Covered Mouths, Clear Communication

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Forget secret plays and tactical whispers! The real reason footballers cover their mouths during on-field chats might surprise you. This seemingly mysterious act has become a regular sight, piquing fans’ curiosity. But according to a PR consultant and the nature of the beautiful game itself, the answer lies in clear communication, not cloak-and-dagger strategies.

Phil Hall, a well-known PR consultant in the Premier League, offers a practical explanation. He suggests that in the midst of a roaring stadium, players cover their mouths to amplify their voices. Imagine a foghorn – the hand acts as a funnel, directing sound towards their teammate for better understanding.

Interestingly, Hall proposes that this trend might be inspired by South American leagues. There, lip-reading is used to decipher coaches’ and players’ tactical discussions on the bench. He suggests English footballers might be simply mimicking what they see elsewhere, even though lip-reading isn’t a prevalent concern in England (although a past anecdote involving a lip-reader and former manager Roy Hodgson suggests some caution).

So, the next time you see West Ham players seemingly hiding their conversations, remember – it’s more likely a battle against stadium noise than a secret strategy session. It’s all about ensuring their message gets through loud and clear!

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  • John says:

    My god we’ve had the brains of Britain on that one. Slow news days boys?!?

  • Paul Di’Ano says:

    I feel stupid now. I always thought it was covert stuff but yes when I’m at a gig I do that so my mate can hear better, Thanks for this article, although it’s pointed out the obvious, I needed it pointing out to me.

  • Peter Hall says:

    Absolute rubbish ! For years, Spanish & Italian football programmes have used lip readers; it’s spread from there and yes, maybe South America too. No need to be smug John

  • Carthorse says:

    Silly me! And there was me thinking it was to prevent cameras from zooming in and lip readers identifying what was being said.

  • Timothy Julian says:

    Hmmm not to sure about this one. More like “your mum was a good shag last night!”

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