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David Moyes has worst win ratio in Hammers history

Some may say it may be unfair to judge David Moyes after just 27 games in charge but his win ratio of just 25.93% is the worst for any permanent West Ham manager in their history.

Moyes has won 7 games, drawn 9 and lost 11 since taking over from Slaven Bilic.

Gianfranco Zola win ratio was 28.75% for his 80 games in charge and Avram Grant managed 31.91% for his 47 games as manager.

Even the hapless Glen Roeder managed a win ratio of 31.4% for his 86 games as the West Ham manager.

Moyes’ initial six-month contract comes to an end this summer with many supporters questioning whether he should automatically be given a new contract just for Premier League survival.

It is not just the win ratio which has some supporters backs up, it is the negative tactics and often boring football last since under Sam Allardyce that has got some fans calling for a change this summer.

However, not all supporters feel that way and a poll by Claret and Hugh in which 1,443 readers took part last week found 61.75% want him to stay and be given a chance next season compared to 38.25% who think it is time for a change.

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

15 comments on “David Moyes has worst win ratio in Hammers history

  1. You said it in your first sentence Sean. It is unfair to judge a win ratio on 27 games, especially when Moyes has not had the chance to bring in his own players & have a pre season. I was not a Moyes supporter in November, but he deserves to be judged fairly. If we stay up at least give him a season, with proper backing in the summer. Bilic was being seen by many as the Messiah after one season- looks a bit less than that after two and a bit. The players a manager has to work with is a big big factor. Roeder’s record looks better than some because he had a good squad to work with, even though he was a disaster.

    The boring football is another issue & the debate on that will go on between the West Ham Way loyalists & the pragmatists who think that in the PL as it is now you have to build on solid foundations unless you have a fortune to spend. Personally I would settle for a few boring seasons if it gets us into the top half. After recent years I find winning, however we do it, exciting enough. Before anybody quotes Eddie Howe I think he is a media Darling whose side are not actually that exciting ( & he has been there years to sort it out!) They have scored fewer goals than us this season too. Sean Dyche? Ah now you are talking 😀😀😀😀

  2. Agree with everything you said , Hammer64 . Moyes has had only 27 games by which to be judged on . He took over from a failing Bilic and at least has us playing some better football . Wouldn’t call that Southampton game boring and neither the Stoke game . We played well enough against Chelsea . We only lost to Arsenal due to silly decisions by Rice & Masuaku.
    To be honest , like Hammer64 says ; I would rather see us celebrating no matter what the style or tactics . That oh so wonderful stat of yours could look completely different after 31 games this season + 38 games next season ( 69 ) . He is trying to build a squad , so I say let him do it …. we’ll know soon enough by mid 2018/19 season if it’s working or not .
    If you take the maths to it’s conclusion the numbers are different :
    Zola = 0.009 loss ratio , Grant = 0.008 loss ratio , Roeder = 0.008 loss ratio , Bilic = 0.006 loss ratio AND Moyes = 0.009 loss ratio ,, when compared to games in charge against wins and losses . Moyes and Zola have identical records and the rest are all very similar .
    But , Moyes has still had only 27 games ,,,, not a big enough number to fairly calculate a failure or success rate .

  3. I agree, no one can be judged on such a small period of games. So let’s judge him from his recent career plus the 27 games he has with us. Disaster with Man u, relegated Sunderland, terrible in Spain and now pretty bad for us. Why should we lose a season to give him a chance? aren’t we tired of poor poor managers who have no plan, and whos teams have no character? Zola – never managed before, grant – nuff said, bilic – little experience, big sam – negetative. hmm am i aiming to high for our next manager . . maybe its that. we get 55 thousand in their every week i just think we can do better.

  4. I accept the argument about the imbalanced squad he inherited – but he failed to address that in the January window

    I am not a BFS fan – watching West Ham under him was often a torture – but in the season that we were promoted he got Vaz Te in January and he saved Sunderland by getting Kirchoff and he saved Palace by getting Sako from Liverpool

    So I think that maybe Moyes missed a trick in January – it is unlikely that Hugill will have a defining role on our future

  5. Hugil – that signing epitomises Moyes for me. ask fans from his old club about him . . . . carthorse . . . .and not even a good one like carol

  6. I take that back . . carol can play . . hes got tekkas! just gets injured all the time

  7. I think Moyes is getting a very bad rap from us. My thoughts:

    1. He was brilliant at Everton, who brought in exciting players and continuously challenged for Europe.

    2. Man Utd was a poisoned chalice with an ageing squad and an ex manager who had hung around like a bad smell. He wasn’t given the chance to build.

