the goal !!
          Fekin Pandoras box the its and buts ,?? He should have gone !!!

    • Love it DJ.Well written and not sugar coating the issues in my opinion.Great reading.

  2. Forget the result , we didn’t deserve one !
    Taylor has past history with controversy ! He totally crashed last night with a officiating by the rules nightmare ! His bottle went ! He needs to be dragged before the FA to explain his latest inept performance ! Not only did Costa merit a straight red , Costa and Oscar in particular continually bring our game down into the gutter with their simulation antics , both should have been booked on this alone earning Costa a second yellow and early bath ?
    Both could have represented their country at the Olympics and won a 10 metre event in the pool . Let alone the floor gymnactic routines ??
    Kante should have gone for a second yellow on payet !
    This ref which I pointed out before the game on a different post came out and proved me right , he is either a cheat or totally out of his depth in his biased profession ,
    We were denied a 3rd placed position last year for the same blunders he and his equally inept pals do week in and week out ? Dean , friend , clatterbug , marriner etc , if ever we needed new technology to take the ineptness away from these clowns its now ! Immediately,
    Until this is introduced we and many other clubs are at these bias and cowardly persons who have a licence to do whatever they choose ! We as supporters pay hundreds of pounds every year to watch our beloved teams and are treated with utter contempt by these people and their bosses at the FA,
    Totally unacceptable .
    It is these people who actually bring our game into disrepute , not the players who have been targeted for questioning dodgy decisions when clearly being agreaved at the inept calls made or not in many cases !

    F&C got any ink cartridges as mine is running out lol.

    Fu#k am I still feeling down !!!

    • I agree whole heartidly with you Johnboy, about time instant tv replays be bought in, these inept refs cost clubs fortunes and sometimes Managers their jobs , as they did last year, come on FA do something , Rugby survives which instant replays and their refs don’t feel undermined and there is a lot less money involved in Rugby.
      About time these refs were bought to book over their mistakes and wronged Clubs compensated, but of course this wouldn’t happen if we had tv replays, only takes a second or two, hardly a disruption to a game is it.

  3. Yes everyone could see that Costa’s tackle was horrific at the least a yellow card, I don’t blame him for going for the ball but the ball was long gone and he deliberately raked his studs down the keeper, Kante was also a definite yellow and he was one of the major blocks in us moving the ball forward. So 1 game two game changing decisions against and 1 for negative 1. These officials certainly seem to favour the big teams and Leicester, they should be asked after every game to explain their controversial decisions, i also agree there should be video replays and an appeal system to have big incidents reviewed.

  4. When billic subbed Antonio he should of swapped Antonio with Valencia subbed valencia for byram love billic but he needs to pay attention more don’t like being proved wrong coz it’s he’s idea of playing Antonio at rb he’s not a rb slav it’s simple as go get micha Richards if you want a powerhouse rb but Antonio ain’t it

    • What Bilic done Roy was blame Antonio for his mistake in playing him there !
      Not a nice way to treat a fan favourite !! Below the belt that IMO!! He holds no blame form me !

  5. It’s simple when Costa called the ref a banker he was so upset he yellow carded him
    When he went in with studs up and the ball was 5 feet away when he made contact with our keeper,he should have got a straight red,
    No we did not deserve a point and agree Slav got it really wrong,
    I agree Cullen back Noble out on loan if anyone wants him and no more Noble for England,
    Antonio is number 1 right winger,
    Byram number 1 Right back
    Novedt with Kouyate best defensive midfield with Oxford and Obiang to back up
    Burke should be given his chance RC next to Ginge or Oggy
    Until Calleri is available Carroll is best option but I would rest him Thursday and start with Sak fit or not And Fletcher to sub when he tires,
    Payet must start behind them with Samulsun ready to come on if he gets tired or we have a result,
    Rest Ayew give Tore a start but if he is still not fit change him with Feggolui
    Valencia needs to find himself he has lost it if we can get half our money back take it,
    Buy Bony now even if you have to sell AC
    Bony Sak Calleri Ayew is so much better then what we have,
    No more experimental defenders no more giving failing stars
    Places they don’t deserve,
    No more standing by players just because they have been with the club all there life’s,
    Every side now knows Noble is one paced cannot dribble does not pass the ball 25 meters and when he looses the ball gives away silly fouls,Payet and Lanzini gives him more time and flatter him without them he is a mother Lability,
    Thursday is now very inportant before we go to city

    • Yes bubs !!
      Bring in the sak !! Logic calls that one !
      Can’t understand that everyone that played in the euros is playing and fit , payet I agree should have been on from the start and if he tired then replace him ! Oggy should have started also , he only played one game and was match fit , let’s face it centre backs don’t do stamina they defend ?? Big difference to m/f and c/f who knock their tabs out ! Hazard looked OK to me !
      Maybe Slav took the euros applause to literally ? Reality check mate , hands up !

  6. I know its hard to do, but putting the ref issues aside, Slav set us up not to concede. We need to be playing to win if top six is a realistic target.

    Impressed by Masuaku’s debut – felt sorry for Carroll, who was isolated because we played too many defensive mids – and please, please, PLEASE, stop wasting/exposing Antonio at RB. Byram’s positional sense really showed. When he came on, Hazard was far less effective.
    Payet should have been on earlier, too.

    Blimey, this management lark is a doddle!

  7. Roy boy you are spot on with the subs mate. I love bilic but he needs to stop this quick. Our season fell apart last year when Antonio was put at rb. Also Antonio will score 10 or more goals playing rw. He was my player of the season until Slav put him rb. But now we have 3/4 right wingers so don’t think he will change it. And but out transfers this year have so poor. And nordviet is the only def mid/CB/rb who hasn’t won a tackle in all the games I’ve seen him play. Our board have done us proud but have got so wrong so far this transfer window. Don’t want to hear about ffp as we are the only club that this seems to effect. Also ayew on freebee last year but we wouldn’t give him the money and now we paid £20mill and prob more wages than requested last year

  8. It won’t be long before he is suspended again for a long period.A leopard never changes its spots,he is the nearest thing we have in the premier league to a Neanderthal man.Horrible player.

  9. Costa goes unpunished , but Slaven Bilic got well and truly punished for persistently playing Antonio at RB . Bilics stubbornness cost us the game .
    Anyway , apart from that Ayew going off with thigh strain didn’t change anything . We still played poorly and deserved to lose . Chelsea were not brilliant , but we let them look good .
    Bilic completely ignored the majority of fans with his team selection . Not often he gets things wrong , but he is being consistently wrong with Antonio .

  10. Yes ! Someone else will benefit at our ex pence now its been highlighted ?
    Video with big stop clock as well , when time is up its up !! No waiting for an attack to finish for the favoured team to capitalise on the ref ‘s say so ? Something tells me they are already working out how to get away with keeping control of things by limiting or only calling for a replay if they see fit !
    IMO they will never lose control ! But it would put them more on the spot ??
    Its up to the fans to insist on this technology with a petition !
    Hugh , how about organising a vote like the O/S witch hunt ! Us poor mortals don’t have the
    Base ! Lol.

  11. Where’s the Dermot Gallagher refs report ? Bit long in coming !
    This little. Creep was one of the worst refs ever ! Complete arseole !!!

  12. Just read on KUMB that Bilic didn’t see the tackle on Adrian as dangerous but very late. Also Betway have criticized Bilic via their official Twitter account for persevering with Antonio at rb.Interesting to say the least.

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