Coufal’s Struggles Scream for a Right-Back Revamp

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West Ham United fans must be yearning for a new face at right-back after watching Vladimir Coufal’s underwhelming performance for the Czech Republic against Portugal last night. While Coufal began the 2023/24 season decently, his regression in the second half has exposed limitations that simply don’t hold up in the Premier League‘s top bracket.

The 31-year-old’s lack of pace, power, and dynamism makes him a liability against wingers like Rafael Leao, who toyed with him throughout the match. These deficiencies are a stark reminder that Coufal’s skillset doesn’t match West Ham’s ambitions of finishing inside the top seven.

There’s a strong chance Julen Lopetegui, West Ham’s new manager, was watching Coufal closely. If so, his desire to bring in a new right-back must have been amplified by this performance.

The answer might lie in France. Tiago Santos, Lille’s highly-rated 21-year-old right-back, has been linked with a move to West Ham via Sportslens, and for good reason. Santos possesses the dynamism and attacking threat missing from Coufal’s game. His arrival would completely transform the way West Ham utilises the right flank.

Reports suggest Lopetegui is already interested in Santos. Coufal’s display might just have pushed that interest towards a full-blown transfer pursuit.

While I wouldn’t advocate completely discarding Coufal, his days as a regular starter should be over. A squad player role seems more appropriate at this stage of his career.

West Ham need a right-back who can consistently compete at the highest level. Upgrading from Coufal to a younger, more dynamic option like Santos would be a significant step forward. It’s a move Lopetegui should prioritise to ensure West Ham can compete for a coveted top-seven spot in the upcoming season.

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  • Deathblow says:

    Shut up you Debbie downer. One slip.
    Go on holiday somewhere without internet. You lot hate Vlad and Tomas cos they’re not flashy mercenaries

  • Bullsh*tman says:

    Are you having a laugh now or what?

  • Phil McDonald says:

    Coufal is massively under-appreciated. Too much bandwagon jumping.

  • Auslander says:

    What have you got against Vlad, he’s been a great buy for us!

  • Kevlar says:

    Coufal and Emerson aren’t dynamic enough! we need attacking wingbacks that can get up and down the wings, and supply good crosses for our forwards.I would like to see a new left and right back to make us a real top side.

  • Spurs****er says:

    Your opinion on most things West Ham is completely irrelevant Simon, but living in a society of so called free speech, you’re entitled to it. Just don’t use a West Ham fan forum to air the garbage you post! Its obvious that you just copy, paste and post for clicks. However I’m also entitled to my opinion of you as well and let me tell u I know u are a spurs supporter just trying to be underhand considering all the negative stirring and ******** that u post. If this website and others weren’t so divisive in how they look for clicks, West Ham wouldn’t have such a divided fan base. The sheep that listen to ur in-accurate drivel are the main reason our fan base is so split in their opinions in the first place. Maybe find something else to fill up ur spare time as accurate reporting is definitely not something ur good at or even appear to know how to do!

  • Jeeps says:

    It’s not rocket science that whu defence last season was crap.
    Everyone is aware that something radical needs to change,
    With Johnson staying (presumably he’s been ensured of more playing time). Coufal/Johnson will cover r/bk.
    Whether they are dynamic enough to fit new system is questionable.
    Emerson at l/bk needs support to cover rotation/injuries, hopefully somebody with flair and speed.
    C/BK’s: Mavros did start to improve but need x2 additions.
    Kilman looks high on the list (if you can believe media) plus Jacob Greaves.
    Can they afford £60m for just 2 players in addition to updates.
    Are they willing to pay it?

    • Phil W says:

      Aguerd going means Killman and greaves difference is 30M, not 60m. Jlo needs Full backs who attack. Coufal isnt it. Same as midfield, he likes midfielders who like to retain and use the ball. so souchek has to go

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