Cottee: “Let me be your adviser Daves”


CotteeheadphonesTony Cottee has mounted a cheeky job application to become a football adviser at West Ham.

The former striker – whilst claiming the board have taken a huge gamble in getting rid of Sam Allardyce – then makes it clear he’s the bloke to help them sort the future!

Speaking in his London 24.com column he says: “It’s a huge gamble by the board going into what is one of the most important seasons in the club’s history as we get ready for the Olympic Stadium.”

He backs Slaven Bilic as Allardyce’s replacement and says: ” I know Bilic left us to join Everton. I am not going to criticise him for that as I did exactly the same thing.

“But Bilic has done superbly with Croatia in the World Cup, has managed in the Champions League and in some very volatile leagues, so that is why I would go for him.”

Then comes the job application as Cottee declares:” One thing I would say is that I find it hard to believe that any board can go forward without someone who has played the game at a high level to advise them.

“I am always available, I have a huge passion for the club, but my phone never seems to ring.

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  • StingRay Stewart says:

    Aint surprising it never rings,you wanted to give the genius a new two year contract at the start of the new year & predicted we would cruise to 60+ pts.If you advice them we will probably end up with McClaren 😉

    • sparrow says:

      He also chose to demonstrate that in spite of “playing at the highest level” he doesn’t even understand the offside rule. When Nolan’s effort against Manure was ruled out TC totally got his facts wrong when trying to argue that the linesman and referee got it wrong. He had obviously never read the FIFA guidance on interpretation of laws but holds himself out as an expert. He is one of that happy band of not-too-bright pundits.

  • nolans magic feet says:

    Loved him as a player.Advisor im not so sure,he doesnt have the best track record so far this season when it comes to wise words or thoughts about the manager.He was right up hippos arse.

  • bubs says:

    What a plum all season he has got it wrong and even wanted BFS to stay,you left for
    Everton go and get a job with them,
    4 days ago he was a splinter bum sitting on the fence and just because he predicted we would loose to Newcastle he thinks his an expert,
    If you want advisors 2 Daves there are many on here that could help for free,
    Go and play with the fools on sky

  • Boys of '66 says:

    Lol,i know he is an ex-player but he does my nut in on Sky.Still better he stays there being a boring pundit than get involved with advising anyone 😉

  • TysonM says:

    TC talks a load of sh*te these days,he was a good striker,p*ss poor pundit 😉

  • Dainon17 says:

    No chance TC, if it were up to you Sam would still be here.

  • HamburgHammer says:

    I’d rather have Tony Gale as advisor.

    • Chickenrunner says:

      Ahhh,just go back to WHTID HH,play with your buddies,lol,only joking,but i know they like to report back to you that someone may have said something mean about you on here 😀 Yeah,Tony Gale would say it how it is,unlike the tow the line TC who is in the clubs pocket 😉

  • Boys of '66 says:

    Lmao,dont start Chicken,there is a truce remember,lol,its ok,i know you are only joking 😀

    • StingRay Stewart says:

      Lmao,truce or not it doesnt change the fact that some of them talk absolute sh*t & think they are bloody football managers or chairmen who know better than the actually thing.That aint being anti a site,its just fact about some of the people who think they are gods gift to football 😉

      • Boys of '66 says:

        I say give the job to 657681,lol,im sure he would find many an ‘adult debate’ amongst a changing room of footballers 😉

  • canchaz says:

    The way the ‘wishful thinking’ candidates whose names have been tossed around by the media and fans alike willy nilly, are falling by the wayside, the two D’s won’t need an advisor, They will be looking at the ‘last man standing’ as their one and only choice

  • Boys of '66 says:

    Lol,canchaz we dont have a clue as fans who they have approached with any certainty.Yes there are names mentioned as being contacted but we dont know much do we.How can we know what is going on,we just surmise & some end up thinking the world is collapsing.Hippo only went yesterday.Why shouldnt a decent manger not want to come to us.We aint Hartlepool or Rochdale 😉

  • bubbles says:

    Tony has lost the plot… supported the Fat Slug to the bitter end when everyone could see what a terrible waste of space Fat Sam had become . Boring as a pundit … does not know the Offside Law ..Not that bright . The porn twins are very cute and Cottee will give nothing they are not aware of .

  • Rads says:

    Tbh he was always going to defend hippo,he is buddies with neil macdonald i think.Wouldnt have him advising anyone though.He is a useless pundit,we would probably end up with Barry Fry or ‘Arry again 😉

  • Michael Miller says:

    TC does seem to go with the wind – he was backing BFS the other week – judgement well dodgy!

  • bubs says:

    If the board want advice from an ex player then Sir Trevor is the only one they should turn to
    But as Steve Potts and Julian Dicks already work for the club why would they need you
    Have not heard from Leroy for a week he does not talk a load ball

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