Television viewers will be able to listen to crowd noise via the red button if behind-closed-doors Premier League games are broadcast later this summer.

Sportsmail reported earlier this month that rights-holders Sky Sports and BT Sport were eager to present an authentic experience to armchair fans without any fake crowd noise.

Now it claims at ‘They are also planning to offer an artificially enhanced atmosphere as an optional extra.

It says: Sky Sports have broadcast numerous matches in near silence due to the absence of fans in recent years. They include England’s 0-0 draw in Croatia in the UEFA Nations League in October 2018, as well as numerous Champions League ties.

That approach is expected to remain their default offering should the Government give the Premier League the green light for football to resume in June.

However, in an attempt to keep as big an audience as possible engaged, broadcasters are likely to provide crowd noise on a separate channel.

Sportsmail claims to have learned that one technology company have pitched an innovative system to the Premier League that would involve recordings of fans watching on TV being transmitted into stadiums before being re-broadcast in an attempt to bring more authenticity to the atmosphere.

Neither Sky Sports nor BT have signed up to this proposal as yet.

ClaretandHugh says: The desperation by some to cash in on the return of football now seems to be shard by companies who produce footage of fans watching TV! Unbelievable. The whole idea of trying to recreate a full stadium effect when the match is being played in an empty bowl begs one huge question: “Do we care?” The answer to that – certainly from us – and we suspect a majority of fans is NO…we don’t give a toss. In fact with every passing day the same people – across many forums – are making it clear they want the season gone completely. Seb Haller has come out saying this is not what he wants; there are also players with anxiety issues and their millions of pounds in the bank can so nothing to help. That Sky and others are seemingly concerned with such minor issues as sound effects at a time when we can’t be even sure the season will get underway and thousands still dying is horrendous and beyond anymore words of ours