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David Moyes’ future: The long and short of it


Hard to know what to make of Moyes season

Reaching the Conference League final makes it hard to know what to make of David Moyes’ season.

A win will see him remembered as the manager who delivered a major trophy, and twice took West Ham into Europe during a memorable second spell. Lose and there will be a sour end to a season during which his sacking was repeatedly called for by many West Ham supporters.

Throughout the campaign, Moyes appeared to struggle to release the handbrake on a team where  attacking players were crying out for a little service. Even when he did so, he quickly reverted back to type.

Gianluca Scamacca’s woes – three league goals – epitomised the season-long problem. Moyes has a distinct way of playing that probably works better with a small squad of workmanlike players (that’s not a criticism, just the reality).

The sprinkling of continental flair should have persuaded him to compromise on his tactical principles, but instead West Ham were lethargic offensively and thus killed the buzz of the new arrivals.

If West Ham really want to move forward Moyes’ future may be in trouble but that is hardly likely to be on should he get that European win.

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  • Legin says:

    If you write down his achievements an a bit of paper and compare the answers to other West Ham managers, then other managers that the “noisy” social media want us to appoint and compare them, Moyes will be going nowhere. He has taken us from being a disorganised crock of ***** twice. Why wouldn’t you give him the benefit of the doubt after one poor league season.

  • westdanman says:

    Wasn’t the board saying they would have to pay him off a few months ago. But now we’ll have funds from the sale of rice and a lot of those funds are max profit from outlay to sale from rice. So wouldn’t it be best to just do it as its not actually hitting their pockets so hard now so to speak. With a season less of payout to pay moyes right now. Isn’t this the best thing for the club . Or are we going to have another season of defend then counter attack. Because all that does is give the opposing side extra confidence and unity that we have to combat before we start which makes every game a lot lot harder for the club .

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