Sullivan defends decision not to pursue Austin bid

David-sullivan-001David Sullivan has taken to social media to explain why West Ham are not in the running to sign Charlie Austin.

Via the Twitter account of his 15-year-old son, Jack, Sullivan, stated:Β “He [Austin] failed a medical at Hull two years ago. Clearly an old injury left a severe doubt with the Hull medical team about the longevity of his career. I fully accept he is playing well and the old injury is not impacting upon him at this moment in time.”

Sullivan was responding to an earlier Tweet from Austin, who questioned West Ham’s decision not to pursue the transfer of the want-away Β£15 million-rated QPR and England striker.

“I am sorry that Mr Austin has taken my comments out of context, He is a player I greatly admire,” added Sullivan.

“Any club who wanted to buy him would re-medical him and take advice of their medical team. Indeed the opinions of different medical experts may vary.

“I was simply saying that at West Ham United we’ve been very unlucky with strikers, going right back to Dean Ashton, and the fact that 3 of our 4 strikers Β are injured at this moment in time.

“So for us, with our limited budget, our bad luck over injured strikers and the fact he failed a medical at Hull would be a risk we couldn’t take.

“I am sure many other clubs would take a different view and I hope he plays on until he is 37 or 38 as he is clearly a super professional and a great player.”


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12 comments on “Sullivan defends decision not to pursue Austin bid

  1. He took them at face value, at least its an apology.

  2. As usual things taken out of context- you have to feel sorry for David, he tries to be open with fans who read a load of crap every day about who we are buying and then still gets slated-
    What he meant to say is- at 15m quid we cannot afford you, if we had 15m quid then there is probably a load more strikers we would be looking at instead of you because we believe your not worth it, are asking too much in wages for what was effectively your first year at this level. And because historically when we spend big it ends in a disaster with the player getting injured (hinting we are likely to never spend big) and you already have a bit of a dodgy medical history (but he should not really have mentioned that at all as it has no real relevance)
    What he should have said was- no we are not looking at Austin he is beyond our budget- we have circa 5m quid and therefore are looking at less well known players or free agents- spending big then having 4 strikers all fit earning big money is not what we want- I suspect we will get someone but they wont be expensive and we may not ahve previously heard of them- but then who had heard of Sakho prior to him joining!,

  3. Sadly we had never heard of Maiga either, but that’s of no real consequence, the club obviously think Austin is too bigger gamble and that really should be the end of it. Please.

  4. I don’t care what Austin thinks, Mr Sullivan was speaking his true feelings and explaining directly to west ham fans why we are not going after him. I appreciate Dave letting us know whats behind his thinking … and i kinda agree.

    Austin can sod off as far as his knackered old knees can carry him as far as I’m concerned, He shouldn’t be listening to a west ham podcast anyway πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. Maybe Austin’s getting worried nobody big has snapped him up.

  6. DS seems to have a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth and sometimes it’s better to keep your gums from flapping. But if this player was from Italy under the name of Charliana Austina had one good season and scored 18 goals for a relegated side with all his previous goals coming in Serie B and C even though he was prolific, had failed a medical previously and was 15 million in transfer fees and wanted 60k a week would everyone be making a song and dance about what DS said? It does seem that when it comes to English forwards that one bad word about them causes a **** storm , but if you were the chairman and saw English forwards such as Carroll, Sturridge and Wellbeck spending more time laying on there back in a treatment room than on a pitch after costing a fortune you’d be a little worried shelling out 15 million on another one who may potentially break down again. Charlie Austin is a good player with a good 1 season scoring record in the premiership but like Berahinio has an inflated price tag because he’s English even Wickham went for 8 million based against nothing achieved… But DS sign a ****ing forward for Christ sake so this debate can finally ****ing end lol

  7. Lets all have a Sullivan love fest.If he was any other clubs owner or manager (Abramovich/Mourinho) he would be absolutley slaughtered for opening his big mouth by us & at best being totally unsubtle in his comments.Why the fuxk people cant just admit he was his usual big mouth self is unbelievable,but no lets all defend the wally!!

  8. I have kept out of this b*ll****,but i must say that i would have loved to have seen the reaction on here if hippohead had said it.Hugh & 90% of the people on here,me included would have ripped him about 10 new ********s by now,lol,but Sullivan says it & he gets a fan love up on here,haha,the geezer has a big mouth,that will never change.Seems this site is heading in a new direction,from ‘Anti Hippo’ to ‘Kiss Gold & Sullivans Arses’ πŸ˜‰

  9. I don’t think he should have said it but I was the one asking 2 days ago for the 2 Daves to be honest and tell us the truth so now he has started I can’t back step ,
    Let’s hope he carries on being honest and tells us the truth about the Vargas loan move ?
    Is Magia,Nolan,JOB and Jarvis staying,
    Is Rob Green coming or not if yes is Randolph going the other way ?
    Or maybe I should ask canchaz ?

  10. Lol,bubs you know Canchaz is the go to man for these things,haha,i aint got a problem with Sullivan being honest if he was honest about everything & not just selective with his honesty,lol.Either way he didnt need to go into all this ‘no ligaments’ crap.Just say we dont want Austin because of a failed medical.That would have done in imho πŸ˜‰

  11. I agre Tyson but why could they had not a said 2 weeks ago we are not signing Austin,
    No need for explanations,all we needed was a back up striker,
    Magia should never been given any more chances and paid off,
    Sakho was all ways going to be first choice,
    In my opinion Nolan has been kept to play alongside Carroll and to keep Carroll happy,
    Lee should have been given playing time and if not good enough moved on,
    Now we are having to make rush loan or buying deals for all the wrong reasons,
    Soon people will be saying we let Carlton go to soon,

  12. Let’s face it!! In perhaps a couple of years ? The problem occurs, then DS will be thinking or saying””I told you so,I am a Kumb through and through ,but I ,M looking at the gamble??

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