Davids must be 100 pc sure on Slav!

GoldandsullivanThe one relationship – or two in West Ham’s case – that matter above all others inside a football club is that which exists between the manager and his chairman/men!

If that’s right, everything good will flow from it. If it’s not then all the three have ahead of them is trouble, with one possibly blaming the other when things go wrong.

That’s why David Gold, David Sullivan and Slaven Bilic have to ensure they are on exactly the same page before a deal is offered and accepted.

I remember several years ago when I was covering a particular area for a national newspaper being told the above by a well known manager who was living in the shadow of a former boss who ultimately returned to the club.

That didn’t work out and the events leading up to it were pretty horrendous from the inside and in the end things went dramatically wrong for everybody and the club.

The manager who was ultimately replaced explained to me: “I never had his full confidence and that’s the single most important thing in a club – the relationship between boss and chairman.”

So before there is any thought of slapping a contract in front of Slaven Bilic to become our next manager, the two Davids must be 100 per cent sure he is their man – nothing else will work. It’s the way it has to be or they are writing a recipe for disaster. He has to have their confidence.

Slav is very aware that he is not their first, second or even third choice and this morning David Gold gave a bizarre interview to West Ham TV when he said: “It would be lovely to have someone with West Ham history, that ticks a box.

“Having Premier League experience and that doesn’t mean English Premier League, that means a man who has managed successfully in the big Italian League, big Spanish League, big German League or a major league in the world, that is a box that needs to be ticked, we don’t want to take a chance.”

I assume he was using the word Premier with a small p because none of those Leagues in Europe are the Premier League, nor do I see any managers in any of them with West Ham history. Thus not all the boxes can possibly be ticked.

There’s only one former Hammer available and he sat in front of the three board members today. He’s an impressive man and a qualified lawyer.

He is considered an excellent boss by most of his peers but it may be that the board is still smarting from having missed out on their top choices to be able to fully evaluate Slav’s.

I hope I have that wrong and that before 24 or 48 hours is up the former defender becomes our next manager but that must only happen on the basis of the co-chairmen being 1,000 onside with each other and 100 per cent behind their chosen man.

Nothing else will work and if there’s not a certainty then it’s best to move on!


About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

51 comments on “Davids must be 100 pc sure on Slav!

  1. All sounds sensible apart from Mr Golds interview, and if Slaven is not the right man we move on. Move on to what exactly … To say I find this all troublesome and hard to digest would be an understatement.

  2. Sorry Hugh, can’t agree, notice you haven’t said anything about the others interviewed, nor who they are? There are 52 managers higher ranked than Bilic, for me there are 15-20 teams whose managers would never come to West Ham, but that leaves over 30 before we get to Bilic, so those are the ones we should be selling the project to. If Bilic is appointed then I will get behind him but not the man for me.

  3. Good piece Hugh and this above everything could explain the time taken over appointing the new man. They’ve made mistakes before with Grant then went conservative and preservative with BFS,this choice is all about progressing and having the same ambition of not just stability but more entertaining football,climbing the table,trying for the cups and improving “the brand”. The last one is of no importance to me as it’s alien to football as far as I’m concerned. All in all Slav is highly intelligent and impressive as long as they don’t discuss politics there should be no problems.

  4. Haha,JMan you post on wetpants as well.You have said the same thing on there about 1000 times.Yawn Zzzzz!!!:D

  5. Thats all very well Hugh but who are the 4 candidates and do they exist

    • I think 4 became 3 when Dick pulled out if you know what I mean. I’m guessing they’re still talking to or about Bielsa,as for the 3rd no idea but if it’s in the same category it can only be good. I think they’ll make a good choice and at the end of the day if they don’t what can we do about it. The main thing for me is that BFS is gone so I welcome the new man when he arrives

  6. If there are doubts about Bilic !!,, can someone please explain why Big SAM was axed .?.
    There has been no official statement from either side ,,, all very mysterious .. A bit like when Harry suddenly didn’t turn up .
    Fourth or fifth choice BILIC ,,,, please , someone is having a giggle when we had the right man already installed and with plans ( which he has taken with Him ) for the future .
    All you Big SAM “out ” fans have caused havoc at West Ham .,, hope we don’t have to pay the Heavy Price ….. Bad decisions have Historicaly made us a yo yo team and nothing looks like changing too soon .

    • Kevin, don’t say bulls*it… “All you Big SAM “out ” fans have caused havoc at West Ham”… Please go to sleep, it’s late…

      • Think he needs one of those genius nappies first Matte lol

        • ahah… please kevin give me your address, I’ll send you some… lol 😀 good night.

