David Gold: ‘Why would I want to sell?’


gold-david-gold-west-ham-co-owner-july-2014_3179990West Ham Co-Chairman David Gold has repeated that he has no intention of selling West Ham saying he loves his involvement with the club.

And in and an exclusive interview with ClaretandHugh’s associate editor  Sean Whetstone in an Exclusive interview, he made it clear he absolutely loves his involvement with the club.

Speaking on Moore than jst a Podcast he declared: “I think David Sullivan has made it clear that he has no desire to sell his shares, I have made it clear time and time again that I have no desire to sell my shares.

My love and passion in my life all revolves around West Ham, I have achieved many different things in my life and the most driving force in my life is my football club, our football club.”

Moorethan“Why would I sell? It’s my life, If I sell, what do I do? Go fishing?”
“I just love the involvement, I have fulfilled my wildest dreams.”
“Here I am now a joint owner with my friend and colleague. Why would I want to sell?”
“The only time you would sell is in the event that you believed a buyer could do a better job than you but at the moment we are doing a decent job.
We have never had an offer, we have never had a situation where for the best interest of the football club we should sell, that has never occurred.
Until that happens we don’t have an issue, even then I would want and I am sure David (Sullivan) would want also to be part of a new regime if ever there was such a thing but right now we are very very happy and we think we are doing OK. It is difficult, we have probably been through the most traumatic event  in probably the history of our football club in migrating to a new stadium and we think we are doing OK”
You can listen to Part two of the full David Gold interview at below

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  • Roman says:

    “Why would I want to sell?” Make us an offer we can’t refuse and see where all the loyalty goes.Sorry but money talks and I don’t care what D.G says. I wonder what they said at Birmingham before they sold?

    • crewehammer says:

      make anyone an offer they can’t refuse… and they won’t refuse – not sure what Roman’s point is. If I made him an offer for his wife that he can’t refuse – what does it even mean?

      • Roman says:

        Crewe why do you have to get personal on what is a common phrase in business? If the money is right most people will sell.The owners like me are not young and if their family did not want involvement in football then they would sell.By the way I thought it was illegal to buy or sell women married or not? Anyway next time I won’t even bother replying.A lot of comments on these sites are problematic at times.

  • Muttley says:

    Or you could just take his word for it instead of decieding for yourself what he thinks or means.

  • Gold is 80, what would he do with £350m from selling West Ham. He wants to enjoy for the next 20 years until he reaches 100. Fair play to him. To multi millionaires the number of millionaires they have is just a number it means very little beyond having a number to measure their success in life

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      He could open a tanning shop and use it for laundering money instead of going to the virgin isles sybil 😂😂😂

  • Roman says:

    Point taken.

  • Michael Miller says:

    £350 million – well he could spend it on wine, women and song (I’m not sure about the ‘song’ bit!) – and what’s left over he could just waste!

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