Cottee: “Difficult season if we don’t play two up”

cottee_3062448Tony Cottee this morning told the West Ham faithful not to be overly concerned about pre-season results declaring: “We had our worst every friendly campaign before the 85-86 season and finished in our best ever position.”

Like manager Sam Allardyce, the former striker made it clear that the early games were solely about getting fit and that whilst the manner of defeat has been disappointing in some cases, nobody should be over stressed.

He said: “I remember the summer before the 85-86 season well. We had an awful set of results but an absolutely brilliant season. Let’s hope that’s an omen.

“We all understand the pressures that are on the manager to get a new system in place but I really don’t think we should be judging anything until the season – things can be very misleading in pre-season.”

However, Cottee made it clear that in his view the manager had to go with a two-up system declaring: “I’m a serious advocate of that and I think it must happen.

“I think we could go three at the back with the likes of Collins, Reid and Tomkins and there are plenty of midfield options and then a perhaps Enner Valencia and Mauro Zarate up top.

“We have the players at the club to make it work – it’s the manager’s job to sort it out and I hope he does.

“I believe we will be in for a very long and difficult season if we don’t play with two strikers.

“West Ham have become too predictable with the one striker. We all know that’s what Sam’s success is based on but I think it’s all been found out and we need a different approach.”


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2 comments on “Cottee: “Difficult season if we don’t play two up”

  1. I feel I have to have another rant AGAIN! Mainly out of pure frustration, with what the hell is going on with our great club! And how easy a fix this could all be! But in order for it to be an easy fix we need a NEW manger in now!!!!

    So this is how easy it is to change the mentality to a more attacking team! As after all we DO have a very good squad of players NOW!

    Attacking simple team talk… ”Adrain, you are my No 1 goal keeper. So attacks start from the back so as my first of attack I want you to be more commanding of your box I don’t mean just the six yards within it I mean the whole f@cking box, look for the ball with Urgency grab it quickly and throw the ball out wide to either Downing or Jarvis!
    Btw wingers be on your toes and you can come inside now and link up with the two strikers! But we will get to that in a minute! So Adrian, are you with me? Are you understanding of what is required? Here are a few tapes of a couple of the German games, take a look at how their keeper starts things off! Try and replicate it as good as possible! I am not concerned about mistakes as this will happen sometimes! I won’t shoot you”

    Right Defence! ”Cresswell and jenks I have bought you in to attack the full backs and take them on where possible! You both can also link up thins does require you both having the engine to get up and down the pitch, but you are both young lads! If you cant do as you require I have Dan Potts who will so be aware of this as he wants your starting place, if you struggle I suggest you do more running and fitness work on the training ground. In fact I will arrange this!”

    I then turn to our two centre backs! Reidy and Tomps, you are both big big lads both good on the ball and good in the air! But what I want of you is this!!! ”James I want you to push up the pitch more and travel with the ball to the half way line looking for gabs and balls you can play outside or through the middle”. I want Reidy to just sit and keep it tight at the back!!! You are our defence sometimes!

    Noble just to let you know you are now captain! Well Done you have earned it! I want every one to give make a clap before we begin!!!

    ”Noble I want you to collect the ball off the defence always where possible, but I want you to shorten up your passes! I want you too also drive forward with the ball and keep it compact in there! Downing and jarvo come inside to collect if need be!”

    Nolan great captain, sorry mate can you give the boys support from the bench, you will be needed for that alone!

    ”Diame, what are you doing you *****?!?? You are half the player you can be!!! Keep close to the attacks keep moving, need driving forward! Be strong, use the wingers that now come inside and the attackers that now drop in and go long, I want you to sometimes follow the ball! Break up attacks you are free to roam the pitch!”
    Also please keep your shots on target but shoot when you can!”

    ”Jarvo, Downing come inside go outside, want the ball run with the ball shoot” come on boys you are both excellent player” (me blowing a bit of smoke up their arse!) man management! 😉

    Attackerssssssss! Yes we have TWO NOW!!! Valencia I want you to shoot shoot and shoot! You don’t shoot you don’t score!! Run chase down the defenders! Keep running making angles for the passes!!!

    ”Elliott Lee! Well done you are now getting a proper run in the side! Time to grow up son!!! You have proved yourself in the development squad and tbh you are going to do no worse than C Cole HAS DONE! Put yourself about, been sharp, alert for knock downs you two need to go out for a meal get to know each other both on and off the pitch!”

    Young Elliott you are going to be given 6 games on the team sheet! A proper run in the side!! No 5 minutes here or there!!!

    Lads get back to training and WELCOME to the NEW EXCITING WHU!!!

  2. You sound just like Smithy on Sports Relief!!! Superb!! COYI

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