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David Moyes days could be numbered

David Moyes is unlikely to extend his stay at West Ham past the end of the season – whether or not the club stay in the Premier League claims Matt Law in the Daily Telegraph this afternoon.

The journalist says despite the fact Moyes has dragged West Ham away from the bottom three after succeeding Slaven Bilic on a six-month contract, the club are already expected to be searching for a new permanent manager in the summer.

Law claims Rafa Benitez remains a possible target with his Newcastle United future seemingly dependent on whether or not Amanda Staveley’s takeover bid is successful, while Huddersfield Town’s David Wagner is well liked.

The fact Marco Silva is now out of work and would not cost anything in compensation to appoint would be interesting to the Hammers. There have been tensions behind the scenes regarding West Ham’s transfer policy with Moyes failing to land a number of targets in January.

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

15 comments on “David Moyes days could be numbered

  1. Telegraph report says Moyes won’t be kept on at end of season ?? Who writes this crap, trouble makers that’s who, trying to stir things up. Leave it be until end of season, then assess. Shouldn’t even be commenting on these crap story lines…. COYI

  2. Think this is media talk. If Moyes walks away it will be another negative on his CV and he still needs to prove himself to be a good manager over a long period of time. Otherwise it will show 3 clubs in a very short time. Why would the board get rid of him to take on another manager when he has already shown that with the existing squad he has already improved things. Possibly things would change if we were relegated but would either Benitez or Silva then want the job?

  3. are well done another well placed knife in gulovans back
    i used to enjoy this site you produced some informed peices now its all about stirring the pup
    and winding up the sad patheteck winkers who haunt this site who launch into toxit abuse against the board (that should read owners they bought the club when we really where in the ****e)

  4. Oh dear just got over the demoaners in a past post I now l read this extract from a right wing bog paper that love to stir the s##t. I have been highly impressed with DM and his staff the way they have turned things around in such a small amount of time. We should be celebrating what they have done with what they have got instead of repeating the S##T. What would you do if you were DM or his back room staff if you were constantly bombarded with this C##P you would lose your confidence and begin to look hard at yourself. So why are we doing this?. We are part of the problem not the cure.

  5. What utter claptrap : The Daily Telegraph needs a overhaul more than West Ham if these are the story lines they spew out . Why would Moyes be held responsible for sighnings not achieved ?? . Who holds the purse strings ?? . Not Moyes that’s for sure . Why should Benitez , Wagner or Silva be considered better options than Moyes ?. , Moyes is managing a team/club with no ambition apart from Premiership survival , which would fill the David’s pockets , thank you very much .
    Matt Law needs shooting for writing such inflammatory gibberish . ( is he on the west Ham board of governors?) Maybe his girlfriend or girlfriends influenced him to write this utter
    balderdash to make his chipboard desk more comfortable ! . The idiot . Surely this kind of reporting ( there must be some kind of Law [ excuse the pun ] against blatant invention ) can’t be allowed or shouldn’t be allowed .
    Seems like there are still those that oppose West Ham’s financial stake in the OS ., and jealousy is still very well and healthy .
    If it wasn’t for Karen Brady’s articles in the Sun none of this rubbish would be printed .
    Moyes needs time to improve our team and get us up the table ,, he deserves it .
    I’m happy with Moyes and have no reason not to be . It’s the board that need’s changing .🤮🤭

    • Agree don’t think Rafa be a step up both simalar styles. Only issue I have w Moyes is sub’s & is want for PL experience & if not British players which he has said many times & that can make recruitment a lot harder.
      I’m all for homegrown players & getting British but can be expensive & can be hard to get in positions needed & quality. It cuts of a huge are of talent.
      I like Moyes & has done really well for us tho sometimes I’d wish he would go for it a lil more we can hope to draw every game & stay up need some wins.
      Rafa to me is simalr style mgr & if we finish well w Moyes & are playing decent football he is arguably better in his 2nd season.
      As for Silva he might be too Ambitious & would just use us for stepping stone & haven’t seen him last more then half a season now.
      If Moyes was to leave Mnagaers I would look at would be Jokanovic who I wanted when Bilic left & in summer. Been great at Fulham balanced Mgr, Lee Johnson Bristol, Chirs Wilder, Derby’s mgr who now escapes me. Not all these will make in to PL Jokanovic has already won Promotion & Watford sack him. He would play entertaining football with backup plan.

      And if Moyes does go we need to get in DOF which Sully keeps talking about very summer but it is time. That way mgrs come & go but recruitment stays good & they negotiate not Sully. Where linked w a very good DOF in Russia to possible come here. BC we need change & lack of planing & limited recuitemnt view left us without a badly needed CDM.

      That said if Moyes does well & has Job offers I can see him walking Henry linked him here & is gone now & has seen the Circus we can be tho I do believe he was given money but both were happy to just bid on players weren’t going to happen with.

  6. Yeh , I know , Marty 53 ,, but since they bought the club and got us out of financial strife they have done nothing except sell our Home Ground for a Stadium built for Athletics and done nothing to improve the squad . Deep pockets where the finger tips can’t reach .

    • thing is kevin after a good end of season at upton park we came to the os and dident really hit the ground running i am gusseing you are a fan like me with a lot of years under your belt so i know you will have seen some prety bad teams at upton park and we went to os with a very poor team i think it will take a long time to sort it out
      but i think moyes may be the man i am sure you have seen almost everyone stays to the end now that is a good sign in eyes

  7. It’s highly unlikely, barring complete disaster, that moyes is going to be chopped from his role and manager, given that he has brought in 4 member of backroom staff, imho.

  8. If we get relegated sully will blame Moyes ! And go after benitez !! But until it happens its just fake media !! Take no notice !!!
    Moyes was always on a hiding to nothing with these clowns ! Moyes himself might not want to carry on if he keeps us up having seen first hand the transfer policy according to the rampant bunny? Who knows ! He’s got until the end of the season with a poor squad ! Good luck to him , he’s doing a better job than bilic did so let’s see what happens as that is all we can do !! We will get behind the team every game as we always do and have a moan up if we lose in a negative way and a fresh start the next game , its what we do but I’ll be feked if I’ll get behind the board ! I want em out and the quicker the better !! 🚕🚕🚕

  9. There is no way the club will get rid of him,he is known as a manager who doesn’t spend much on transfers ,doesn’t moan about wanting more players,he is Sullivan’s dream manager that’s why he tried to get him twice before

  10. Funny how he gives no evidence to support his headline

  11. had the last season at upton park been the first season at london stadium things woulnt be as bad as they are. what we have needed ever since payet left is a superstar signing, a crowd pleaser. hard to replace someone like payet i know but we havent even come close in any window since. this has allowed the dissenters to gain ground. the current bad feeling, fuelled by action groups and fan blogs and vlogs all in tandem with each over. it feels now as if this club is destroying itself. there is real poison being spread by all these so called journalists. some of it doesnt deserve to be called jounalism. its just muck raking, common sh stirring plain and simple. no better than the lies fed to us by the board.

  12. the last thing we need is another new manager merry go round. if the owners get rid of moyes it will be to use him as a scapegoat to deflect the blame. carvalho might have saved bilic. if moyes gets sacked it will be once again because they failed to sign a world class defensive midfielder.

  13. Moyes is only for this season to steady the sinking Bilic ship and hopefully stay up. If we want to move on we need a better manager

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