“Everyone who runs football clubs are pretty much smart, they know what they are doing,” said Parish.

“There are no points between any of us really, but yet there is consternation at every club about this decision is wrong and that decision is wrong. Of course it is fine to debate that and it is fine to criticise and have a point of view. But nobody can say that (what happened at West Ham) is fine, to two guys who are just doing their best.

“And they’re not even in the relegation zone. They have had some great results this season. I know it is difficult for supporters to stay calm in that moment. We have all had it after a game when we are getting beat. It is not a nice experience.

“And I think you can make your feelings known without stepping over the line. I was disappointed to see that. I know that club is a great club and have got great supporters. And I know they will all rally round as well.

“When push comes to shove they will all be there for the team. They will. They made their feelings known and hopefully they have put that behind them.”