David Gold reveals Premier League table target


Gold3West Ham co-chairman has revealed that everyone at West Ham is aiming to finish in the eighth spot in the Premier League table this season.

Speaking on twitter earlier today he replied to one supporter saying “Every one at the club is aiming for 8th which would not be to bad considering all the issues this season. dg”

Gold has also been defending himself on twitter who fans who objected the phrase ‘Your club’  The co-Chairman pointed out to those who object to phrase “What’s wrong with “YOUR CLUB” is it not your club or my club or our club. What’s so Disgraceful. dg”

Yesterday Gold told followers: “DS and myself have sunk our life savings into your club and we have never received a salary. DS and Karren work around the clock WHTID?”

When one disgruntled supporter suggested the owners should leave Gold replied saying “Winston be careful what you wish for. dg”

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  • John says:

    Quality posts today Guys, more quality posts, less pointless surveys 🙂

    David Gold putting fools straight good for him. And oh look DG confirms Brady works all hours for the club, so who do I believe, the co-chairman, who employs her, or Keyboard idiots who claim she does FA for her salary. Let me think…

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Who would be a chairman ? Listen all week to news you are ruining the club despite saving the club from administration which is where it was headed, securing the deal of the century for a new stadium, putting 10’s of millions of your own money into transfer fees and financing the debt, getting us back into the PL as an established club with a platform to grow a lot bigger…

    Sure it would be fun for a season or two to have unlimited funds like City or Chelsea did and buy all the best talent but that novelty would soon wear off, we are West Ham and so are the chairmen COYI !!!

  • paulcolborne says:

    If I am wrong tell me so and I will hold my hands up but I thought all the money the Daves put in the club was in the form of loans on which they get 7.5% interest so in actual fact they havnt put a penny in.Please someone either confirm or tell me I am wrong.

  • So DG & DS have invested around £90m to buy 85% of the shares of West Ham some of which was used for liquidity. They have taken no salary or expenses in the seven years they have been at West Ham even paying Brady’s wages themselves for the first year.

    DS loaned the club £6m as a bank in 2013 plus 7% of interest. This was repaid last July following the sale of the Boleyn ground. He acted as the bank of last resort as no high street bank would loan us money. He bought 25% of the shares from the Icelandics for £25m on the condition they loaned it back to the club as a bank loan.

    DS and DG have loaned £49.2m to the club as share holder loans. The loans have accrued 7% of interest now worth £13m so £62m in total. £4.2m of this was paid back last July leaving around £58m owed to them. They are deferred repayment until 2020 will should earn another £5.5m in interest so it will grow to around £63.5m or just under £68m when you factor in the previous payment

  • Hammer64 says:

    They have done a lot for the club & they continue to get my vote. As he said ‘Be careful what you wish for’. What you would get is foreign ownership. Might be more money, but I don’t want this great club turning into another Chelsea or Man C. You can stuff your Champions League. I hope that when I pop my clogs I can still see something I recognise in the club I began to support in 1957-58. I would not trade that for all the trophies the Big four/five/six have won between them in the last 15 years.

    But 8th DG? You are having a larf mate!

  • Hammer64 says:

    When I say ‘all the trophies they won’ I should have said ‘ All the trophies they bought’. And don’t even ask where the money that they used to pay for them came from…Some achievement. I don’t want that for my club, the club my dad supported and his dad. No bloody thank you. Keep up the good work DS & DG.

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