    3. Spanish football is clearly very different to British football, and I suspect there was a difficult language and cultural barrier to overcome. Whilst his time there wasn’t overwhelming, it wasn’t terrible either.

    4. Sunderland were doomed before he took over. You only have to see what’s happened since. They were always destined for the drop because the club is run so badly. A manager is in a lot of respects defined by the players he has to work with.

    5. He took over here with the club on its knees, and has had all sorts of struggles to deal with this season. He’s had 27 games, with a squad of players who have clearly responded to him positively. He has brought the best out of Arnie, has got Lanzini firing again, Masuaku and Ogbonna are players reborn…

    6. The Winter transfer window is an absolute lottery. It’s right that our owners don’t jeopardise the club by paying ridiculous, desperate money to buy mercenaries. Time is short, and enough has been said about our recruitment failures up to this point, and I don’t see how you can blame those on Moyes.

    So I believe he deserves another year with us, and a Summer to shape the team he wants. With the right support, who’s to say we won’t end up with a squad who can complete, as Everton did? Moyes isn’t daft, he knows what we want, but his priority is keeping us up this season, and I don’t personally don’t care how he does it.

  8. * and I personally don’t care how he does it… (sorry)

  9. everton was a long time ago, since then he has failed everywhere . . hasn’t he? he had great players to work with at Utd so stand tall and make em difficult to beat or something . . surely it tells the tale that he is not respected by the players, or the job was too big for him. then relegated . . i know they had problems but he couldnt get his players to play for him. then he made a joke of himself with the ‘ive seen them play maybe una doz treis times’ interview . . . which i loved by the way. how many excused do we need to make for him. i love that hes got arnie to play but is that enough. He took over with the club struggling big time and the players saying they didnt train hard ect etc so hats off to him if he keeps us up . . and i dont care how he does it either. I know our squad particularity our midfield is weak . . . kouyate -9000 points for technique same for obiang and noble is too old etc etc but i wanna see how a fresh manager who doesn’t know the feeling of losing and being humiliated gets on with the job as we have cash and a massive following. COYI

  10. Perhaps also worth noting that under the porn twins and their faithfull Rottweiler, our average Premier league position is worse than both T Brown and the Icelandic’s stewardship.
    So, a match made in heaven then.

  11. Crazy stuff all stimulated by Sean . Just why at this stage of the season somebody would want to do that is mind boggling to me . Moyes and the Team need support to beat the drop , not lumps of lead tied around Thier necks . The article is reckless and shows little support for the club in its hour of need .
    Manchester United are difficult to please and to follow the success of Ferguson was always going to be impossible . Same thing happened to Van Gall . ( Moyes is not alone in that regard ) Mourinho doesn’t have long left either . Man Utd fans think they own the Premiership . Sunderland was a ship on a crash course before Moyes had a chance to repair the steering . The Spanish League don’t play like the Premiership and players are very stubborn and very short on support of Thier Manager , that’s why there are only two clubs in Spain . Everton were always doing well , it was only the Money and ambition that failed them . Mid table mediocrity was sufficient for the Toffees .
    Moyes needs to be given a decent chance to get us at least to the level Everton were at years ago . To say he should be gotten rid of now before he has even started is ludicrous in the extreme . The problem is that some people fail to recognize West Ham is a small club in a Huge stadium . Why some think moving to the LS would suddenly make us a big club is completely brain numbing to me . We need to settle in , build a squad , compete and go forward with our new manager . To demoralize and demotivate the team and manager now is tantamount to treason .
    COYHAMMERS ; for those that still support us , that is .

  12. haha i don’t think Sean has brought up anything that is everyone’s minds now we are all but safe, and surely the short term contract has done that all by itself. It is in place to see where we are at the end of the season, i think its a good idea. I’m sorry but we are not a small club, that’s crazy, we fill our stadium every week and will do for years. come on man it doesn’t mean we don’t support the team or the club because we have an opinion on the direction we may or may not take.

    • By small Club I am referring to Trophies won and League position over many years .
      Not the incredible support we have . Our support is one of the very strongest across Europe

  13. that ‘isn’t in’ everyones minds (should have read)

  14. Tantamount to treason. how dramatic and over the top. As for demoralising and demotivating the manager, I think the little matter of one or two million quid (depending on who you listen to), might well keep him motivated don’t you?

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