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David Moyes wife bundled me into my car

West Ham joint-chairman David Gold has revealed that David Moyes wife bundled him into his car at Wigan after an alleged confrontation with fans. Last week Talksport presenter Jim White posted: “I’ve heard from a very reliable source that West Ham owners’ Sullivan and Gold were surrounded and jostled by fans at Wigan who demanded they make more signings. Gold is 81 and Sullivan 68!! Is that sort of behaviour acceptable?”

West Ham fans in the car park have denied White’s version of events saying it was a civilised but heated discussion with no menacing intent to chairmen.

Yesterday Gold tweeted to 193,000 Twitter users “We were all disappointed at the result and the performance at Wigan and after the game emotions ran high, by the way the lady that bundled me into the car was David Moyes wife. dg”

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9 comments on “David Moyes wife bundled me into my car

  1. Probably accosted by the same ‘fans’ who’ll be on the moaners march in a few weeks time. Fan’s of whinging, whining and assorted belly aching about the terrible ‘promises’ mummy and daddy, no sorry.. the owners have apparently broken. How my heart bleeds for these organised bleaters. The football fans will of course be backing the team and management against Burnley that day. The moaners march will conclude with a ‘whining into your beer’ session. Should keep them happy. ‘Real fans’? No. They are a stick embarrassment ‘to our great club’. Wipe your tears away, sweeties. COYI ‘x’

    • You must be part of the blinkered brigade thinking the owners are doing a good job, and investing in the squad to keep up with there promises of competing with the big boys..Take your blinkers off sweetie and wake the hell up…if you were a real fan you might have already seen this though..

      • Hammersone, he is just the same as me, bored with all the continual moaning, you lot would blame them for both world wars if you could, it is like a scratched record, waiting on every thing they say so you can pull it apart, once the team goes on a winning run and improves the moaners start to fade away, but they are there just waiting for the next bad run, sad really.

    • Moaning about the moaners as you put it ,but of course you are the real fan well done you

  2. You for real, Matty. Think you should read what you have written again because it is pathetic and insulting. There is very good reason to march and show the club that enough is enough after promise after promise has been broken; however let’s get one thing straight the players and team are supported it is how the club is being run and the failure to deliver on one promise that West Ham fans have the right to show their displeasure at. Anyways don’t think you are a Hammer anyway, sound more like a Spurs fan!!

  3. Whilst I wouldn’t put it the way Matty has, there are a section of us fans that while we may or may not be happy with the owners, we don’t agree with the march either, its being touted as a peaceful march, hopefully it will be, not sure if it is true but I heard 20 hearses have been hired to travel the route with the marchers I am not sure why 20 would be needed but if thats what you want fair enough, I don’t disagree with many of your points about the way the chairpeople have conducted themselves at times, just have a different approach as do many to what we need when we are in the middle of a relegation fight, also find the name the real west ham fans offensive, its a childish statement made imo from people with the same small man mentality as the chairman they despise.

  4. I am not marching but I understand why those who have chosen to are doing so. Our club is in a dreadful state, most of which could have been avoided, and we lurch from one crisis to another both on and off the pitch. It is no coincidence that we are deemed to be the worst run club in the Premier League.

  5. The hearses ,I understand, are for the elderly and infirm fans who wouldn’t be able to march but still want to take part. COYI.

    • OK fair enough Mooro, it is still an odd choice of vehicle but if it is done charitably to those old and infirm then thats good for them.

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