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Daughter blows Chelsea Dad’s gaffe

chelsea-fan-hit-by-coinsA Chelsea fan – clearly keen to have his five minutes of fame before the BBC cameras – waded into Hammers supporters after the over-hyped incidents in the Trevor Brooking Stand last night.

With daughter Victoria,8, he spoke of their terrible ordeal by coins – and how many times she had been hit by them.

He said:  “It was the West Ham fans, you could clearly see them throwing them.”

But Victoria wasn’t so sure about where they had come from saying: “We couldn’t see really who was throwing them.”

Dad – who remained nameless – said: [She’s] “been going since she’s two. She’s never experienced violence like this before or the aggression that we’ve had to suffer. We’ve never been hit by coins before, to be hit by seven of them in one evening, that’s why we’ve kept them. We want to take this matter further.”

I have just one problem with all of that. How on earth could a father – aware of the early publicity about a game that was expected to have some issues at some point – expose a eight year old to obvious perils.

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And come to that why didn’t the BBC ask him? Not the best balanced but certainly one of the most cowardly interviews we’ve seen.

Par for the course in “Get West Ham season”


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14 comments on “Daughter blows Chelsea Dad’s gaffe

  1. What I find strange
    Is how she all of 3 ft got hit with 7 coins
    When she was standing next to her giant dad who didn’t mention getting hit at all
    The aim of “the west ham fan” is “unbleaveble”

  2. Agree 100% Dad of the year exposes his 8 year old to that when all the warnings were there. Maybe the interview was by Dan Roan.

  3. Its always dangerous to go on the word of a chelsea fan hehe
    Run the cctv of her,see how many times she gets hit or shows signs of being hit.It will probably draw a blank!

  4. What puzzles me more than anything is how he managed to end up with a handful of coins, either they bounced off of his daughter’s head – which in the middle of such a fracas was amazing.
    Or he scrabbled around on the floor to find them, leaving his daughter to fend for herself.
    There is no doubt that what went down last was completely out of order and yes anyone found to be involved should be banned for life.
    But it strikes me that the media are like a dog with a bone about this. Let’s see some proper unglorified discussion in the news huh…..

  5. “Out of the mouths of babes oft times come gems”

  6. Guess the little girl has more honesty than her old man then? Don’t worry though Sky, BBC, Talk****e they’ll be another storm in a teacup you can make sound like the apocalypse!

    • But its not a storm in a teacup GW.Its extreme gratuitous violence to some.
      I really wish people would accept that what seems horrendous to them isnt so bad to others.We don’t all live the same lives or have the same lifestyles.What is extreme violence to one person could be another friday night in the pub for another lool
      I ain’t saying its right whats happened but we dont all see it as some sort of major event.

  7. Whilst it is pretty obvious that this clowns imagination may have run away with him when confronted with the BBC, And so much so that his eight year daughter made a fool of him, there are two bigger issues here for me. The first is we must not condone violence of any description. It’s not acceptable. The second is, unfortunately, it happens (coin throwing) at most games but it’s only a story at the LS. So whilst the press want to develop their stories, and potentially get the club into trouble, why is this featuring on C&H? This specific story I mean? Unless I’m doing Hugh a disservice and it’s been run to question the validity of some of the articles doing the rounds, in which case my bad!

  8. Well if you are the same myhammers as the one on the sister site then you need to grow up with your childish rants about Carroll.
    But it aint a surprise that you come here with your superior attitude from there!

  9. i was there and although i was some way away from the Chelsea fans i did think i saw a man holding up a child as a human shield to protect him from savage onslaught of missiles being thrown at him. to be honest i saw plastic bottles to and fro and whu fans returning the lost seat that was ripped up by chelsea fans and thrown at then, i didnt see the interview with the whu fan who got hit by the seat though…

  10. Was he using this poor girl as a shield,or was someone a really bad shot,didn’t see injuries thank god,and at least he didn’t get hit by ONE.COYI

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