      • Wake up to reality , we are not a big club ,, too many fans think we are .
        As for it being late ; I reckon it could be for West Ham . And , Yes I stand by what I say when I say Certain Fans have caused Havoc . You obviously being one of them .
        I have read too much rubbish lately to be bothered anymore .
        The Two David’s are doing us no favours ,,, started great , and with all the best intentions in the world ,, but now they have taken a step backwards because they listened too much to the moaning , groaning fans ( Minority ) and reacted accordingly .
        Poor judgement , as on so many other occasions in our Past , proud History .

        • ahah.. ok Kevin, if that’s your point of view, If you think I said rubbish and I’ve caused Havoc… well, I’m proud to be part of that. I prefer to change and to dream rather than Sam for one more minute… 😉

    • Sams gone, get over it & shut the #### up. Every bloody night you pop up & say the same thing. We all know your views on the manager, but we dont care about them any more.

      • So don’t respond then ,, simple .

        • Haha,good to hear from you.I wondered where you were.I thought the Special Brew had finally finished you off.Remember what you said rhe another night.’why would a manager come to a struggling midtable team’.Well your Sam made us this struggling midtable team.You cut your own throat the othernight.No coming back from that statement,no matter how you try to change it!! 😉

        • As we’re mates I’ll try and explain it. Firstly I don’t think we’re a big club. Sam wasn’t axed his contract finished and wasn’t renewed. The board in their wisdom didn’t offer him a new one because they agreed with the vast majority of fans he had done as much as he could. Sam caused the havoc by splitting the fanbase. He only had ONE plan and that was trying to survive playing negative football. This plan was failing as our form since Xmas proves,we would have been relegated next season under him. The Davids like them or not saved the club from bankruptcy and are trying to raise the clubs standing,something most believe will happen. Also without them Sullivan in particular we would’ve had Wickham instead of Sakho,who’s goal tally ultimately saved us from relegation. I’ve asked you before why you support West Ham,I don’t think you’ve answered you display none of the fun loving and football loving attributes that I recognise in nearly all the regulars I see at UP every two weeks,so why bother? If you want a never ending drab boring unentertaining experience set in East London I suggest you watch eastenders instead mate.

  7. Honestly I’m really happy to hear the owners are carefully considering this choice, this does only mean that they want to make the fans happy. They have perfectly understood that Grant and BFS have been two conservative and boring choices. They have understood the fans want entertainment, a project and ambition. There are many good managers and it’s true, anyone would be an improvement on the fat man. I don’t think the owners are hesitant, I think they are only forward-looking. And I like it. Bielsa, Bilic, Howe? I don’t know who is Mister X, but I’m sure they’ll make the right choice, they need their time and I’m no hurried. 😉

  8. Kevin there are so many falsehoods in your post they’re not worth answering. I suggest you read some history,look up the word axed and get back on the meds.

  9. Reading between the lines of David Gold’s interview Bilic’s would seem a shoe in now everyone else has fallen by the way side, pleasing that he wasn’t the boards preferred choice but concerning nevertheless that he now is, the fans clamour for the one season cult hero amazes me, his club track record must be a concern to the board particularly given the league will be managerially strong next season, we simply can’t go into our final season at the Boleyn looking over our shoulders, my personal fear is that with Bilic’s we may be and I’d 2nd guess the board will be covering every contract eventuality should the 3rd choice candidate be appointed.

  10. I understand Bielsa is not out of the running either.I wouldn’t like to guess who the owners want.Has Marcelo’s English improved? I don’t know what the meltdown about Allardyce leaving is all about?GOOD RIDDANCE! Get over it and move on I say.

  11. If the next Manager doesn’t live up to Exagerrated expectations he will be booed out just as our previous Manager …. No doubt about it . Especially when we have a long list of injuries and trying to survive the Premiership ., where fans don’t or won’t or refuse to understand .

    • I’ve explained most things above but I can tell you despite some of the most boring experiences I’ve ever had I never booed my team or the manager once having said that I was delighted when the plague on football Sam left. It’s not all about being in the premier it’s about loving our club and enjoying going there something we can now resume now your manager of choice has gone

    • So these exaggerrated expections include wanting more than 3 wins in 21.Is that expecting too much Kev?,lol 😉

      • How many teams finished below us ?.. Premiership Football is a must for West Ham .
        Being , so- called , entertained in the second division and loving the special football that keeps us there somehow doesn’t work for me . The only thing that counts is points . If that can’t be achieved by ” pretty ” football then what is the alternative ?.
        Reckon most of you have been watching too much Barcelona and expect the same from a not so rich West Ham …

        • You talk so much crap.I went to 32 matches this season,i spent a fortune.Dont tell me what i should or shouldnt expect Kev.What i watched for most of this season wasnt Barcelona it was horsesh*t.But cheers for telling me what i watched too much of this season Kev.Go get some sleep,lol,recharge your ammuntion 😀

