Cundy: ‘Bilic should walk out on West Ham’


CundyTalkSport radio presenter and former Chelsea player Jason Cundy says Slaven Bilic should walk out on West Ham as he “has been treated appallingly.”

Cundy was speaking on his radio show with Sam Matterface on the subject and said: “West Ham are doing everything on the cheap, with transfers and loans, he should seriously think about walking before he is pushed. He should seriously look at his options. Last year, they over-achieved, they were brilliant in a season with so much pressure.”

“Then moving to the new stadium, there was huge excitement, the two David’s have said they want Champions League football. I thought there was something really going on at West Ham and being a contender for doing something. But the two David’s, the transfers they have given Bilic to deal with, the players they have said ‘here’s we want you to press on with’ is just not good enough.”

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  • Slater says:

    As much as I think it’s wise to loan foreign players with option to buy I’ll never understand the self promoting tall of buying top class player so if you can’t back it’s up. Jason Cundy has struck a nerve because he’s been direct and to the point.

    Bilic should walk he has too much class to be dealing with what he has to. Only Harry Redknapp could work well with the current lot in charge.

    • Stratford E20 says:

      The intent was there to sign better players but West Ham are experiencing what Spurs faced for the last five years – we are both medium sized clubs who never win anything. The better players want the big name cubs like ManU, Man City, Chelsea. Look at the rubbish that Spurs bought with the Bale money. It isn’t easy attracting big name players and if you do…. look what can happen with players like Payet. people who attck the board for not signing big name players are deluded. did they really think it would happen?

  • Slater says:

    I appologie for the words missing or not deleted, there’s a lag when typing that’s affected.

    • John says:

      Agree with you there Slater. It’s the bloody ads mate. It’s becoming hard to use the site as they load while you type. I have a full page Spotify ad that opens once I’ve logged on that I have to close the site to remove before I can comment. It’s ruining the fun Hugh, wish you’d do something about it.

  • mooro66uk says:

    Are you a Hammers supporter or a spud Slater?

    • Stratford E20 says:

      Sounds like a spud to me.

    • Slater says:

      No I’m not a potato

      If by me getting very annoyed at our Slaven being undermined by a certain part of the board just like the last three managers have makes me no West Ham fan I must be missing something. I personally want all transfer talk kept quiet like near enough every other club rather than become the laughing stock we are to rivals when a mouth is opened and talk of trying to be a Champions League position is mentioned. Also although not instant didn’t the Bale money fund Tottenham to where they are today and didn’t they sell off for profit those that were not up to scratch.

      I could really go into more details but the ads keep dropping in and I think I’ll not use this site much as having to remove them sometimes seems to make what I wrote before vanish.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I have met Cundy on a few occiaions, the guy is clueless, he was a useless player, a useless coach and he is a useless presenter he has an ego much larger than any ability he ever posessed but never showed, if you asked him to show you the love of his life he would probably produce a mirror, what he thinks about our club is irrelevant, if they changed the d in his surname to a t that would sum him up.

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