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Deadline day analysis – what’s on or not!




Hughie Southon considers a couple of possibilities but hopes that if any rabbits are too emerge from hats they won’t to too old!



So we head into Deadline Day with all the spotlight on the silly Diafra Sakho Affair and we will discuss that in a separate blog but for now it’s time to look at what could or could not happen inwards on this final day.

The quick answer looks on the surface to be – not a lot.

In announcing that Sakho, happy or otherwise stays on the squad, David Sullivan and David Gold have made it clear there are no other striking options available which takes us to the back and midfield.

It would have been nice to believe there could have been a late loan move for one time target Michy Batshuayi but that looks to have gone with Chelsea still chasing another striker.

The Irons and Sporting Lisbon remain deadlocked over the deal which it was hoped would see Willim Carvahlo become a Hammer but that now looks no more than a 10 per cent possibility with the ball still in Sporting’s court.

Some Portuguese newspapers attempted to rekindle a deal yesterday on the basis that West Ham were set to close a £5 million gap between the two sides by upping their offer today. SPIN!

In fact the Hammers will refuse point blank to do that and are sticking by their stated policy that Sporting will need to come down by the same amount if it’s to happen.

Thus two names remain out there as possible loan signings – Barcelona’s Andre Gomes, who reportedly also interests Spurs and Jack Wilshere – whose name has never one away completely.

He has a long injury history and that is the biggest reason to start writing it off. But our head medic Gary Lewin knows the player well and has no doubt been asked for an opinion.

It’s a tantalising possibility which although CandH rates at only around 20 per cent or so won’t go away until – the deadline has passed.

Beyond that there seems little more and outward movement looks to be at an end. The Hammers board are adept however at rabbits and hats so before we go to bed nothing will surprise.

Let’s just hope that those bunnies – if there are to be any – aren’t too old!


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

12 comments on “Deadline day analysis – what’s on or not!

  1. Might as well for Bilic now if we do not at least get a decent, and by that a Carvalho standard, DCM in at least. If they really are giving him a chance to rescue then give him the tools to do so and we are 3 shy of a full pack.You can argue we need more pace at CB but with a good DCM addition you could move Rice to his favoured position and an additional forward because we now know exactly what we have in Sakho and Carroll cannot be relied upon. I cannot believe given a net spend of under £10million this summer that we will be happy to lose a player like Carvalho for £5million, we need him and says everything about Sullivan and his ability to operate in the grown up transfer market. Just get him and then you have more of an argument that Bilic has no hiding places at all and can be seen to have supported your manager.

  2. This is on par with how I am feeling.
    The board made us move to a stadium that is not meant for football and means we have to operate differently from the rest of the Premiership, with no home games for a month.
    Those that did accept it, did so because it meant progress and that West Ham would have more money to spend and therefore a better quality of player at the club, which hopefully see some better football on the pitch.
    Now I am not sure I agree with the transfer strategy, (Arnie is slow for a winger and wasn’t really what we needed, however good he might be, and a goal keeper was not a necessity In my opinion, especially on loan which means more upheaval next summer) but that is an opinion and if the money is spent then at least we can see progress.
    But the money hasn’t been spent, no matter what background extras there are.
    Unless at least £30m is spent then the net money spent is short changing us fans. With the Sky cash flooding in the only conclusion will be the money is going to the Chairman (debt or otherwise) and not on our club.
    If they just spend the money today then they have done right by the fans and the club this window, if they don’t then they are a disgrace, are ripping us fans off and will no doubt make it worse by thinking we are stupid enough to believe whatever excuse they make
    This is the only site I really use, due to it’s well balanced followers and publishers.
    So I want to know if people on here feel similarly and if not what their defence of the chairman is, should they do not spend the cash today.

  3. It does seem mad that a compromise can’t be reached over £10m. But I know somebody will come on here & tell me that I just don’t understand (sorry for that) how complicated transfer dealing is. They are right of course & I am sure it is, although they also have no idea unless they have been involved in it themselves. But be honest how complicated can it be once you have sorted all the add ons personal terms etc? Anyway just hope it does not join the growing list of Hammer transfer cock ups of recent times.

  4. Guaranteed money will be spent on someone today to try to please the fans. But saying that it will probably be more loan rubbish that no one knows.

    • Most probably right there Roy!
      I’m no lover of the board (no hater either) but it does seem to be a case of deja vu, imo.
      By the way, you’re not in Lanzarote, are you?

  5. ‘My sources’ tell me that tyeir trying to bring in Mirallais from Everton on loan – but I can’t see anything happening personally – another disappointing Transfer Window, the Squad’s paper thin.

  6. G & S & Miss Piggy plz leave our club or spend money sick of rhe lies you can’t take us any further crap signings Fonte Zabaletta im sick of oaps play the youngsters Bilic or do 1 LONG LIVE THE BOLEYN NOT THE CEREAL BOWL rant over now prove me wrong today sign some quality

  7. Norfolkhammer im sure youre a lovely fella but do you need to produce all these childish rants.Its predictable,boring and makes you sound like a 3 year old.

  8. cheers slam dunk in fact I’m 4 your close so take it you like the way club being run then this is a West Ham site & everyone is allowed to have there say it’s a Free Country & Speech im a disgruntled season tkt holder fed up with lies have a nice day

  9. I stick by the fact that we signed 4 good players this window and if nothing else comes in it will have been a good window, we have also got rid of some dead wood, I want us to do the Carvalho deal and would pay the extra few million if there is a release clause. He is the player we need and any new manager would need also. If there is an opportunity to sell Noble and Fonte send them on their way. After the window is done ask the board to clarify what has been the net spend over the three transfer windows at the LS. For me the major problem is not the playing squad it is the coaching and management, I would get shot of the whole coaching staff because players don’t seem to know how to play without the ball.

    • Yes, the guys that have come are of better quality than what we had but it’s bodies we need, about 6 to 8 have gone out – our squad is paper thin, a couple of injuries or suspensions and we’re rubbered!

  10. To pick a number I think if we do not spend at least another £20m (fee not inc wages) then we need to voice disgust at the board at the next home game.
    I am patient and don’t expect much (I can accept our money level and just need decent football and mid table) but we are playing poor (and have done for a long while), we are bottom of the league, and have one of the lowest net spends this window.
    Does anyone think it is knee jerk to say enough is enough? If we keep taking this from the board the
    they will keep pocketing the huge sky income and extra stadium cash with excuses like it’s not easy to get a deal through (Other supposedly less attractive clubs have higher net spends and they are managing it).
    It’s only my opinion and I know it doesn’t mean I’m right but I would like to hear someone’s argument for the board if they don’t splash out any more cash in the rest of this window

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