    • 3 wins in 21 it’s not so bad… Better than 2 in 21… Lool you’re right Kevin maybe Sam was the perfect manager… 😀

      • Hahaha,fuxk it Matte,i broke my promise to myself,i went to wetpants,lol,dont a couple of them on there rate themselves highly as experts.Wow,talk about having a high opinion of yourself,haha,idiots 😉

        • Ahaha… Wetpants is the answer… There you’ll find the name of the next manager… Also because they ruled out every possible name of the galaxy… Lol 😀

          • Haha,ffs,that RoHammer & Dan Coker.Rhey love themselves as experts.I read some of yesterdays as well just now.That Coker was on some rant about Saurez being a disgrace to humanity,haha.Ffs,talk about pushing something to its limits.Suarez is a horrible lil man but disgrace to humanity is kicking the ass outta it imho 😀

          • Ahahaha… He should be called Calamity Luis… Lol 😀

  12. Well that was fun .. Good night lads .
    Come on you Hammers , whom ever the next Manager is ,, just hope we stay in the Prem.
    Be it by pretty football or not .

  13. Haha the only thing that counts is points. The point must be respected,it will be respected at all costs. I’ve seen the light,the way ahead is a boring existence that is the purpose of supporting a football team and indeed life,progress and entertainment are for deluded fools. There shall be only Plan A,any new ideas must be destroyed. All hail the messiah Sam!

  14. Two things . First, the idea that there are thirty more candidates out there that we need to interview before making a decision is patently absurd and even if there were, we could never take the time to do it.
    Second, it seems we are caught a bit here between a rock and a hard place. All indications are, there is more than a little doubt about Bilic but are there any realistic targets left.
    I wrote early on, when the fancied targets started dropping like flies that it could wind up being the last man standing and we seem very close to that scenario right now. I just hope there is at least one good possible candidate that we don’t know about who the two D’s can compare with Bilic.h

    • It has been reported that Marcelo Bielsa wants the job as well.He has apparently not signed with Marseille.It looks as if it will be a 2 horse race after all.

  15. Di from wetpants Kevin from another planet canchaz in deep depression no wonder when I sign off at night you lot have so much fun,
    They are just covering their backsides before the manager is produced,
    Could be a surprise none of us want ?

  16. Daily star reporting the following this morning” Andy Carroll has been injured in a pizza making related incident at his mock Tudor mansion over the weekend.A spokesman has stated he tripped over a breadstick and burnt his toe in a pile of mozzerala, AC has so far declined to comment other than saying that he thought Mozzerala was a new Italian signing from Udinese.

  17. Haha,nice one.As usual Wet Pants wake up & go straight into another day of panic,turmoil & dribbling down their legs.Bunch of Barbie Dolls 😉

  18. There a bunch of drama queens.End of story.Someone needs to stuff their dummies back in their gobs!!

  19. I made a big mistake finally going there.It is like Domesday is just round the corner,lol,never seen so much panic & making up worst case scenarios.But i went to the priest this morning & he absolved me of my sin.I feel healthier now 😀

  20. ahaha… Sorry but the priest is not enough Rads… You have to watch the recording of all West Ham matches of the past four years as penance… lol 😀

    • Hahaha,i promise Matte i will never,never,neevveerr go back to wetpants again,lol,actually thats the truth.I cant handle all the junk being spouted on there.It does my head in.I end up stressed,lol 😀

  21. Spot on Rads I made the same mistake just the once,hopefully I’ll be off the anti-depressants soon. I was thinking this morning what way that lot must react to the weather forecast especially if the forecast is changeable……..aarrgghh!!! LOL

  22. Their all fine,they are wet enough already,bit of rain will make little difference it appears 😀

  23. You’re probably right,they can’t get any worse lol

  24. Wetpants are that bad they make canchaz sound like a standup comedian,
    They must all be single because my good Lady would castrate most of them
    Or is that the problem that’s what they want the nappies for,

  25. Lol,well now they seem to have developed ‘sources’,there are two of three of them claiming sources have told them this that & every other bloody thing.Sean is getting a run for his money,lol.Bunch of nutters,think they are on an outing from the loonie asylum 😉

  26. Ffs,they never stop,banging on like crazies.Never thought i would say it but Monkeys Bellend is actually one of the most laidback,calm guys on there.I dont want to be a traitor but he actually seems ok in comparision to some of the headless chickens on there 😀

  27. They are fools.Banging on about the PR being embarressing.Who gives a **** whether a kid tweets news.He actually tweeted after it was on the official site anyway.So yet again wetpants gobsh*tes getting themselves in a lather over nothing.Too much time on their hands,they need a hobby apart from finding fault with everything regarding The Irons.

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